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Collaborating to Create Academic Champions

The Emerging Scholars Partnership brings MGCCC Phi Theta Kappa and Honors College Advisors together with counselors, principals, parents, students and teachers from local school districts to prepare high school and college students to reach their full potential, receive scholarships and become academic champions.

This past spring, 252 MGCCC graduates were awarded $3.2 million in transfer scholarships.  That equates to more than $12,700 each to complete the remaining two years of college toward a bachelor’s degree!  These same students also received a variety of scholarships at MGCCC, with most students paying little or no tuition for their two years at Gulf Coast.

The Emerging Scholars programs will not only help school districts prepare students for opportunities to succeed through scholarships, but will provide a clearinghouse of scholarships available to students through MGCCC and for transfer after they graduate with an associate degree.