Student Liam Praino

As many of Mr. Brent Bond’s students do, Liam elected to stay beyond the 2-year certificate program, striving to attain an associate degree from the college. In addition to his academic work, Liam is maximizing his training by completing an internship with the Keith Huber Corporation where he uses his electrical skills to wire industrial vehicles.

In order to thrive as both a student and an intern in his profession, Liam relies on the Essential Skills that are emphasized within the QEP. In addition to showing professionalism, Liam sees the practical benefits of arriving at work on time. He shares,

“At my work, I am likely to be assigned a new task every day. This makes being on time important to insure that everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done.”

Liam is highly aware of the role that communication plays in productivity and safety at his job. Because his work site is fast-paced, and he is constantly surrounded by heavy machinery, vehicles, and cranes, Liam stresses that “communication and awareness are key” as everyone not only needs to “know what is happening, but what is about to happen” as well!

Liam credits Mr. Bond and the Electrical Technology program with giving him the help needed to gain experience in his field. He states,

“Not only have I been provided with invaluable knowledge and experience, but (I’ve been given) the connections necessary to be successful after leaving the program.”

MGCCC takes pride in the accomplishments of Mr. Praino as well, and wishes him luck as he walks across the stage this spring and ventures further into his career in electrical technology.

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