Student Ryan Lee holding his French hornAt Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Perkinston Campus, a freshman electrical engineering major, Ryan Lee, has been hitting all the right notes both academically and musically. Recently, he earned a prestigious spot to showcase his musical ability as a soloist at the Gulf Coast Symphony Youth Orchestra’s Winter Concert.

Lee, who is also a dedicated French horn player in MGCCC’s Band of Gold, embarked on this musical journey two years ago when he joined the Gulf Coast Symphony Youth Orchestra while in high school. The culmination of his dedication led to a standout moment when he was chosen to play a solo at the symphony’s Winter Concert.

“Being asked to perform the solo was very exciting,” Lee shared. “I was incredibly nervous, but it was an incredible experience.”

Balancing the demands of an electrical engineering major and his musical pursuits, Lee spends a significant portion of his time practicing with the college band. In addition to local practices, he makes regular trips to the Coast to rehearse with the Gulf Coast Symphony Youth Orchestra.

In November, Lee and the symphony collaborated with the Gulf Coast Symphony at the Holiday Peppermint Pops concert, a unique opportunity for the young musicians to perform side-by-side on select pieces. The collaborative effort aims to instill a love for the arts and live performances, nurturing a passion that students can carry with them into their futures.

While Lee may not be pursuing a degree in music, his enthusiasm for the art form is undeniable. Expressing his aspirations, he revealed, “I hope to continue playing music at the next level of education, perhaps with the university band.” Outside of formal engagements, Lee indulges his musical spirit by strumming the guitar in his spare time, relishing in the joy of discovering new aspects of music and performance.

“Music will always be something I love and enjoy in my life,” Lee affirmed with a smile. “I plan on continuing to play and perform in any venue I can for years to come.”

As Lee harmonizes his academic pursuits with his passion for music, his journey at MGCCC promises to be a symphony of success, blending the technical precision of engineering with the soulful resonance of musical expression.

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