From Perkolator to Trident: MGCCC’s Yearbook History

MGCCC 1936 and 1969 yearbooks.
The title page of the first Perkolator (1936) and the cover of the 1969 Gulf Trident — the first yearbook to bear the name Trident. Richard Knopp.

1936 – 1965

From 1936 to 1965, the yearbook bore the name Perkolator with the exception of 1961, when it bore the name This is Perk.

1966 – 1969


The 1966 Perkolator was the first to serve the new tri-campus district, but the photos of students were grouped separately by campus.

1967 & 1968

Both the 1967 and 1968 J(unior) C(ollege) D(istrict) Perkolators, as they were called, carried the photos of the students of all three campuses intermixed.


The 1969 yearbook was divided into three campus sections and bore a new name, Gulf Trident. The cover carried Neptune’s trident as its logo.

1970 – 1974

The 1970 Trident followed the pattern of its predecessor, but each campus section was given a new name–Perkolator (for Perk), Beauvoir (for JD), and Beachcomber (for Jackson County). The next four yearbooks continued in that vein.

1975 – 1987

The name of the Jackson County yearbook changed because the yearbook sponsor, Terry Fountain, felt that the campus was too far from the beach to have a yearbook called Beachcomber. She let the JC students vote, and they selected the new name, Phases. In 1975, the college published its yearbook in three separate volumes–Trident: Perkolator, Trident: Beauvoir, and Trident: Phases.


The 1988 Trident was published as one volume in three sections — Perkolator, Beauvoir, and Phases. Richard Knapp.

The 1988 Trident returns to a single volume with three sections.

1989 – 1999

From 1975 through 1999, with the exception of 1988, the yearbooks were published in three volumes, bearing the titles Trident: Perkolator, Trident: Beauvoir, and Trident: Phases. Richard Knapp.

The yearbook reverts to the three volume setup.

2000 – present

The names Perkolator, Beauvoir, and Phases disappeared, leaving the name Trident as the only designation for the MGCCC yearbook.

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