quadruplets on move out day at residence hall

From left: Jade, Jacob and Avery Barlow help their sister, Adyson (bottom center), move out of her residence hall at the Perkinston Campus.

The Barlow quadruplets are In The Blue

Adyson, Avery, Jade and Jacob Barlow were all students at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College until this week, when three of the four are graduating during the college’s Commencement Ceremonies at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.  These four energetic students are also quadruplets who all ended up at MGCCC despite different plans.

“We just had different ideas about college, where we wanted to go and what we wanted to major in,” said Avery, a member of the Reflections Team at the Jackson County Campus.  “I think we all decided we wanted to be close to home, and we knew MGCCC was a great college.”

Adyson, a Perkette and active member of the Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa at the Perkinston Campus, agreed.  “I wanted the college experience but also wanted to be close to home.  I love living in the dorm, and of course, I wanted to join the dance team.”

The four siblings all had different occupations in mind, however.  Jade is an Associate Degree Nursing student at The Bryant Center.  She will actually graduate in 2022.  Adyson, Avery and Jacob are graduating this semester and headed to different places.  Adyson is a speech pathology major.  Avery completed his associate degree but plans to attend the Apprentice Electric Lineman program at the George County Center next year.  Jacob completed his degree in Process Operations at the Jackson County Campus and plans to continue his education in a business-related major.

Always very close, the four do a lot of things together, including helping Adyson move out of the residence hall after finals, with Jacob borrowing a truck from his workplace.  “We lean on each other and do things for each other all of the time,” Jade said. “It’s like other siblings usually are, but even closer.  We are very different and have our own interests but also remain extremely close.”

While Jade is not graduating this year, and Jacob is not walking during commencement, they will both be there on Thursday night to watch Adyson and Avery cross the stage. “Absolutely, we will be there,” Jacob said. “Not only because our parents said we should but because we are genuinely happy for each other’s accomplishments.  We don’t always want to do things the same way, but we are always in it together.”

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