Become an Honors Scholar

Founded at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in 1987, the Honors College offers special courses and activities, along with $2,000 per year scholarships, to academically talented students. Nearly 150 students participate in the Honors College at MGCCC’s Jackson County, Jefferson Davis, and Perkinston campuses.

The Honors College calls for students who possess a high intellect and enthusiasm for learning and an excellent potential for growth and development. Participants also share a concern for world issues, like the environment, politics, crises, and ethics. And for a select number of students, the program provides academic as well as financial opportunities.

Honors College Benefits

Eligible students receive:

  • $2,000 per year academic tuition scholarship
  • Priority registration
  • Seminar/study room
  • Sessions with MGCCC’s President
  • Enhanced opportunities for transfer scholarships

Honors College Admission

Admission to the Honors Program is based on class ranking, ACT scores, and faculty recommendations.

Apply to the Honors Program

Students who wish to participate in the program must complete an application, attend an interview with an Honors College Director, and meet any two of the appropriate criteria.

Download the Honors College Application

Criteria for Entering Freshmen

Student must meet at least two of the three criteria below:

  1. A minimum ACT Composite score of at least 25 (required for $2,000 per year scholarship)
  2. The top 10 percent of their high school class in a college preparatory program
  3. Recommendations from two instructors/faculty members

Criteria for Students Entering with Previous College Work

Student must meet at least two of the three criteria below:

  1. A minimum ACT Composite score of 25
  2. A cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 with no grade lower than C on a minimum of 15 hours (required for $2,000 per year scholarship)
  3. Recommendations from two instructors/faculty members

Academic Requirements

The Honors College includes an advanced curriculum and other requirements that students must meet to graduate with an Honors College distinction.

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 with no grade lower than a C
  • Take seven hours of honors credit each semester, including the Honors Forum


All courses designated Honors must include the general course objectives and additional research that results in written assignments (8 to 10 pages) and an oral presentation or equivalent activity appropriate to the study of the course. Projects are subject to the approval of the Dean of Instruction, Department Chair, and Honors College Director.

Participation in honors courses are by Honors College Director permission only. Honors courses are designated with an H on the transcript.

The Honors College only considers college-level coursework; therefore, developmental courses are excluded from all requirements.

The following courses within the General Education Core are designated as Honors courses:


ENG 1113H – Honors Eng Comp I
ENG 1123H – Honors English Composition II

Social Science

ECO 2113H – Honors Principles of Economics I
ECO 2123H Honors Microeconomics
PSC 1113H – Honors American Government
PSY 1513H – Honors General Psycology
SOC 2113H – Honors Intro to Sociology


MAT 1313H Honors College Algebra
MAT 1613H – Honors Calculus I-A
MAT 1623H – Honors Calculus II-A
MAT 2613H Honors Calculus III
MAT 2623H Honors Calculus IV


BIO 1134H – Honors General Biology I
BIO 1144H – Honors General Biology II
BIO 2514H Honors Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 2524H Honors Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 2924H Honors Microbiology
CHE 1214H Honors General Chemistry I
CHE 1224H – Honors General Chemistry II
CHE 2425H Honors Organic Chemistry I
CHE 2435H Honors Organic Chemistry II
PHY 2514H Honors General Physics I-A
PHY 2524H Honors General Physics II-A


ENG 2213H Honors American Literature I
ENG 2223H Honors American Literature II
ENG 2323H Honors British Literature I
ENG 2333H – Honors British Literature II
ENG 2423H – Honors World Literature I
ENG 2433H – Honors World Literature II
HIS 1163H – Honors World Civilizations I
HIS 1173H – Honors World Civilizations II
HIS 2213H Honors American History I
HIS 2223H Honors American History II
PHI 2113H – Honors Introduction to Philosophy

Public Speaking

SPT 1113H – Honors Oral Communication

In addition, if an Honors student is enrolled in one of the pre-approved honors designated courses, he or she must consider contracting the honors project in that course before another course will be considered for approval. For students who are not enrolled in one of the pre-approved honors designated courses, other courses may be considered for honors credit subject to the approval of the Dean of Instruction, Department Chair, and Honors Director.

Courses not on the pre-approved list that may be approved for Honors credit can be selected from the general education core and/or university parallel courses for academic degree programs if they are included in a student’s major of study. An Honors designated course, with the exception of the required Honors Forum, must be no fewer than three credit hours.

Honors Program Probation

Students who drop below the required cumulative GPA of 3.2, but not below a cumulative GPA of 3.0, will be placed on probation for one semester to allow the student to regain the 3.2 cumulative GPA. The student will remain in the program and retain the scholarship while on probation. Only one probationary semester is allowed during the four-semester program.

USM Parallel Honors Program

MGCCC has an MOU (Memoranda of Understanding) with the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) to allow MGCCC Honors College graduates to be automatically enrolled in the USM Honors College if they have:

  • Been admitted to USM
  • Have submitted the Honors College Application for Admission to Senior Honors
  • Have a letter stating that they are in good standing in the MGCCC Honors Program
  • Carry a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better.

Honors College students who complete required Honors courses and maintain at least a 3.25 GPA at USM can graduate from the university with a Latin designation (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude).

MSU Parallel Honors Program

MGCCC has an MOU with Mississippi State University (MSU) to allow MGCCC Honors College Graduates to be automatically enrolled in the MSU Honors College if they have:

Perkinston Campus

Ms. Gayle Greene-Aguirre
Honors College Director
Office: Dees 128
(601) 528-8938

Jefferson Davis Campus

Dr. Pat West
Honors College Director
(228) 897-3772

Teresa Wells
Honors Program Director
(228) 897-3972

Jackson County Campus

Mr. John T. Miller
Office: MCS 230
(228) 497-7867