b'GrantsAwarded July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021Mississippi ApprenticeshipWorkforce Innovations CARES StrengtheningPrograms and Opporutnity ActInstitutions FundsOpioid Crisis Military and Dependent MIBest 2.0Grant MS-INBRE EducationAdult Ed - Integrated English Literacy and Civic EducationAdult EdCARES Student FundsPost-Secondary EducationMDES COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Coronavirus 19 - Mitigation ReliefWorkforce Development TrainingProgram LEGENDMDES COVID-19 Public Health Emergency WorkforceMilitary and Dependent Education in User Safety Application Development Training -$8,053,996 (MADE in USA) -$100,000Post-Secondary Education Coronavirus 19 - MitigationOpioids Crisis Grant -$75,417Relief Program -$6,012,864 Mississippi Apprenticeship Programs -$58,311CARES Student Funds -$3,940,140 MS-INBRE -$27,738Adult Ed -$865,578Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA) -SMALLER GRANTS$398,790 AG Grant 2020 -$15,000 COVID-19 Law Enforcement Training -$10,000CARES Strengthening Institutions Funds -$383,227 MSVCC Mini-Grant - $15,000 NASA Secondary Education Grant -$7,500MIBest 2.0 -$350,000 iMPAC Celebration of the Arts -$10,000 Non-Traditional Grant - 29 Adult Ed - Integrated English Literacy and Civic Education -CARES Public Safety -$5,000$185,903 $10,000'