HC-CELO Officers
HC-CELO student officers were elected in late fall 2020. From left: William “Trey” Carraway, Treasurer (Gulfport High School); Daisha Hall, Vice President (Gulfport High School); Jack McIntyre, President (Homeschool); Taylor Wingo, Secretary (D’Iberville High School).

Among the diverse student body enrolled at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Harrison County Campus are high school and homeschool students earning college credit while simultaneously earning their high school or homeschool diploma. Concurrent enrollment at MGCCC encompasses dual credit at the high school, dual enroll on the college campus, and Collegiate Academy. 

To meet the unique needs of concurrently enrolled students, the Harrison County Campus Concurrent Enrollment Leadership Organization (HC-CELO) was founded in the fall 2020 semester by Dr. Kathryn Morris and Bridget Bermond, science instructors, and Justin Mills, Collegiate Academy counselor and career coach. 

HC-CELO is specifically designed for concurrently enrolled high school students and seeks to facilitate a successful transition into the collegiate experience, both academically and socially, as well as to aid students as they acclimate to MGCCC. “Through this organization, we hope to establish a community of support for this group of students to promote fellowship and provide a forum to address the diverse set of challenges presented by the collegiate environment,” Mills said.  

At MGCCC, concurrently enrolled students have access to all services available to traditional college students, including student clubs and activities, the Learning Lab, Writing Center, advising, and career services, to name a few. However, until the creation of HC-CELO, no club was specifically designed to meet the needs of the concurrently enrolled community. 

As Morris explained, “The purpose is to enhance the students’ college experience by encouraging scholarship, leadership, and service while utilizing the resources offered by MGCCC.”  

HC-CELO student officers were elected in late fall 2020. The officers are Jack McIntyre, president (homeschool); Daisha Hall, vice president (Gulfport High School); William “Trey” Carraway, treasurer (Gulfport High School); and Taylor Wingo, secretary (D’Iberville High School).  

“HC-CELO officers and members will work closely with CELO advisers to coordinate events, programs, and initiatives that focus on their particular needs,” said Bridgett Bermond. “Student members will also have the opportunity to serve on a recruiting committee for future concurrently enrolled students,” she said. 

HC-CELO held its first general member meeting on February 9 with more than 40 student members. The next meeting will be held on March 23.   

For more information about the club, please contact one of the advisers: 

Bridgett Bermond – bridgett.bermond@mgccc.edu 

Justin D. Mills – justin.mills@mgccc.edu  

Dr. Kathryn Morris – kathryn.morris@mgccc.edu  

HC-CELO Advisers
From left: HC-CELO advisers Dr. Kathryn Morris, Justin Mills and Bridgett Bermond


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