From left are Kylie Nadzieja, Ciara Ano, Brianna Hoggatt
From left are Kylie Nadzieja, Ciara Ano, Brianna Hoggatt

Three talented visual arts students from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Jackson County Campus have captured prestigious awards at the Mississippi Community College Art Instructors Association (MCCAIA) Student Art Competition. The event, a statewide collegiate competition, was hosted at Southwest Mississippi Community College in February, where the exceptional creativity and skill of MGCCC students shone brightly.

Among the outstanding artists honored during the competition were Kylie Nadzieja, Ciara Ano, and Brianna Hoggatt.

Kylie Nadzieja, with her keen eye for digital artistry, secured first place in the Digital Art category for her captivating piece titled “Horse Slices,” an original Photoshop composite. Additionally, Nadzieja’s talent extended to the realm of ceramics, where she earned an honorable mention for her intricately crafted “Fish Windchime.”

Ciara Ano’s exceptional talent in 2-D Design was recognized with a first-place award for her mesmerizing self-portrait. Ano’s ability to express herself through her artistry left a profound impact, earning her well-deserved acclaim.

Brianna Hoggatt won second place in the 2-D Design category with her striking cut paper self-portrait. Hoggatt’s meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach captivated both judges and fellow artists.

Marc Poole, Fine Arts instructor at the Jackson County Campus, expressed immense pride in the achievements of the MGCCC students, emphasizing the remarkable level of talent and dedication they exhibited. Poole remarked, “We are so proud of what our students have accomplished. These students represent the kind of talent, ability, and competency that we try to encourage and nurture at MGCCC, and we are excited to see what their future holds.”

The success of Nadzieja, Ano, and Hoggatt underscores the commitment of MGCCC to fostering creativity and excellence in the arts. Their achievements serve as a testament to both their individual talent and the outstanding instruction provided at the college.

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