b'STUDENT ENGAGEMENTKeeping students engaged during the pandemic was a challenge that MGCCC met head on.During a year of so many adverse conditions, MGCCC managedIn addition, the college offered a variety of non-credit courses to rise to the occasion by offering online and HyFlex classes,during summer 2020 that provided training opportunities related which combined face-to-face and online learning in a flexibleto health care, information technology, and foreign language, as format that allowed students to attend individual class sessionswell as classes to enhance business and industry skills.in person or online, depending on their preference. Summer 2020 classes were offered as buy one, get one free HyFlex classrooms were equipped with video cameras andto residents of Harrison, Jackson, Stone, and George counties Smartboards to allow instructors to offer synchronous andand to all current or former MGCCC students. Reduced-price asynchronous options for students. Students were able toclasses were offered to qualifying students or potential students check out laptop computers through each campuss Learningduring a time of greater need.The program led to a boost in Resources Center to use for online work. Virtual options forsummer enrollment, with 800 registered on the first day and a orientation, registration, instruction, tutoring, and advising were21 percent increase in overall summer enrollment from 2019.also offered to students.Chart 1: Student Services Satisfaction: MGCCC Student vs. National Average for Community CollegesFinancial aid counseling is available if I need it.Admissions counselors accurately portrayLEGEND FOR CHART 1 program offerings in their recruiting practices.Financial aid awards are announced in time toNational Averagebe helpful in college planning.MGCCC AverageAdmissions staff provide personalized attention prior to enrollment.This chart reflects results of The institution helps me indentify resources tothe Ruffalo Noel Levitz Student finance my education. Satisfaction Inventory for 2020.There are convenient ways of paying my school bill.I am able to take care of college-related business at times that are convenient.Registration processes and procedures are 1 convenient.5.05.2 5.4 5.65.8 6.0 7'