What Are MGCCC Schools?

MGCCC Schools provide a roadmap for students as they work toward a certificate, diploma, or degree. Each school encompasses academic, career, technical, and/or health sciences programs of study in areas that are similar. Students may choose a technical path, but then decide to continue their studies at a university, or they may start out with the intention of transferring to a university and decide a one-year career program suits them better. MGCCC Schools are designed to give students various options within similar areas of study to make their path to successful degree completion easier.

  • Business, Law, Hospitality, & Culinary

    The School of Business, Law, Hospitality, and Culinary prepares students to succeed in local, state, national, and international economies as employees or entrepreneurs through a strong foundation in essential industry practices and processes and by providing networking and professionalization opportunities. The School strives to deepen and advance a student’s understanding of business and hospitality management, legal studies, cosmetology, gaming, and culinary arts by emphasizing hands-on, experiential learning.

  • Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, & IT

    Committed to the idea that a deep understanding of fundamentals is imperative for future innovation, the School of Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, and IT presents students with opportunities to study practical and theoretical concepts and to apply their knowledge. The School prepares students for industries and educational programs in multiple disciplines by providing opportunities that engage students beyond the classroom. The School boasts a strong curriculum with concentrations in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, and a variety of relevant and timely Career & Technical paths including Computer Networking, Cybersecurity, Coding, Data Analytics, IT Specialist, Computer Programming, and Simulation and Game Design.

  • Human Sciences & Education

    The School of Human Sciences and Education exposes students to historical, sociological, and psychological perspectives of human history, as well as classes offered in geography, philosophy, religion, life learning and study skills. Students in the School of Human Sciences & Education participate in classroom and experiential learning with the ultimate goal of making a difference in people’s lives. The School also strives to empower students to improve their communities through an array of educational approaches. With both university transfer courses in the social sciences and technical programs in Early Childhood Education Technology, the School of Human Sciences and Education prepares students to advance and improve the human experience.

  • Language Arts

    Student reading in between library stacks
    Offering courses in technical writing, composition, literature, creative writing, foreign languages, as well as technical courses in Interpreter training, the School of Language Arts endeavors to endow students with strong written and oral communication skills, critical thinking skills, and an understanding of world cultures that will ensure success in college and, ultimately, in the students’ careers and lives. The School of Language Arts is committed to cultivating academic integrity, historic-cultural awareness, and logically sound thought through the study of language. Its curricula provide students with opportunities to compose texts in multiple modes, study and analyze texts from the past and the present from several perspectives, and acquire new languages in technologically rich learning environments.

  • Manufacturing, Maritime, & Transportation

    The School of Manufacturing, Maritime, and Transportation is devoted to teaching students practical and transferable skills that meet the needs of employers. Understanding that adaptability is vital to success in contemporary industries, courses focus on preparing students to evolve with the industries in which they work. With the use of state-of-the-art technology and hands-on learning, the School trains the next generation of industry leaders. The School of Manufacturing, Maritime, & Transportation educates and trains students, connects them with industry partners, and prepares them for careers on land, air, or at sea.

  • Nursing & Health Professions

    Nursing Students

    Having earned local, state, and national recognitions for its successes, the School of Nursing and Health Professions offers rigorous courses in state-of-the-art facilities that equip students to meet the health care needs of their communities. The School partners with local health care professionals and hospitals to help students acquire clinical experience and a better understanding of the health care needs of the community. Students of the programs are trained to be transformational leaders in health care and are prepared for the challenges of a rapidly changing industry. Cutting edge technology provides students with a learning environment that simulates the experiences they will encounter in health care organizations both locally and across the country.

  • Science & Kinesiology

    The School of Science and Kinesiology immerses students in the study of biology, chemistry, and physics through engaging and innovative activities, lectures, and labs. This School prepares students for advanced scientific study in a variety of fields, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, as well as many of the programs offered through the School of Nursing and Health Professions. The School is dedicated to preparing students for acceptance into and completion of programs in their chosen professions and to inspiring them to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, community providers, and scientists. Faculty in the School understand the importance of encouraging exploration, curiosity, and innovation while preparing students for careers that develop scientific solutions for a better world.

  • Visual and Performing Arts

    The School of Visual and Performing Arts is committed to facilitating and building access to information, communication, and creativity by providing understanding and historical context, and connecting critical thinking with imagination and unique interpretation. The School of Visual and Performing Arts is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education and many opportunities to participate in cultural activities. The School includes academic courses in visual and digital arts, music, theater, musical theater, public speaking, and interpersonal communication. The School of Visual & Performing Arts also house two Career Technical Education programs including Graphic Design Technology and Live Entertainment Technology.

  • Honors College

    To be eligible for an Honors Scholarship, a student must apply and enroll in the MGCCC Honors College. Students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours each semester, including seven hours of honors credit courses and an honors forum.