Kiyoshi Takahashi

MGCCC student Kiyoshi Takahashi received the inaugural Dr. Adam James Pre-Medical Student Scholarship through Phi Theta Kappa. Takahashi is the only one to receive the $1,500 pre-medical student scholarship. He was also the recipient of the Guistwhite Scholarship, another prestigious transfer scholarship through PTK.

“Because of the opportunities and scholarship, I feel that people believe in my goals of becoming a physician, and it makes me see that I can succeed in different future endeavors,” Kiyoshi stated. “I am more motivated to continue finding success and moving forward with my plans.”

Takahashi, a resident of Ocean Springs, has demonstrated outstanding commitment and leadership in various campus organizations, including Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), Honors College, Student Government Association (SGA), and Oak Club. Notably, he serves as the chapter president of the Pi Epsilon Chapter of PTK on campus, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence and community engagement.

After completing his studies at MGCCC, Takahashi plans to transfer to Mississippi State University, where he will pursue a bachelor’s degree in biological science (pre-med). His long-term goal is to attend the Uniformed Services University and prepare for a career as a physician in the U.S. Air Force, with aspirations of becoming an allergist/immunologist.

Takahashi is exactly the kind of student the Dr. Adam James Pre-Medical Student Scholarship  is designed to aid.  The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial support for community college students who intend to enroll in medical school and become physicians.

Dr. Adam James is an emergency room physician and serves as a Clinical Professor at the University of Maryland. He was inducted into PTK while attending Pima Community College. Dr. James received the Hites Scholarship and was named an All-USA Academic Team member and New Century Scholar. He now appreciates being able to give back to the organization.

“PTK believed in me essentially when I didn’t believe in myself,” says Dr. James. “They told me, ‘You can do this.’ It made me want to give back to try to find another student who was like me, who didn’t come from a good background, didn’t have any family support, and didn’t have an upbringing that gave me a belief in myself. PTK believed in me enough that I did not want to disappoint them. If I had not applied to PTK, I wouldn’t have applied to medical school. I wouldn’t be a doctor right now. I wouldn’t have ever thought I was smart enough. I’m proud to partner with Phi Theta Kappa to inspire and support community college students.”

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