Walls are scheduled to go up this week at the Nursing and Simulation Center – that’s the roof and interior/exterior framing. If you haven’t had a chance to drive by and see the progress recently, make plans to do so.

According to Bill Wedgeworth, the college architect, they will be meeting with the contractor, Dan Hensarling, next week to discuss brick and finishes. He said they are looking at a reclaimed brick (historic brick) look for the building.

The buildings at Tradition are so beautiful. We can’t wait to see how our center fits in!

Here are some of the brick/mortar for the building’s exterior and finishes for the exterior columns that are being discussed:

Bill said that some of the work for the contractor has been challenging as no utilities or roads are available on the site. That should soon be remedied as water was turned on this past week at the site and other utilities and roads are coming soon. He said that since MGCCC’s center is the first in the Healthcare Zone, some delays are expected as the development and building teams coordinate their efforts.

As more buildings began to go up (which they should soon), MGCCC’s center will be nestled between the Memorial Hospital clinic to the west and Cleveland Clinic’s National Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute to the east.

Wow! This healthcare zone will be a one-stop shop for South Mississippians. Picture yourself sitting in a clinic exam room getting your annual flu shot, which an awesome nurse (an MGCCC graduate, of course) administers painlessly while you read an article on cutting-edge research about a pill that zaps any sugar or carbs that you just might eat, allowing you to no longer watch your diet despite the diabetes that runs rampant in your family? Do you feel good things coming from all of this?

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