painting of green fabric
“Green” by Trinh Nguyen

MGCCC Students Show Off Their Art

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Jefferson Davis Campus will host its annual student art exhibition and competition April 9- April 26 in the campus Fine Arts Gallery.

Awards will be given in the categories of Design, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics and Computer Art. The public is invited to attend a reception on April 19 at noon.

“This has been a fantastic school year,” said Cecily Cummings, 2-D arts instructor and gallery director.

The students have been very productive, creative and hardworking, and the quality and variety of works in the exhibit are testaments to this.

Communicating With Art

Among the students participating is Trinh Nguyen, a native of Vung Tau, Vietnam, who relocated to Biloxi in 2010. Though she struggled with the language barrier and cultural differences upon her move, she used art to communicate with her friends and teachers. Her artistic ability has awarded Nguyen a few scholarships to continue her education.

Destined to be an Artist

Jovonne Carr of Gulfport has known from an early age that she would pursue a career in the arts. In addition to becoming a professional artist, she is interested in art administration and art education.

“My time at Jefferson Davis has also solidified my career and life decisions,” she said. “My family, friends and teachers have shown me the utmost support in my passion, which I greatly appreciate.”

“The Worst Art Major Ever”

Kededra Brown of Gulfport, a native of Jamaica, had only taken one art class in her senior year of high school before enrolling at MGCCC. Compared to her peers, she views herself as inexperienced, often referring to herself as “the worst art major ever.”

Though self-deprecatory, that statement is what drives her produce pieces to the best of her ability. She credits Cummings and her artistic inspiration, Kimberly Iglesia, for giving her the confidence to pursue her artistic capabilities.

An Aspring Manga Artist

Gillian Nguyen of Biloxi said her interest in art began at age 5 when she first watched Pokémon.

“My career goal is to successfully become a Manga artist and writer,” she said. “I am hoping to gain a good reputation and gather the attention of a few Manga-making companies once I release a few volumes.”

Drawing for Video Games

Ashlynn Stroud of Gulfport is striving to become a video-game concept artist for fantasy-related games. She is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Wei Wang, a video-game artist from Blizzard Entertainment.

“Leonard’s realism of the human figure, combined with Wei’s fantasy style and complex design, is a goal I wish to achieve one day in my artistic career, but I can only take one step at a time,” she said.

A Marine Science Major—and an Artist

Cassandra Hankins of Biloxi is a marine science major with a focus in hydrographic science.

“I got into ceramics because I was afraid of ending up not getting to express myself with my major being so science based,” she said. “Most of my inspiration comes from video games, movies, and music. Just things that make me happy.”

Event Details

Gallery hours are Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., and Friday 9 a.m.- 1 p.m.

The Jefferson Davis Campus is located at 2226 Switzer Road in Gulfport.  The arts gallery is located in the Fine Arts building, building D. For more information, contact Cummings at or 228.897.3909.

painting of buildings on the Jefferson Davis Campus
“JD Cafeteria and Math Building” by Gillian Nguyen

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