How to Apply for Admission to MGCCC

Complete the Online Application

The first step for any first-time student applying for admission to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to create an account and complete an online Application for Admission.

Submit Your Transcript

Submit your official final transcript from your high school to MGCCC to the admissions office on the campus you’ll attend.

Submit Your ACT Scores

Submit your ACT scores or make an appointment to take the ACT. You can send your scores or register for the test at

Schedule Your Orientation Session

Once your application to MGCCC is approved schedule to attend an Orientation session. Students are required to participate in an orientation program and provide the Director of Admissions an official copy of their ACT results or take the appropriate portions of the ACCUPLACER.

Testing Policy

Accuplacer retesting policy: when retesting is necessary, it should only occur after two weeks to allow sufficient opportunity for intervening learning/instruction.

Note: ACCUPLACER does not have a retest policy, but prefers that the institution set their own retest policy.

All students who display an overall weakness in high school grades or low scores on the ACT, ACCUPLACER, or other college-administered placement exams will be required to enroll in developmental courses.

Applicants are not officially accepted until all admission requirements are met by providing proper documentation. Documentation must be provided before enrollment by the Friday of the 4th week of class. Students failing to do so shall be place don hold and denied continued enrollment.


Students who plan to live in a Residence Hall on the Perkinston Campus must complete the MGCCC housing application.