Excelerate 2030: The Strategic Plan for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is proud to announce Excelerate 2030, the long-term planning strategy grounded in the College’s mission, vision, values, and institutional commitments. We have a bold plan for the future of education and workforce training on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

MGCCC’s Mission

The mission of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to meet the educational and community needs in George, Harrison, Jackson, and Stone counties by providing superior instruction through traditional and technological formats to offer workforce pathways, certificates, diplomas, and associate transfer and applied degrees. The college embraces lifelong learning, productive citizenship, service learning, and leadership development in a dynamic and innovative learning environment.

MGCCC’s Institutional Commitments

Excelerate 2030 identifies and embraces four Institutional Commitments that will shape the focus of the College over the next ten years to accomplish the mission and vision of the College.

The overarching goal of the college is to inspire excellence through the four commitments of Teaching and Learning, Student Experience, Engagement & Partnerships, and Institutional Excellence.

Innovation, which exists at the heart of each commitment, further promotes an educational environment that is transformative and forward-looking. Each commitment has areas of focus that provide substance and tangible, measurable goals.

1. Teaching & Learning

The processes of engagement and communication between teacher and learner around a robust curriculum and strong support system that result in the acquisition of skills and an increase in knowledge.

2. Student Experience

Cultivating an environment that prepares students to achieve their goals and become productive members of society.

3. Engagement & Partnerships

An intentional focus on understanding and responding to the current and emerging needs of internal constituents, external partners, and the Gulf Coast region.

4. Institutional Excellence

Focus on institutional operations and efficiencies, infrastructure, resources, and technologies that support and facilitate the advancement of the College’s commitments, constituents, and community.


Excelerate 2030 Strategic Plan Overview

Transformational Trends On the Gulf Coast

In order to stay relevant in the midst of rapid change, MGCCC is actively developing new strategies to redesign how the College will fulfill its mission. In partnership with local business and industry, we will anticipate, develop, and deliver excellent training that upskills and equips our region with an agile and adaptable workforce.

Gulf Coast community leaders are fundamental to MGCCC’s efforts to stay ahead of transformational trends. With their input, we will continue to meet the needs of students and industries over the next ten years.

Hear from some of these leaders as they share how they envision MGCCC inspiring excellence and accelerating achievement through the institutional commitments of Excelerate 2030.

Paige Roberts

Cultivating Economic Growth

President and CEO, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce

Over the next ten years, the area’s thriving shipbuilding, energy, aerospace, and cybersecurity companies will continue to thrive. As technology evolves, MGCCC will provide enhanced workforce training that prepares students to meet the needs of these new jobs.

Angie Juzang


Vice President of Marketing & Community Relations, Memorial Hospital

With a growing senior population, quality healthcare will be more necessary than ever for a thriving Gulf Coast. Workforce needs will continue to grow, and it doesn’t just include healthcare workers. Systems like Memorial Hospital will need trained workers in fields like information technology, construction, and marketing.

Dr. Mark E. Keenum

Engagement & Partnerships

President, Mississippi State University

MGCCC will continue to work with institutional partners like Mississippi State to provide educational pathways for students. The goal is not only to prepare students for new, competitive jobs but to bring those organizations to Mississippi.

Ryan Giles

Emerging Technology

CEO, Traction Strong

The technological revolution has fundamentally changed the way humans interact and the landscape of higher education.

MGCCC’s future success will require the ability to support state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and security, analytics technology capabilities, the prioritization of emerging technologies, improving digital fluency, and maximizing operational technologies.

George Schloegel

Engagement & Partnerships

MGCCC Alum & Former Mayor of Gulfport

MGCCC works closely with businesses and professional organizations that employ students. Those who contribute to student scholarships can consider their investment a wise one—MGCCC students receive an education of remarkable quality for a low price.

Strategic Planning Approach

In developing Excelerate 2030, MGCCC employed a strategic planning approach focused on “what type of institution it wanted to become” in ten years. The Long-Term Planning Strategy provides ongoing cycles (Three-Year Sprints) of assessment and adaptation, which will be driven by data obtained through implementation.

Excelerate 2030 is designed to be a dynamic, evolving plan that anticipates changing circumstances and delivers in response to those changes. To realize success in a fast-paced world, Excelerate 2030 fuses together strategy and execution – a plan designed to continually make adjustments and periodic dramatic pivots. Fusing strategy and execution will serve as a catalyst to drive learning, flexibility, continuous improvement, and reinvention. 

Excelerate 2030’s Ongoing Cycles

  1. Review and Validate MGCCC’s Mission, Vision, and Values
  2. Assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  3. Understand the Global Environment and Transformational Trends
  4. Develop Institutional Commitments: Focus Areas and Assessment Strategies
  5. Execute and Manage the Focus Areas and Assessment Strategies
  6. Analyze, Assess, and Adjust the Plan as an Ongoing Process

Read Excelerate 2030: The Strategic Plan for MGCCC

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