b'DROPPING IN TO EDUCATIONAnthony McKeown knew that betterRefusing to let dyslexia get in the way ofdetermination and grit, you can do things were in store for his future. Hishis goal to one day work in a hospital,anything. He set goals for himself and path to graduation from MGCCC wasAnthony made the decision to work ashas achieved everything he set out to not an easy one, but with the supporthard as he could to complete his highdo. He is now living his dream working of his family, he received his high schoolschool equivalency.That was his firstat Singing River Hospital in Gulfport on equivalency after becoming a high schoolhurdle and the short-term goal he seta surgical team.dropout at 14. He crossed the finish linefor himself.in May 2021 as a graduate of the SurgicalFor all of those people out Technology program. Not only did heIt took a lot of practice and three triesthere who think they are not graduate, but he did it with honors.at the exam before I passed, he said. But the reading and practicing all thatsmart enough or too busy Yearsago,atthebeginningofhistime actually helped me.As an adult, Ito follow their dreams of a educational journey, this future seemedhad more patience with the process andbetter education, thats just unobtainable. He had struggled mostlearned that I was becoming a better and of his life and worked in a series of low- better reader. not true. You can do it and paying jobs.He thought that was whatHe said that he was very disheartenedyou can succeed.MGCCC his life would always be like, but that wasand embarrassed after each failed exam,offered me opportunities to before he found his calling to work in a hospital so that he could help people.but he would not let himself give up. work at the hospital I passed Before he dropped out of school, he hadWith a passing score in hand, Anthonyeverydayonmywayto a difficult time learning because of hismadequickworkofapplyingtoand from my job.Now Im dyslexia. MississippiGulfCoastCommunityworking there in my dream I had dyslexia and had been in a placeCollege.At first, I took my academic in school where I just couldnt get past it.requirements, including algebra.To mycareer and wish that I had Reading and writing were difficult, and Isurprise, I passed!I was on my way! made the decision to pursue just became very frustrated. My parentsAnthony exceled during his time atmy education and my dreams did what they could, but I just decided IMGCCC and proved that with enoughsooner.was too ignorant to finish school.5'