The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness aims to support institutional decision-making through the collection and analysis of data, strategic assessment, and an array of research activities. The office is responsible for designing ad hoc research projects, constructing instruments and evaluation plans, administering surveys and assessments, analyzing and reporting data to meet state/federal reporting guidelines, preparing reports for a diverse audience, and processing internal data requests that meet the need of institution.

2017 Report Card

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Core Values

  • Accountability: An acceptance of responsibility for appropriate actions, obligations, and duties.
  • Collaboration: A process that facilitates transfer of knowledge, skills and attainment of common goals.
  • Excellence: A motivation where the highest standards are viewed as benchmarks to surpass.
  • Integrity: A commitment to honesty and ethical behavior in all situations.
  • Leadership: A process of directing groups of people toward a common goal.
  • Respect: A feeling of esteem or regard for the unique qualities of all individuals.
  • Service: An action performed for others without the desire for personal gain.