The mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness is to support institutional decision-making through the collection and analysis of data, strategic assessment, and an array of research activities. The office is responsible for designing ad hoc research projects, constructing instruments and evaluation plans, administering surveys and assessments, analyzing and reporting data to meet state/federal reporting guidelines, preparing reports for a diverse audience, and processing internal data requests that meet the need of institution.

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Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Core Values

  • Accountability: An acceptance of responsibility for appropriate actions, obligations, and duties.
  • Collaboration: A process that facilitates transfer of knowledge, skills and attainment of common goals.
  • Excellence: A motivation where the highest standards are viewed as benchmarks to surpass.
  • Integrity: A commitment to honesty and ethical behavior in all situations.
  • Leadership: A process of directing groups of people toward a common goal.
  • Respect: A feeling of esteem or regard for the unique qualities of all individuals.
  • Service: An action performed for others without the desire for personal gain.


Meet the staff

Dr. Adam Swanson

AVP of Institutional Effectiveness & Research
E-mail: Adam.Swanson@mgccc.edu

Background: Dr. Adam Swanson holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Master of Education Degree in Counseling and Personnel Services, a Graduate Certificate in Institutional Research and a Doctoral Degree in Research, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment from The University of Southern Mississippi. He has over a decade of higher education supervisory experience, including supervising a team in newly constructed 37.7 million dollar Gold Certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) complex. Prior to moving to Mississippi, Dr. Swanson spent time working as an intern and a generalist at a Fortune 100 technology corporation outside of Chicago, IL and St. Paul, MN. He has extensive experience conducting statistical analyses, designing surveys and assessments, directing large-scale employee recruitment and selection processes, coordinating college/university wide events, and developing strategic programs to better serve the at-risk student population.

He coordinated a national study titled, Race and Ethnicity in the Hiring Process: An Experimental Study of Millennial Undergraduate Attitudes Using Career Electronic Portfolios, and the project received a nomination for Dissertation of the Year Award at The University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Swanson was recognized in 2013 by NACURH, the largest student organization world-wide, as the National Winner – Faculty/Staff Member of the Month.

Dr. Jana Rocker

Data Analyst
E-mail: Jana.Rocker@mgccc.edu

Background: Dr. Jana Rocker obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with additional courses in Computer Science from the University of North Texas in 1994. She worked in technical support and web developer working with linux and SQL to track customer support requests at the MS coast’s first internet access provider, Datasync Internet.  In 2002 she began working at Hancock Bank in online banking support and eventually as workforce management coordinator, where she created reports on call center statistics and optimized staff schedules around call volumes. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, bank operations moved to Louisiana and Dr. Rocker decided to return to science and bioinformatics.  She obtained a MS degree in coastal sciences at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Ocean Springs analyzing viral mutation patterns in shrimp and went on to get her Ph.D. at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine in Mobile doing research on statistical modeling using R programming to detect potential protein biomarkers of colon and pancreatic cancer.  Her research has led to the formation of a company and several scientific publications and other projects on which she still consults in her free time.  After graduation, she decided to return home to the coast and apply her programming and analysis skills to institutional research at the institution.

 Tammy Oatis

Research Assistant
E-mail: Tammy.Oatis@mgccc.edu

Background: Tammy Oatis is the creator of Tammy’s Stitch Design and she develops websites and other designs for various businesses.  She received her Bachelor Degree of Science in Business and MBA from William Carey University while employed there.  She received her MS from The University of Southern Mississippi in which she facilitated research initiatives as a Graduate Assistant.  She is currently in pursuit of her Doctoral degree from The University of Southern Mississippi in the area of Instructional Technology & Design and hopes to graduate in 2018.  She has over 10 years of higher education work experience and has worked for non-profit agencies in the areas of planning and compliance. She resides in Gulfport with her husband Patrick and their dog Harley.  She is the proud mother of 3 and grandmother of 6 amazing grandchildren.