MGCCC Miscellaneous Fees

Art Lab Fees

Students enrolled in 3-D Design and Ceramics I, II, III will be required to pay a $50 non-refundable per course lab fee.

Science Lab Fees

Students enrolled in a lab based science course (BIO, CHEM, PHY) will be required to pay a $25 non-refundable per course lab fee.

Medical Liability Insurance

All students who enroll in a health sciences program, continuation education, and/or courses that require clinical experiences must enroll in a medical malpractice insurance plan. A group plan is available through the College. The fee is non-refundable and payable at the time of registration.

Returned Check

A $40.00 fee will be charged by the college for each check returned due to insufficient funds or stop payment.

Transcripts of Credit

Official transcript of credits are available in the Admissions office free of charge or expedited through your student portal. Learn more about ordering a copy of your transcript.

Housing Application Fee

A $50 non-refundable fee must accompany the online housing application. This fee does not apply toward the room cost.

Residence Hall (Damage)

Damage to rooms will be assessed on a case by case basis. $25 will be deducted for each lost room key.

Student ID Replacement Fee

Students are required to keep their college ID’s throughout their attendance at MGCCC. There will be a $10.00 replacement fee for any students requiring additional ID cards.

Paralegal Lab Fee

A non-refundable fee of $40.00.

Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI CARP)

Students enrolled in the Nursing program are required to participate in the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Comprehensive Assessment & Review Program (CARP). Fees for this service are assessed and paid at registration. The total ATI CARP fees are $140.00 – $170.00 per student/semester.  ATI reserves the right to adjust fees for the CARP program annually. More information will be provided by course instructors at the beginning of each semester.

EPA-HVAC Certification

Students enrolled in ACT 2433 and CRM 1615 will be required to pay a non-refundable $35 certification testing fee.

Career-Technical Course Fees

Fees for enrollment in Career-Technical courses will be assessed according to Program of Instruction fee rate and are non-refundable.

Program Fee (per semester)
3-D Modeling and Design Technology $135.00
Accounting Technology $60.00
Accounting Technology Gaming Concentration $60.00
Administrative Office Technology $60.00
Administrative Office Gaming Concentration $60.00
Associate Degree Nursing $450.00
Auto Collision Repair Technology $330.00
Automotive Technology $330.00
Automotive Light Duty Diesel Technology $330.00
Baking and Pastry Arts Technology $330.00
Banquet and Catering Services Technology $330.00
Business Management Technology $60.00
Business Management Gaming Concentration $60.00
Business and Marketing Management Technology $60.00
Business and Marketing Management Gaming Concentration $60.00
Commercial/Residential Maintenance Technology $270.00
Computer Networking Technology $135.00
Computer Networking Surveillance Gaming Concentration $60.00
Computer Programming Technology $135.00
Construction Engineering Technology $60.00
Cosmetology $420.00
Culinary Arts Technology $330.00
Database Administration Technology $135.00
Early Childhood Education Technology $135.00
Electrical Technology $270.00
Electronics Technology $195.00
Emergency Medical Services/Paramedic $300.00
Graphic Design Technology $135.00
Health Information Technology $300.00
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology $270.00
Hotel and Restaurant Management Technology $330.00
Hotel & Restaurant Gaming Concentration $60.00
Human Services $60.00
Instrumentation and Control Technology $195.00
Interpreter Training Technology $60.00
IT Specialist Technology $195.00
Marine Electrical Technology $195.00
Marine Pipefitting Technology $270.00
Mechanical Maintenance Technology $270.00
Medical Assisting Technology $300.00
Medical Laboratory Technology $300.00
Medical Office Technology/Medical Billing and Coding Option $60.00
Medical Office Technology/Medical Transcription Option $60.00
Network Security Technology $135.00
Paralegal Technology $60.00
Paralegal Gaming Concentration $60.00
Precision Manufacturing and Machine Technology $330.00
Process Operations Technology $195.00
Radiologic Technology $300.00
Surgical Technology $300.00
Travel and Tourism Management Technology $330.00
Welding Technology $330.00