Fall 2021

Online - Canvas Course Schedule

Last Updated: 16-SEP-21 11:45 PM

Online courses at MGCCC are courses that are offered in partnership with the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) consortium. The consortium is comprised of the 15 community colleges throughout Mississippi. Please make note of the following information related to the online courses listed below.

Courses taught by MGCCC instructors are considered “Local” and will be identified below by BLDG: ONLINE and ROOM: ON-LINE Courses taught by other colleges in the consortium are referred to as “Away” classes and will be identified below by BLDG: ONLINE ROOM: AWAY

NOTE: “Away” course textbooks are not available in the MGCCC bookstore; therefore, students will need to purchase the textbook shown on the MSVCC Student Profile from the “Away” college or through an online book provider. Please be sure to obtain the textbook prior to the start of the course.

Both “Local" and “Away" classes will be available in Canvas on the first day of the class.

17483ART111306AO823Art Appreciation OCT-8wk34331ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAPoole Ma
17514ART111306BO823Art Appreciation OCT-8wk34304ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAPoole Ma
21087BAD241306AO823Legal Envir of Business OCT8wk30291ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAFuller Ro
22451BIO113406CO824General Biology I w/lab OCT8wk30291ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAFlowers Ch
21057BIO161306AO823Nutrition Lecture OCT-8wk30282ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBABruni An
20727BOT185306AO823Microsoft Excel II OCT-8wk20191ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAAlston Jo
22163CDT171306AO823Language-Literacy Dev OCT-8wk30273ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAMcMahon St
22927CRJ1323FOAO133Police Admin. and Organization30291ONLINEON-LINE09/20/21 - 12/15/21TBA TBA - TBAHoggatt Ma
22928CRJ2213FOAO133Traffic Law30282ONLINEON-LINE09/20/21 - 12/15/21TBA TBA - TBAHoggatt Ma
22929CRJ2313FOAO133Police Operations301812ONLINEON-LINE09/20/21 - 12/15/21TBA TBA - TBAHoggatt Ma
21168CRJ251306AO823Juvenile Justice OCT-8wk30228ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAHoggatt Ma
22901ENG1114FOCO134English Composition I SEP13-wk25241ONLINEON-LINE09/20/21 - 12/15/21TBA TBA - TBABroussard Ba
21281ENG223306AO823American Literature II OCT-8wk25916ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBALee Ba
22457ENG242306BO823World Literature I OCT-8wk25187ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBASmith Br
21241ENG243306CO823World Literature II OCT-8wk25214ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAWithrow Ma
21753ENG2513FOAO133 African-American Literature251213ONLINEON-LINE09/20/21 - 12/15/21TBA TBA - TBANero Sh
14195EPY251303AO433Child Psychology OCT-4wk30237ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 11/12/21TBA TBA - TBADougharty Ma
21754EPY251306AO823Child Psychology OCT-8wk30237ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBADougharty Ma
22655EPY251306BO823Child Psychology OCT-8wk30624ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBACleckler Va
16413EPY251306CO823Child Psychology OCT-8wk301812ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAMaranto De
21250EPY253304AO443Human Growth and Dev NOV-4wk30219ONLINEON-LINE11/15/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBADavis Wa
21757EPY253306AO823Human Growth and Dev OCT8wk30219ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAPoulos Ca
21755EPY253306DO823Human Growth and Dev OCT8wk302010ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBACleckler Va
19899GMT112306AO823Casino Customer Serv OCT-8wk30921ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBABurrus Ga
21839HIS116304BO443World Civilizations I NOV-4wk301119ONLINEON-LINE11/15/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAHornsby Be
21800HIS117304AO443World Civilizations II NOV-4wk30246ONLINEON-LINE11/15/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBASmith Ka
18737HIS117304BO443World Civilizations II NOV-4wk30723ONLINEON-LINE11/15/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAChristensen Gi
22976HPR155106CO821Walking & Jogging OCT-8wk30426ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBASellers Ki
22977HPR155106DO821Walking & Jogging OCT-8wk30030ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBASellers Ki
22681HRT155206AO822Hospitality Seminar OCT-8wk301218ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAFlynt Ta
21265HRT183306AO823Travel & Tourism Geo OCT-8wk30723ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAFlynt Ta
22618IDT235306AO823Interpreting in Special Situat30921ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAOlson Ja
22924LLS132306AO823Career Exploration OER OCT-8wk301713ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAPlatt Ca
20697MAT131406AO824College Algebra OCT-8wk34331ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAGoff Pa
22953MAT132306BO823Trigonometry OCT-8wk30426ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBADavis Se
22638MFL122306AO823Spanish II OCT-8wk301713ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBANewkirk Si
22441MMT131306BO823Personal Selling25169ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAMabry Ja
21770MMT2523FOAO133Event Management -SEP-13wk30219ONLINEON-LINE09/20/21 - 12/15/21TBA TBA - TBAMabry Ja
22659PHI113306AO823New Testament Survey OCT-8wk302010ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAHilliard Te
21259PHI261306AO823Intro to World Religions OCT-830237ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBATibbs As
21599PSC111306AO823American National Govt OCT8wk301317ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBATyndall Re
22661PSC111306BO823American National Govnt OCT8wk30255ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAThensted Mi
18994PSY151304BO443General Psychology NOV-4wk30246ONLINEON-LINE11/15/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAOverstreet Vi
18756SOC211302AO423Intro to Sociology SEP-4wk30237ONLINEON-LINE09/20/21 - 10/15/21TBA TBA - TBADonohue Mo
20726SOC211303AO433Intro to Sociology OCT-4wk30228ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 11/12/21TBA TBA - TBADonohue Mo
20085SOC211306DO823Intro to Sociology OCT-8wk301515ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBASkinner An
22979SOC211306FO823Intro to Sociology30129ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAHilton Da
22653SOC213306AO823Social Problems OCT-8wk30237ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBADonohue Mo
22531SPT223306AO823Theatre Appreciation OCT-8wk30291ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAPierini Ry
22937SPT223306BO823Theatre Appreciation OCT-8wk301812ONLINEON-LINE10/18/21 - 12/10/21TBA TBA - TBAPierini Ry