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Planning Timeline for College Employees

Planning Cycle Workshop Finalize Plan – Deadline Evaluation of Plan – Deadline
2023-2024 July 16 – August 10, 2023 August 15th, 2023 July 15th, 2024

Components of an Annual Planning & Evaluation Report 

All administrative and finance departments, student support departments, and educational programs use the annual planning process to document the outcomes associated with performance indicators, drive continuous year-to-year improvements, and foster an environment that supports exemplary programs, offices and departments.

♦ College Mission Statement: All planning activities at the institution must directly relate to the mission statement of the institution. The mission of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to meet the educational and community needs in George, Harrison, Jackson, and Stone counties by providing superior instruction through traditional and technological formats to offer workforce pathways, certificates, diplomas, and associate transfer and applied degrees. The college embraces lifelong learning, productive citizenship, service learning, and leadership development in a dynamic and innovative learning environment.
♦ Unit Purpose: The unit purpose is a description of the planning unit and should be in direct alignment with the institutional mission, values and vision statement. The unit purpose statement uniquely identifies primary functions or activities, stakeholders, and other clarifying statements for each unit.
♦ Key Performance Indicator (KPI): A statement containing a quantifiable measure that can be interpreted to demonstrate how effectively the unit is achieving key objectives for performance. The KPI should be clearly written and not use ambiguous language. Expected outcomes are designed to be evaluated on an annual basis for both long- and short-range initiatives.
♦ Budgetary Explanation: The justification and reasoning for requesting additional funds. Budgetary requests must be tied to one or more KPI’s in the planning system to be considered during the budgetary request process.
♦ Budgetary Type: The budgetary source of the KPI: Current Operating Budget, New E&G and Auxiliary Funds; New Capital Budget Funds; Grant Funds.
♦ Strategic Plan 2030 Institutional Commitment: Every KPI in the system needs to relate to a Strategic Plan 2030 Institutional Commitment: Teaching & Learning, Student Experience,  Engagement and Partnerships and Institutional Excellence.
♦ Expected Outcome: A clearly written statement that outlines the quantifiable threshold by which a KPI has successfully been met or not met. The expected outcome associated with the KPI should be measurable, realistic and attainable.
♦ Assessment Instrument: The instrument by which data will be collected during the planning year. Assessment instruments are identified for each expected outcome. The primary purpose of identifying assessment instruments is to determine data and reporting needs for plan evaluation purposes.
♦ Results: The data/datum associated with the KPI. The results should be written in clear manner so the reader can understand the reported results.
♦ Results Drop-down: One of the following alternatives must be flagged for each effectiveness indicator: 1) successfully met KPI expected outcome, 2) did not meet the KPI expected outcome, 3.) NA – not able to implement and/or assess. This field of data is used to provide roll-up reports by division and the institution as a whole.
♦ Use of Results / Plan for Improvement: To complete the loop, units must respond with an appropriate plan of improvement for each effectiveness indicator. The unit must analyze the data collected for the KPI in the results section and discuss how that the information can be used to drive continuous improvement and effectiveness within the unit for the next planning year. This structured planning and evaluation process is intended to drive continuous year-to-year improvements and promote exemplar programs and departments at the institution. Units should be detailed when writing this section.


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