MGCCC Online Course Textbook Information

How do I get my textbook?

Many textbooks for MGCCC students, who are enrolled in MGCCC provided online courses, are on MGCCC book rental service. Additional MGCCC course materials such as CDs and lab manuals may be purchase items available in campus bookstores. In most cases, rental books must be returned to the bookstore on the last day of class.  You will sign a document at the time that you pick up your books that includes the return date.  Please make a note of the date on that form so that you get your books in on time and are not charged a late fee.  If you have any questions about book service items, please contact the MGCCC Bookstore at the campus where you registered.

NOTE:  Rental books will not be shipped, and the rental fee is non-refundable.

  1. Locate MGCCC book information in Web Services.
    • Login to Web Services
    • On the main menu, click Personal Information
    • Scroll to the bottom and choose Display Course Book Information
  2. Obtain a print out of your bill from the business office.
  3. Contact or visit the bookstore at the campus where you registered to retrieve MGCCC course materials.

MGCCC students enrolling in online courses provided by other colleges should go to the eLearning home page, click on the Check Student Profile and check their student profile for textbook information. Students may also contact the course instructor for book purchase information. Textbooks for courses offered by other colleges are going to be purchase items.

Where can I purchase my textbook?

Textbooks or other items not available in the MGCCC bookstore can be purchased online.   The best place to look is the publisher’s website.  However, you are encouraged to comparison shop to find the best prices for your materials.

Types of websites to look for books:

  • Companies That Provide Cost Comparisons
  • Companies That Rent/Sell New & Used Textbooks and Buy Back Textbooks
  • Companies That Rent/Sell New & Used Textbooks
  • Companies That List Bookstore Sites

IMPORTANT: Textbooks vary between the various sections for online courses. When you change between section numbers, the textbook will probably be different. For example, the four sections of art appreciation offered by MGCCC use the same textbook; however, if you are enrolled in the section of art appreciation taught by Hinds Community College, the textbook is not the same as used by MGCCC. Also note that the MGCCC art appreciation book is on book service and available through the MGCCC bookstores. The art appreciation book for the Hinds online course is a purchase item not available in the MGCCC bookstores. Online book companies are probably going to require a credit card or check. Remember that you can also use a money order. Money orders are sold by many organizations including the U.S. Postal Service.

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