b'Volunteers and food pantry coordinators made the Largest Jambalaya fundraising event very successful.Funds raised were used for MGCCC food pantries, and food that was not purchased was provided as boxed meals to nonprofit organizations and first responders.Largest Jambalaya event funds MGCCC Food PantriesMGCCC, with the help of local and corporate sponsors,Katherine Jellum, Perkinston Campus; Stephanie broketheworldrecordforlargestjambalayaservingonNguyen, The Bryant Center; and Gerrin Poole, West May1inOceanSpringsaspartofafundraiserfortheHarrison County Center.colleges food pantries.Pending the filing of paperwork, the colleges attempt will be in the Guinness World Records books for the feat.Carin Platt, event organizer, said that more than $3,200 was raised to benefit the food pantries and more than 2,000 people in need were fed during the event. Oneofthewaysthecollegecontinuestopromote academic and personal success for its students is through the provision of food pantries located at each campus and center. The pantries provide access to a variety of food items for students and their families, and many full-meal optionsaswell.Additionally,thefoodpantriesprovide hygiene items, and some of them offer a professional closet where students can get access to clothing and accessories for job interviews and other professional events.Food pantry coordinators are Lea Husley, Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center; Will Overstreet,Gerrin Poole, coordinator of the West Harrison County George County Center; Carin Platt, Jackson CountyCenter Food Pantry, prepares for the Largest Jambalaya Campus; Dawn Buckley, Harrison County Campus;Fundraising Event.21'