(L-R): Tommie Broome, competition coach and Process Operations Technology lead instructor at MGCCC, and students Enrico Jones, Joshua Smith and Rod Kendrick.

Three Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Process Operations Technology students were invited to compete in the Third National Troubleshooting Competition held in Kingwood, Texas, April 22-23. Twenty-five teams competed in the qualifying round, with only eight three-member teams from Process Technology programs across the nation invited to participate in the competition.

MGCCC students invited to participate were Enrico Jones, sophomore, Pascagoula; Rod Kendrick, sophomore, Gulfport; and Joshua Smith, sophomore, Biloxi.

“I am very proud of these students and what they have accomplished,” said Tommie Broome, competition coach and lead instructor for the Process Operations Technology program. “This was a very tough competition, and our students performed very well. They proudly represented Mississippi and MGCCC.”

The four-round National Competition tested the teams’ troubleshooting skills on recognizing and resolving problems with various process-related scenarios, using computer-based simulation virtual plant environment software. Students also met with industry representatives at a networking hour held prior to the National Competition.

Troubleshooting is a capstone course for Process Technology programs. Process Technology (PTECH) programs teach operation skills required in industries such as petrochemical, power generation, pharmaceuticals, waste water/water treatment and related fields. PTECH programs typically confer a two-year associate degree. Students learn about equipment, safety, quality, instrumentation, systems and operations, all of which they must understand when troubleshooting problems with a process.

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