2021 Honors College LogoMississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s George County Center is starting an Honors College for students at the George County Center beginning fall semester 2021.  The program will offer students special opportunities for scholarships at MGCCC, special honors recognition at MGCCC’s graduation, and, upon transfer, opportunities to join Honors Colleges at universities that have agreements with MGCCC.

“We are very excited about being able to offer our students the chance to participate in the Honors College here at the George County Center as opposed to going to another campus for those classes,” said Dr. Lisa Rhodes, Administrative Dean at the George County Center.  “They will be able to participate in Honors contracts with instructors in several subjects and complete Honors projects.  Additionally, community projects will allow them to give back to the community and teach them how to be responsible citizens wherever they choose to live after college.”

A space in the center’s Academic Building is being set up as an Honors Lounge, where Honors students can work on projects, get advised, study and hang out.  “This will be an incredible space where our Honors students can relax and study in a more private space,” Rhodes said.

Students can apply for the Honors College now. Current MGCCC students, high school students from local private and public high schools, and high school students that are home schooled are welcome to apply.  “We are looking for the best and brightest and we have plenty of those students here in George County, so we are looking for this program to be a great success.”

For more information on the college’s Honors programs, visit mgccc.edu/honors.  For more information on the George County Center and the Honors program there, contact Mandy Withrow at (601) 947-6456 or mandy.withrow@mgccc.edu.

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