Devontaye Wordlaw and one of his trucks

Born and raised in Moss Point, he initially found himself in a physically demanding job as a painter. Recognizing that this wasn’t the long-term career he envisioned due to its toll on the body, Devontaye harbored a dream and a vision to travel the world by driving trucks. Introduced to the MGCCC Commercial Truck Driving (CDL) program by his friend Ryan Hudson, he took the leap, joining the wait list and patiently waiting for six months.

Balancing his dream with financial responsibilities, Devontaye made significant sacrifices. He shifted his regular job to night shifts to accommodate attending the CDL program during the day. Juggling school from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and work from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., he survived on only three to four hours sleep a day. His relentless commitment to achieving his goals and paying bills became the foundation for his future success.

In December 2018, Devontaye graduated from the MGCCC CDL program at the West Harrison County Center in Long Beach, and by January 2019, he left his job to pursue a career in trucking. Starting as a hotshot driver, he gained valuable insights into the industry. In August 2020, he took the bold step of becoming an owner-operator with his own hotshot setup. By February 2021, Wordlaw Transportation, LLC was born.

Devontaye’s company is not just a trucking venture; it embodies a commitment to excellence with the motto, “My Word Is Law; We Will Get It There.” His business thrives on hauling general freight on flatbeds, operating regionally to ensure drivers, including himself, are home on weekends.

His success story is not without gratitude towards the CDL program, with Dean Millie Bordelon at the West Harrison County Center providing unwavering support, and Instructor Kevin Collier being a hands-on instructor who played a pivotal role in Devontaye’s education. In fact, he has encouraged his family to attend the program as well.  “I have two uncles that I talked to about the program, and they enrolled and now have their CDL. It is just an awesome opportunity for anyone.”

Beyond the roads, Devontaye extends his success to the community, sponsoring children’s tuition for private schools, supporting local sports teams, and participating in community events such as Christmas and Mardi Gras parades.

Looking ahead, he envisions expanding his trucking company while aspiring to own a real estate company. Outside of work, he enjoys fishing, working on his old-school cars, and traveling for vacations. His philosophy on life is encapsulated in his powerful statement: “Every day that God wakes us up to see another day is an opportunity to make something happen. The choice is yours.”

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