Brad Bailey
Dr. Brad Bailey

Our on-site review from SACSCOC turned out as well as it possibly could have. After turning over every rock in every division of our college, the reviewers met with Executive Council and a few others to share their findings. Everyone held their collective breath.

Upon hearing the words NO RECOMMENDATIONS, emotions throughout the room ranged from relief to mirth. Personally, I could only feel a flood of gratefulness for each and every one of you for the work you have done to make our ambitious QEP seem achievable to a group from outside of our college. We all know what MGCCC is capable of. Now, because of your commitment, preparation, professionalism and energy, our SACSCOC visitors believe MGCCC has all of the capacity necessary to do everything we set out to do for students.

I will close by echoing the words of one of the SACSCOC visitors who is a dynamic president of a thriving community college: “Programs are about people.” He told me that our people (you) are so impressive, and our passion for equipping students is so obvious, that he knows we can accomplish the purpose of our QEP. Our plan is ambitious. The committee would have told most colleges that it is too ambitious. However, we were given their stamp of approval not on the merits of our plan, but on the strength and passion of our people.

Thank you for what you do for our students through your continued support of the QEP!

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