How to Submit a Student Learning Outcome Report for Academic, Career & Technical and Health Sciences Programs

Data Collection Period is for the Academic Year of Summer, Fall, & Spring

Step #1: Maintain the Student Learning Outcome Reporting Template
The Student Learning Outcome Reporting Template mirrors all the fields of the online student learning outcome submission form. Maintaining this template will make it easier for educational units to transfer SLO information directly into the online submission form at the end of the year.

Step #2: Complete the Student Learning Outcome Data Source Form

A designated point of contact within each educational program will collect student learning outcome data at the end of each term and that data should be recorded on the Data Source Form. The Data Source Form provides a detailed breakdown of the SLO data that was submitted by each faculty member.

The Data Source Form should be completed *prior to* starting the Online Student Learning Submission Form. The designated point of contact will be prompted to upload a saved version of the Data Source Form within the Online Student Learning Outcome Submission Form.

Step #3: MGCCC Online Student Learning Outcome Submission Form
This MGCCC Online Student Learning Outcome Submission Form should be completed at the end of each academic year, typically following final exam week of Spring semester. To make this a smooth process, make sure all the student learning outcome information is prepared in-advance (reference step #1) and that the Data Source Form has been completed and saved prior to working on the report (reference step #2). Educational units are advised not to rush the process and to invest a sufficient amount of time to ensure the final report is of high quality. Click the button below to submit an Annual Student Learning Outcome Report for the Academic Year.

What Happens After the Annual Student Learning Outcome Report is Submitted?

Upon final submission of the online report, the report will automatically be e-mailed to the following individuals for further review: #1 the designated report writer, #2 Deans of Teaching and Learning / Health Sciences, #3 Associate Vice President of Career & Technical Education, and #4 Institutional Research.

After all the student learning outcome reports have been received, the Office of Institutional Research will extract the data out of the internal system, migrate the data to a template and generate an aggregated institutional report for the academic year. The report will be split out by academic, career, technical and healthcare programs in alphabetical order.

Reporting Deadline

Academic Year Data Collection Deadline
2023-2024 Summer 2023, Fall 2023, Spring 2024 Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

School Team Leaders for Planning & Student Learning Outcomes


Team Leaders

School of Business, Law, Hospitality and Culinary

Barbara Lee & Dr. Franks

School of Human Sciences & Education

Dr. Bradley & Dean of TL at HC Campus

School of Language Arts

Drs. Brown & Rhodes

School of Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science & IT

Dr. Miller and Dr. Taylor

School of Manufacturing, Maritime, and Transportation

John Poelma, Dr. Riggins, Millie Bordelon

School of Nursing and Health Professions

Dr. Hendrix and Angie Nelson

School of Science and Kinesiology

Dr. Ghosal and Dr. Sasser

School of Visual & Performing Arts

Heather Holliman &  Dr. Woodward

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