Angie, Megan, and Chris Murray funny

Chris Murray had heard Allison Mull, his computer science instructor at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Harrison County Campus, talk about the opportunities at NASA for internships at least a dozen times.  While he wasn’t interested in the internship, he listened to her excited language and thought about his daughter, Megan, 13, who was also a huge space enthusiast.  On a whim, he asked Mull about the program and if there was something available to teenagers.

“I told him that I was sure there was, and we began to look on the NASA site.  Before long, we found a program offered right here in Mississippi that Megan would probably enjoy,” Mull said.  “After that, she applied and was accepted.”

The program Megan will be participating in this summer is offered at the Infinity Science Center in Pearlington.  It is the Artemis Camp, for ages 12-15, and it offers a look at what it takes to live off-planet, rocket propulsion and guidance systems, and a variety of other space-related things.

“This is something I love to do,” Megan said.  “I hope to learn a lot about rockets and space during the camp.”

Megan, who attends Hope Academy in Gulfport, is already a gaming enthusiast, playing such favorites as Genshin Impact and Roblox. “I don’t know if I want to be an astronaut so much as working on the team that researches, develops, and helps coordinate space flight at NASA.  I really love computers, so that is more my thing.”

Chris said he is thrilled that he asked the initial question of his instructor. “This is going to be a great experience for Megan, and I am so excited to get her involved,” he said.  “I am so pleased that Ms. Mull talks about the NASA internships in class. It is not only a great opportunity for our students at MGCCC but potentially their families as well.”

Photo: From left, are Megan’s mother Angie, Megan, and Chris Murray. The Murray’s are both students at MGCCC and are also fans of NASA. Chris is a college alumnus, having attended in the 1990’s and returning recently to update his computer skills.