Students can now select a monthly payment plan schedule online. You’ll receive a payment schedule by email when you sign up and email receipt with each payment. Your monthly payment amounts and number of installments depend on when you enroll. Early enrollment will provide lower monthly payments and extra time to pay off your balance. You can schedule your payments to draft automatically from your bank account, pay online or pay at any MGCCC business office.

Enroll in a Payment Plan

Payment Plan sign up is under the Pay Now option in Web Services.

  1. Login to Web Services.
  2. Under the Student tab, select Student Records, then select Account Summary by Term.
  3. Select the term from the dropdown and click Pay Now at the bottom.
  4. Select Payment Plans and follow the prompts to enroll. You must make your first payment to enroll.

Fall 2021 Payment Plan Schedule

Enrollment PeriodPayment Due Date
April 12 - May 15May 15
May 16 - June 15June 15
June 16 - July 15July 15
July 16 - August 15August 15
August 16 - September 15September 15
September 16 - October 15October 15
First installment due upon enrollment. There is a maximum of 5 payments following the initial installment.