b'$152,770 TOTAL NURSING SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANTS OFFERED THROUGH MGCCC AND ITS PARTNERS Memorial Hospital at Gulfport and Singing River HealthLICENSURE PASS RATES BY PROGRAMSystem were two of the first hospitals in Mississippi to receive approval from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)Associate Degree Nursing89%for apprenticeship training. Both hospital systems are working with MGCCC to begin apprenticeship programs in fall 2021.Medical Assisting Technology100%The agreement with Memorial also provides for internships,Practical Nursing100%externships, grants, and scholarships for a variety of healthRadiography Technology91%care programs at MGCCC, including internships and scholarships like the one Julianne received.Weve had a long-standing relationship with MGCCC, working together to meet100%the health care needs of our community by preparing students to enter the workforce.Associate Degree Kent Nicaud, Memorial Hospital President/ Nursing (ADN) Job CEO Placement Rate16'