Oscar Villegas welding

Oscar Villegas of Biloxi finished the Welding Technology program at MGCCC’s Jackson County Campus and immediately went to work at Ingalls Shipbuilding, where he works as a third-class pipe welder. When making the decision to attend college, Villegas chose the Welding Technology program because he knew it was a high-demand career field.

“Especially because the Coast has a lot of manufacturing and industry, I knew that my skills would be in demand and that I’d always be able to find a job,” he said.  “I love what I do as well, so that is also important.”

Villegas said learning the QEP Essential Skills has helped him immensely in his job. “From communicating with my foreman and coworkers to making sure I’m punctual and prepared to work, I use these skills daily,” he said.  “They also inspired me to work to my best ability and ensure my work is of the highest quality.”

He credits his instructors in the Welding Technology program and the emphasis they placed on essential skills for his work today. “The quality of my welds is very important to me,” he said. “Learning these skills while in college helped me to strive to do better in class so that my work reflects that effort on the job. I am very proud of what I do.”

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