Student Achievement Metrics

The Strategic Plan 2020 calls for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to “design and implement initiatives that enable students support programs, services and activities to promote student learning, and provide a healthy and sustainable learning environment.”Promoting student success is a core institutional commitment at the institution. MGCCC tracks and monitors the following student achievement metrics routinely and publishes the outcomes for public consumption.

A1) First Time Entering Fall-to-Fall Retention Rates 
What percentage of first-time students who enroll in the Fall return to the institution in the following Fall term?
A2) Graduation Rates
What percentage of first time students earn a credential at MGCCC within three years?
A3) University Transfer Performance
How do MGCCC graduates perform in the classroom at Mississippi universities?
A4) Licensure Pass Rates
What percentage of first-time test takers successfully pass a licensure examination?
A5-A8) Career & Technical Education – Perkins Indicators 
How to students in Career & Technical education programs perform on indicators that are tracked and
A9) Finish in 4
What percentage of first-time students enroll as full-time?