Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College held its 2015 Commencement Ceremony on May 14 at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum, awarding 3,572 credentials and degrees to 2,245 students. The number of credentials and degrees awarded marks a 15 percent increase over last year’s number of 3,107, and a 12 percent increase in the number of graduates.

Graduates from the George County Center are Abrian G. Small, Lucedale; Adam R. Crocker, Lucedale, Honors; Alex A. Fortenberry, Tylertown, Special Honors 4.0; Alice M. Hanson, Lucedale, Special Honors; Amanda J. Todd, Leakesville; Ana L. Fernandez, Pascagoula; Andrew B. Brown, Lucedale; Anna E. Prentiss, Lucedale; Anthony J. Knight, Georgetown, Honors; Ashley L. Byers, Lucedale, Honors; Austin S. McRae, Lucedale, Special Honors 4.0; Belinda F. Turner, Lucedale, Special Honors; Benjamin D. Pickering, Purvis; Brittany S. Heathcoe, Lucedale, Special Honors; Brooke C. Ehlers, Moss Point; Carson R. Whatley, Lucedale; Cherrie K. Kimbrough, Gautier, Honors; Chloe A. Davis, Lucedale; Christopher R. Powell, Lucedale; Cody A. Allen, Biloxi; Colby K. Mason, Lucedale; Coltin M. Shaffett, Ruth, Special Honors 4.0; Courtney L. Delahunt, Lucedale; Courtney N. Tanner, Lucedale, Honors; Daisha L. Cauley, Lucedale, Honors; Dakota L. Weathers, Moss Point; Danica L. Mathews, Leakesville; Daniel R. Harrison, Lucedale, Honors; Daniel W. Hone, Pascagoula, Honors; Daniel K. Hinton, Richton, Special Honors 4.0; Darius J. Smith, McLain; David L. Rogers, Lucedale; Dawn M. Bradley, Lucedale; Dayshla D. Garrett, Lucedale; Denise A. Quick, Gulfport; Derek S. Roney, Laurel, Special Honors 4.0; Erin E. McKissick, Special Honors 4.0;  Garrett H. Shoemake, Perkinston, Special Honors 4.0;  Hadassah D. Williams, Lucedale; Haley D. Carter, Lucedale; Haley Byrd, Richton; Haydrain T. Fairley, Lucedale; Heather D. Duvall, Richton; Hollie N. Gillett, McLain, Honors; Hollie C. Chevalier, Ocean Springs; Jacinta L. Moore, Gulfport; Jackie C. Crenshaw, Lucedale; James T. Wooley, Lucedale; James H. Courtney, Purvis, Special Honors 4.0; Jamie R. Mignott, Ocean Springs, Honors;  Jessica M. Seals, McHenry; Joseph R. Dortch, Lucedale; Jozette M. Krysti, Lucedale; Kayla D. Radcliff, Lucedale, Honors; Kiera J. Robertson, Lucedale; Kimberly M. Fausak, Lucedale; Kristan C. Wright, Lucedale; Kyle P. Mallett, D’Iberville; Laura A. Lewis, Lucedale; Lesleigh A. Childers, Ocean Springs; Lindsey M. Maples, McLain; Logan W. Foshee, Bethel Park, Honors; Lorissa A. Williams, Lucedale, Honors; Lyndsey N. Netherland, Wiggins; Mackenzie C. Porter, Moss Point, Special Honors; Malerie B. Johnson, Lucedale; Mallory A. Smith, Lucedale; Marie T. Pardue, Lucedale, Special Honors; Megan O. Scarbrough, Moss Point; Natasha M. Pipkins, Lucedale; Nathan E. Ritchey, Laurel; Nina N. Phillips, McHenry; Olivia S. Goff, McLain; Patrick M. McClain, Lucedale, Special Honors 4.0; Rebecca A. Cecchi, Wilmer; Renata L. Dickerson, Lucedale, Special Honors; Robin L. Fine, Pass Christian; Sabrina A. Maples, Lucedale, Special Honors; Samantha M. Brannan, Lucedale; Samantha A. Miniard, Lucedale, Special Honors; Seth D. Williams, Lucedale, Honors; Sheila A. Howard, Lucedale, Special Honors; Shelby L. Hammac, Lucedale; Sierra N. Rogers, Hurley; Silvia V. Wilson, Lucedale; Slater S. Freeman, Lucedale; Stephanie R. Graham, Wiggins; Terry L. Reynard, Lucedale; Tiffany R. Miller, Lucedale; Tiffany L. Gandy, Lucedale, Honors;  Tony C. Allen, Lucedale, Honors;  Trudy J. Garrett, Wiggins; Veronica L. Williams, Lucedale, Honors; and Vickie A. Bishop, Lucedale, Special Honors.

Jackson County Campus graduates are Aaron M. Asher, Ocean Springs; Aaron L. White, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Abby M. Brechbiel, Ocean Springs; Acie A. Willis, Biloxi; Adacia D. Tolliver, Ocean Springs; Adam N. Dawe, Gautier; Adam S. Pitalo, Hattiesburg; Adam G. Marshall, Moss Point, Special Honors; Adam R. Hubbard, Ocean Springs, Honors; Adam L. Bouma, Waveland; Adria K. Sabino, Ocean Springs; Alana M. Cadman, Moss Point, Honors; Alana L. Smith, Pascagoula; Alanda D. Roberts, Moss Point; Alandria S. Brown, Ocean Springs, Honors; Albert K. Le, Biloxi; Alec T. Chestang, Pascagoula, Honors; Alex W. Mallette, Moss Point; Alexa C. Killingsworth, Gautier; Alexandria B. Eger, Gautier, Honors; Alexandria L. Mitchell, Gautier; Alexandria N. Bone, Moss Point; Alexis S. Ford, Moss Point; Alexis J. Canterbury, Ocean Springs; Alexis M. Meyers, Vancleave, Honors; Aliesha L. Barlow, Moss Point; Allyn F. Boday, Ocean Springs, Honors; Alton R. Bass, Pascagoula, Special Honors; Alyssa L. Brantley, Mobile, Honors; Alyssa M. McWhorter, Pascagoula; Amanda W. Fosnacht, Gautier, Honors; Amanda R. Edwards, Ocean Springs; Amanda M. Hunt, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Amanda B. Williams, Pascagoula; Amanda L. Seymour, Vancleave; Amber N. Pavlov, Biloxi, Honors; Amber M. Marshall, D’Iberville; Amber P. Ambrosio, Moss Point; Amber K. Green, Moss Point; Amber R. Janes, Ocean Springs; Amber L. Tanner, Vancleave; Amy D. Little, Gautier; Andrea P. Jankowski, Biloxi; Andreka M. Henton, Ocean Springs; Andrew B. Frey, Acworth; Andrew G. Fliehman, Gautier; Andrew C. Henderson, Lucedale; Andrew D. Myers, Moss Point; Andrew R. Adamo, Ocean Springs; Andrew D. Hanlin, Ocean Springs; Andrew M. Newman, Pascagoula; Andrew B. Woods, Vancleave; Andy C. Streitmatter, Ocean Springs; Anesha L. Mitchell, Gautier; Angel L. Champagne, Ocean Springs; Angela D. Lea, Leakesville; Angela M. Bouler, Moss Point; Angela P. Broome, Moss Point; Anja M. Ewing, Ocean Springs, Honors; Anna M. Spencer, Escatawpa, Honors; Anna G. Patterson, Gautier, Special Honors; Anna M. Evans, Ocean Springs; Anneliese E. Simon, Ocean Springs; Annissa R. Johnson, Moss Point; Anthony D. Nguyen, Biloxi; Anthony A. Le, D’Iberville; April G. Boris, Moss Point, Honors; Ariana L. Bell, Moss Point; Ashley L. Rosado, Biloxi; Ashley T. Phillips, Gautier; Ashley A. Bandyk, Ocean Springs; Ashley S. Dorsey, Ocean Springs; Ashley M. Taft, Ocean Springs; Ashley C. Countryman, Pascagoula, Honors; Ashley C. Dugas, Pascagoula, Honors; Ashley D. Perryman, Pascagoula; Ashley M. Rogers, Vancleave, Special Honors; Ashley J. Wall, Vancleave; Ashlie M. Lewis, D’Iberville; Ashton S. Jayroe, Semmes; Austin J. Burk, Biloxi, Honors; Austin J. Townsend, Biloxi; Austin J. Wellman, Biloxi; Austin C. Halat, Ocean Springs; Avian L. Harris, Biloxi; Ayako Marter, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Barbara D. Spivey, Pascagoula; Benjamin P. Miller, Gautier, Special Honors; Benjamin J. Tillman, Hurley, Honors; Benjamin K. Crosby, Moss Point, Honors; Benjamin C. Jackson, Pascagoula; Benjamin D. Lowrey, Mobile; Beth J. Lavigne, Biloxi; Bethany F. Saksa, Grand Bay; Beverly S. Pinkerton, Biloxi, Special Honors; Blake A. Starita, Long Beach, Honors; Bradley W. Mason, Edmond; Bradley L. Green, Moss Point; Bradley S. Johnson, Ocean Springs, Honors; Branden K. Sims, Gautier; Brandi A. Barnett, Grand Bay; Brandi M. Jordan, Ocean Springs; Brandon P. Arcement, Kiln; Brandon J. Dudley, Moss Point; Brandy A. Lopez, D’Iberville; Breanna A. Smith, Moss Point, Honors; Breanna L. Menhel, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Breanne E. Chaney, Ocean Springs, Honors; Brenda J. Amos, Moss Point, Honors; Brenda J. Dills, Ocean Springs; BrennenLee, Picayune; Brent C. Dees, Gautier; Brett R. Guy, Biloxi, Honors; Brett J. Higginbotham, Biloxi; Brian A. Norton, Vancleave; Briana M. Archey, Moss Point, Honors; Brianna L. Webb, Gautier; Brianna L. Burroughs, Moss Point; Britney K. Crump, Hurley, Honors; Brittany M. Franklin, Lucedale, Honors; Brittany D. Worth, Ocean Springs; Brittney L. Fontaine, Gautier, Special Honors; Brittney S. Debose, Ocean Springs; Bronwyn J. Hodges, Escatawpa, Special Honors; Brooke D. Collier, Gautier; Brooke A. Kennedy, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Brooklyn P. Williams, Lucedale; Bruce C. Bragg, Vancleave; Bryan Nguyen, Moss Point, Honors; Byron A. Barnes, Gautier; Caitlin E. Richardson, Hurley; Caitlin E. Sharp, Ocean Springs; Caleb M. Dunston, Gautier; Caleb A. Bradley, Pascagoula; Calen J. Tillman, Moss Point; Calvin A. Ratliff, Biloxi; Candace M. Wells, Gautier; Candace S. Harris, Moss Point; Candice D. Champion, Gulfport; Cara M. Rizzo, Pascagoula; Caria Aushla Juan D. Dilworth, Biloxi, Special Honors; Carlene C. Zimmerman, Ocean Springs, Honors; Carmen N. Trinidad, Pascagoula; Carnelius A. Jenkins, Gautier; Caroline B. Crump, Pascagoula, Honors; Carolyn K. Browning, Gautier; Carrie L. Stanford, Gautier, Special Honors; Carrie A. Graetz, Ocean Springs; Carrie L. Spillman, Vancleave, Honors; Carrieleigh F. Yonge, Lucedale, Honors; Casey L. Trusler, Moss Point, Special Honors; Casey T. Rouse, Saucier; Cassidy L. Owens, Vancleave; Cassie L. Holland, Ocean Springs; Catalina X. Olavarria, Ocean Springs, Honors; Catherine N. Malochee, Diamondhead, Honors; Catherine E. Bishop, Moss Point; Cathy A. Wright, Moss Point; Celena E. Catchings, Ocean Springs; Celina L. Autry, Pascagoula; Chancellor Hardisty, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Charles T. Hulett, Biloxi; Charles A. Holloway, Gautier; Charles E. Harrison, Moss Point; Charles N. Parker, Moss Point; Charles W. Rosenstiehl, Ocean Springs; Charles M. Thomas, Pass Christian; Charlie P. McDevitt, Biloxi; Chasen B. Donald, Pascagoula; Chasity N. Gonzales, Grand Bay; Chelsea A. Merrill, Pascagoula, Honors; Chris L. Radix, Gulfport; Christal S. Fairley, Lucedale; Christen A. McAllister, Ocean Springs; Christian L. Parsley, Moss Point; Christian A. Pelegrin, Ocean Springs, Honors; Christie N. Thomas, Ocean Springs; Christina D. Warden, Lucedale; Christina C. Marion, Moss Point; Christina M. Dellinger, Ocean Springs; Christina H. Pollan, Ocean Springs, Honors; Christine E. Appel, Ocean Springs ; Christopher J. Porter, Brookhaven; Christopher R. Adkins, Ocean Springs, Honors; Christopher Amburgy, Ocean Springs; Christopher Z. Yarborough, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Christopher Cuevas, Pass Christian; Christopher M. Catchot, Vancleave; Christopher E. Challenor, Vancleave; Christy L. Cook, Vancleave; Chyane C. Norsworthy, Moss Point; Cindy T. Nguyen, Ocean Springs, Honors; Cindy E. Rancier, Pascagoula, Special Honors; Clifford L. Truitt, Theodore; Cody L. Ellis, Lucedale; Cody W. Vise, Mobile; Colby R. Jones, Ocean Springs; Colin M. Shepard, Grand Bay; Corey M. Finney, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Corey D. McCravey, Saucier; Cory A. Lambert, Gautier, Special Honors; Cory J. Manning, Lucedale; Cory J. Toche, Ocean Springs; Courtney J. Iverson, Ocean Springs; Courtney K. Layton, Ocean Springs; Craig J. Miller, Gulfport, Special Honors; Cristina D. Vargas, Ocean Springs; Crysta G. Bullock, Moss Point; Crystal S. Button, Gautier; Crystal G. Maples, Vancleave; Curtis J. Law, Moss Point; Curtis R. Williams, Moss Point; Cynthia B. Rae, Biloxi; Cynthia L. Bex, Gautier; Cynthia L. Martin, Kiln, Honors; Daedree A. Wollaston, Moss Point; Dakota R. Pierce, Moss Point, Honors; Dakota M. Hunt, Ocean Springs; Daniel A. Glaskox, Pascagoula; Daniel P. Harrity, Scooba; Danielle N. Richard, Perkinston; Danna M. Whitehead, Moss Point; Darren L. Calhoun, Irvington; Darryl A. Balius, Escatawpa; David Stoltz, Gautier, Special Honors; David M. Swan, Gautier; David S. Colley, Moss Point; David A. Creel, Moss Point; David M. Porter, Moss Point; David R. Fisher, Ocean Springs; David J. Robinson, Ocean Springs; David W. Maggard, Pascagoula, Honors; Davin M. Smith, Ocean Springs, Honors; Davin O. Lovett, Pascagoula, Honors; Dawn R. Penton, Gautier; Dawn M. Moffett, Moss Point; Dawna M. Smith, Biloxi; Dawson L. Chapman, Vancleave; Dayton E. James, Gautier; Deanna R. Hill, Lucedale; Delaney N. Migues, Vancleave; Delissa M. Shannon, Pascagoula; Delta H. Ray, Pascagoula; Denae R. Lee, Moss Point, Honors; Denise D. Jones, D’Iberville; Derrick B. Linton, Richwood; Desiree D. Tucker, Gautier; Destiny M. Church, Pascagoula; Devin A. Canterbury, Gautier; Devin L. Dickens, Lucedale; Diane M. Parks, Gautier, Special Honors; Dillon J. Delaughter, Moss Point; Dominique G. Joseph, Moss Point; Donald C. Nester, Biloxi; Donald C. Brewer, Lucedale; Donice J. Franklin, Moss Point; Donnetta E. Chapman, Gautier, Honors; Dulce J. Carpio, Pascagoula; Dung H. Nguyen, Westwego; Dustin F. VanNorden, Long Beach, Honors; Dustin M. Hamilton, Lucedale; Dustin A. Lowery, Ocean Springs; Dustin R. Tanner, Vancleave; Duy V. Tran, Biloxi; Dwayne K. Jackson, Biloxi, Honors; Dwayne S. Vassalli, Ocean Springs; Earl L. Ellis, Gulfport, Honors; Ebonee M. McMillion, Moss Point; Elena Jackson, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Elizabeth C. Bienko, Moss Point; Elizabeth I. Price, Moss Point; Elizabeth M. Walker, Moss Point, Honors; Elizabeth A. Raynor, Ocean Springs, Honors; Elizabeth A. Willis, Vancleave, Honors; Emilee N. Heinrich, Saucier; Emily K. Taylor, Lucedale; Emily L. Wadkins, Ocean Springs; Emily R. Green, Perkinston; Emily Q. Nguyen, Vancleave, Special Honors 4.0; Emma C. Nelson, Mobile; Eric D. Britt, McLain; Erica D. Wells, Ocean Springs; Erick L. Hicks, Lucedale; Erik Z. Wade, Mobile; Erika Wyckoff, Biloxi; Erin J. Lee, Ocean Springs, Honors; Erin S. Crawford, Pascagoula; Ethan B. Breland, Saucier; Fallon A. Mizell, Lucedale; Felisha S. Cruz, Ocean Springs; Franklin B. Lee, Wiggins; Fred L. Sanders, Wilmer; Frederick J. Williams, Gautier; Frederick M. Brown, Mobile; Gabino Barrera, Pascagoula; Gabriel K. Ray, Ocean Springs; Gabrielle N. Yadav, D’Iberville, Honors; Gabrielle E. Aultman, Ocean Springs, Honors; Garrison T. Stanton, Axis; Gayla J. Reeves, Bay Saint Louis; Givante D. Oliver, Scooba; Glen P. Hughes, Gulfport; Glenn R. Bigelow, Vancleave, Special Honors; Gregory P. Payton, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Hai V. Nguyen, Ocean Springs; Haley A. Smith, Hattiesburg; Haley M. Norman, Moss Point; Haley A. Johnson, Ocean Springs, Honors; Haley D. May, Vancleave, Special Honors; Hannah E. Mallette, Vancleave; Hannah G. Seal, Vancleave, Honors; Harold W. Tracy, Ocean Springs, Honors; Harold R. Scruggs, Vancleave; Heather C. Roll, Gautier, Honors; Henry C. Lewis, Pascagoula; Herman R. Safford, Moss Point; Hilary D. Howell, Lucedale; Hillary R. Cecatiello, Pacagoula; Homero I. Vaquera, Gautier; Honna L. Parker, Pascagoula; Houston B. Hopkins, Moss Point, Honors; Hugh S. Humphrey, Vancleave; Hunter L. Lewis, Moss Point; Ida R. Rickher, Moss Point; Isaac S. Vlahos, Gautier, Special Honors; Jackie L. Beckham, Pascagoula; Jacob K. Nobles, Grand Bay; Jacob L. Anderson, McHenry; Jacob E. Calvert, Mobile; Jacob L. Byrd, Moss Point; Jacob S. Collins, Moss Point, Special Honors; Jacob D. Hoerner, Ocean Springs; Jacqueline O. Aultman, Ocean Springs, Honors; Jacqueline R. Reynolds, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; James S. Rayborn, Gautier; James P. Bunce, Goose Creek, Honors; James O. Cunningham, Moss Point; James A. Hall, Moss Point; James A. Kibby, Moss Point, Special Honors; James J. Noble, Ocean Springs; James J. Terrill, Ocean Springs; James C. Wright, Ocean Springs; James J. Coon, Pascagoula, Special Honors 4.0; James M. Prassenos, Pascagoula, Honors; James B. Rigby, Pascagoula, Honors; James G. Shadrick, Pascagoula, Special Honors; Jamie L. Heltman, Brandon, Special Honors; Jamie L. Elrod, Gautier; Jamison L. Owenby, Hurley; Janice M. Redmond, Pascagoula, Special Honors; Jannette M. Evans, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Jarad A. Jones, Ocean Springs, Honors; Jared M. Guidry, Gulfport; Jared D. Sorgenfrei, Ocean Springs; Jared L. Wilson, Ocean Springs; Jared E. Parsley, Pascagoula; Jared W. Seymour, Vancleave; Jarrin L. Brister, Moss Point; Jasmine E. Brown, Gautier, Special Honors; Jasmine K. Bush, Pascagoula, Honors; Jason R. Rau, Gautier; Jason R. Dordon, Moss Point, Special Honors; Jason W. Jackson, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Jason J. Ratcliff, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Jason D. Weeks, Pascagoula; Jayson K. Shafer, Vancleave; Jeffrey J. DeFrances, Gulfport; Jenna A. Daniel, Biloxi; Jennifer L. Sowders, Gulfport; Jennifer R. Easterling, Moss Point; Jennifer L. Halmi, Moss Point; Jennifer D. Kelley, Moss Point; Jennifer L. Denney, Ocean Springs, Honors; Jennifer B. Guidry, Ocean Springs, Special Honors 4.0; Jennifer L. Mayer, Ocean Springs; Jennifer M. Smith, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Jeremy D. Whitley, D’Iberville, Honors; Jeremy D. Smith, Moss Point; Jeremy S. Marsh, Ocean Springs; Jerrica S. Poulos, Vancleave; Jesse L. Morrison, Hurley; Jessica L. Callender, Biloxi; Jessica L. Hill, Lucedale; Jessica T. Littlefield, Lucedale; Jessica A. Dunn, Ocean Springs; Jessica A. Harris, Ocean Springs; Jessica N. Della Penna, Vancleave; Jessica N. Thompson, Vancleave; Jherica A. Anderson, Vancleave, Special Honors; Jillian E. Davis, Vancleave, Special Honors; Jinger L. Englehart, Ocean Springs, Honors; Joe F. Ford, Gulfport; Joe D. Garrett, Pass Christian; Johanna J. Ellerbe, Lucedale; John E. Bodenheimer, Biloxi; John P. Tyson, Biloxi; John T. Stacy, Columbus; John C. O’Neal, Gulfport; John T. Ritzer, McHenry, Special Honors; John C. Findley, Mobile; John S. George, Mobile, Special Honors; John A. Chauffe, Ocean Springs; John P. Nguyen, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; John E. Gaddis, Pascagoula; John M. Kilpatrick, Waveland, Special Honors; Johne R. Hunt, Gautier, Special Honors; Jonathan E. Garcia, Gautier; Jonathan A. Mills, Moss Point; Jonathan Bowie, Moss Point, Honors; Jonathan D. Baggett, Ocean Springs; Jonathan D. Poole, Pascagoula; Joseph D. Foster, Gautier; Joseph R. Hester, Gautier; Joseph G. Randolph, Gautier; Joseph L. Henderson, Mobile; Joseph R. Ditsworth, Moss Point, Honors; Joseph A. Bongiovanni, Ocean Springs, Honors; Joseph A. Callahan, Pascagoula; Joseph W. Knight, Pascagoula; Joseph A. Bowers, Vancleave; Joshua S. Parlin, Biloxi; Joshua T. Clark, Gautier; Joshua M. Bennett, Gulfport; Joshua A. Elliott, Moss Point, Special Honors; Joshua E. Baker, Ocean Springs, Honors; Joshua A. Edgar, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Joshua E. McKee, Ocean Springs; Joshua C. Price, Pascagoula, Honors; Joshua R. Trimnal, Semmes; Josue D. Perez, Pascagoula, Special Honors; Judy E. O’Connor, Gulfport, Honors; Julian A. Wiik, Mobile; Justice Jones, Pascagoula; Justin E. Blackwell, Grand Bay, Honors; Justin Mitchell, Jackson; Justin M. Henderson, Lucedale; Justin A. Baxter, Moss Point; Justin D. Mills, Vancleave, Special Honors; K’Drianna N. Wade, Starkville; Kacey B. Lambert, Moss Point, Honors; Kage L. Laney, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Kahlan T. Armstrong, Lucedale; Kailey C. Parks, Pascagoula; Kaitlyn E. Riley, Moss Point; Kala E. Roche`, Moss Point; Kaleigh M. DeForrest, Lucedale; Kaley E. Swaim, Gautier; Kaley S. Seoane, Vancleave; Kandyce M. Clark, Ocean springs; Kara S. Anspach, Theodore; Kassie L. Hunt, Vancleave; Katelin E. Himes, Gulfport; Katelyn J. Williams, Vancleave, Special Honors 4.0; Katelynn M. Battaya, Biloxi, Honors; Katelynn M. Sigmon, Vancleave, Honors; Katrina L. Wilson, Pascagoula; Katy E. Jennings, Ocean Springs; Kaycee R. Thomas, Gautier; Kayla A. Santa Cruz, Biloxi; Kayla D. Porter, Grand Bay, Honors; Kayla A. Martello, Ocean Springs; Kayla T. King, Vancleave; Kaytlin N. McCormick, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Keirston A. Fountain, Biloxi; Keith P. Reece, Pass Christian; Kela S. Dixon, Gautier; Kelly A. Mothershead, Irvington, Honors; Kelsey B. Wilson, Ocean Springs, Honors; Kelsey Carter, Vancleave; Kendall Woodcock, Moss Point; Kenneth S. Challenor, Biloxi; Kenneth Morales, Gulfport; Kenneth F. Broadus, Moss Point; Kenneth C. Paxton, Ocean Springs; Kenneth W. Celorio, Vancleave, Special Honors; Kenneth Lathan C. Howell, Lucedale; Kerie L. Whitaker, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Kermit S. Loupe, Hurley; Kerry L. Jones, Gautier, Special Honors; Kevin D. Burgess, Gulf Shores, Honors; Kevin J. Kinchen, Pass Christian; Khristen D. Buckley, Lucedale, Honors; Kiara S. Davison, Pascagoula; Kiesha S. Adams, Pascagoula; Kim N. Russell, Ocean Springs, Honors; Kim L. Chestang, Pascagoula, Honors; Kimberly S. David, Biloxi, Honors; Kimberly N. Ward, Moss Point; Kimberly J. Kiesau, Ocean Springs; Kimberly A. Spearnock, Ocean Springs; Kimberly I. Rice, Vancleave; Kimberly S. Shaver, Vancleave; Kirsten A. Thornhill, Moss Point, Special Honors; Kirstie L. Wilson, Gautier; Kiwanis N. Denham, Moss Point; Koree M. Hardwick, Pascagoula; Kortney M. Crump, Moss Point; Kouri L. Clausen, Homer; Kristen J. Seibert, Biloxi; Kristi D. Cruse, Biloxi, Honors; Kristina Bradley, Moss Point; Kristina A. Botma, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Kyle J. Brandt, Ocean Springs; Kyle Ferguson, Vancleave; Kysha D. Blake, Moss Point, Special Honors 4.0; La’Trice A. Chatman, Ocean Springs; Lacey L. Buford, Pascagoula; Lacie R. Harper, Vancleave; LaDasha S. Leggins, Pascagoula; LaGenda M. Ruffins, Gautier; LaKeshia I. Ford, Pascagoula; Landon V. Goff, Moss Point, Honors; Lane A. Jackson, Vancleave; Larissa D. Pierce, Vancleave; Larry Hoffman, Gautier; Laterrica Moore, Gautier; LaTonia D. Ankerson, Pascagoula, Honors; Lauren N. Gunter, Lucedale; Lauren R. Guilbeaux, Ocean Springs, Special Honors 4.0; Lauren M. Eshliman, Pascagoula; Laurie E. Hartley, Ocean Springs, Honors; Lawrence Packer, Pascagoula; Leah S. Weston, Hurley, Special Honors; Leah M. McWilliams, Moss Point; Leah A. Buyatt, Vancleave; Lee-Anna M. Horton, Moss Point; Leea L. Fahnestock, Ocean Springs, Honors; Leila J. Brown, Pascagoula; LeKelisa S. Harness, Pascagoula; Leslie N. Williams, Lucedale; Lexey M. Fussell, St. Elmo; Lexi B. Byrd, Ocean Springs; Lianna D. Cooper, Ocean Springs, Honors; Lincoln N. Bond, Ocean Springs; Lindsey R. Moore, Vancleave; Lisa N. Tran, Biloxi, Honors; Lisa D. Tinsley, Ocean Springs; Lisa M. Hughes, Pascagoula; Lonnie M. Williams, Saucier; Lorelei S. Hedrick, Gulfport, Special Honors; Loretta R. Hunter, Moss Point; Louis J. Moran, Ocean Springs; Lucy I. Leonard, Lucedale; Luke D. Hinson, Lucedale, Special Honors; Lydia J. Dahlke, Ocean Springs; Madelaine A. Larsen, Ocean Springs; Madison R. Farris, Lucedale; Madison M. Tiblier, Ocean Springs; Magan S. Barber, Vancleave, Special Honors; Marc A. Wyatt, Pascagoula; Marcella V. Hamilton, Biloxi; Marcie L. Allen, Ocean Springs, Honors; Marcus A. Lohfink, Escatawpa; Maria D. Pozsonyi, Gautier; Maria P. Valenzuela, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Marilyn S. Warner, Vancleave, Honors; Marisa R. Martinez, Biloxi; Marissa Y. Torres, Kissimmee; Marissa L. Kemp, Petal; Mark F. Logan, Hahnville; Mark J. Lachaussee, Lucedale; Mark S. Conley, Moss Point; Mark A. Houck, Ocean Springs; Mark J. Romero, Pascagoula; Mark R. Craig, Perkinston; Marshall M. Flechas, Pascagoula; Marteen M. Gartman, Ocean Springs; Martin T. Apken, Ocean Springs; Mary C. Ly, Biloxi; Mary L. Holloway, Gautier, Honors; Mary L. Brown, Moss Point; Mary K. Whitt, Moss Point; Matthew K. Chapman, Gautier, Honors; Matthew R. Merrill, Pascagoula; Maura N. Breeland, D’Iberville, Honors; Maurice W. Lipinski, Ocean Springs; Max S. Porter, Moss Point; Maya T. Glaude, Moss Point; Maya A. Chatman, Pascagoula; Meagan E. Letson, Moss Point, Honors; Megan A. Floyd, Ocean Springs; Megan E. Hudson, Ocean Springs; Megan E. Knotts, Ocean Springs; Megan N. Le, Ocean Springs, Honors; Meka A. Poindexter, Moss Point; Melanie C. Bell, Ocean Springs; Melinda A. Knieriem, Pearlington; Melissa Y. Hernandez, Pascagoula; Mellanie A. Hammond, Ocean Springs; Micah A. Ramsey, Gulfport; Micah J. Petersen, Ocean Springs; Michael R. Crosby, Biloxi; Michael R. Duncan, Biloxi; Michael L. Hodge, D’Iberville; Michael S. Fields, Gautier; Michael L. McNair, Moss Point; Michael T. Ward, Moss Point; Michael S. Freeman, Ocean Springs; Michael W. Kirkland, Ocean Springs; Michael E. Vice, Pascagoula; Michael D. Virgilio, Saucier, Honors; Michael S. Vandillon, Theodore; Michael T. Nguyen, Vancleave; Michelle D. Meyer, Gautier; Michelle L. Krebs, Moss Point; Michelle N. Richardson, Ocean Springs, Honors; Misty N. Martin, Leakesville; Misty D. Smith, Vancleave, Special Honors; Monica N. Roberts-Dickinson, Ocean Springs; Morgan D. McClintock, Grand Bay, Special Honors; Morgan N. Fairley, Lucedale; Morgan I. Skidmore, McLain, Honors; Morgan R. Johnson, Moss Point, Honors; Morgan J. Jordan, Moss Point, Special Honors; Morgan T. Catchot, Pascagoula; Myiesha J. Straight, Ocean Springs; Mykiesha J. Retic, Gautier; Myra C. Vela, Biloxi; Natalie A. Kelly, D’Iberville; Natalie C. Green, Moss Point; Natalie P. Harris, Moss Point, Special Honors; Natasha O. Haywood, Jackson; Natasha L. Coffey, Ocean Springs; Nathaniel Parks, Gautier; Nathaniel S. Roberts, Gautier; Nathaniel M. Platt, Ocean Springs; Naticia M. Stallworth, Gautier; Neil C. Naron, Moss Point; Nicholas D. Russell, Biloxi; Nicholas L. Steele, Gautier, Special Honors; Nicholas A. Dalgo, Ocean Springs, Special Honors 4.0; Nicholas A. Zelenka, Pascagoula, Honors; Nicholas C. Hodges, Vancleave; Nijalon J. Jackson, Moss Point; Oanh N. Dinh, Ocean Springs, Honors; Ossicia S. Pelt, Pascagoula; Pamela R. Page, Ocean Springs; Pamela C. Goff, Vancleave; Patricia A. McClelland, Gulfport; Patricia J. Whitt, Vancleave; Patrick C. Penton, Gautier, Honors; Patrick L. Busby, Moss Point; Patrick R. Kirkland, Ocean Springs; Paul J. Manning, Ocean Springs; Paula P. Derouen, Ocean Springs, Honors; Pauline J. Cressman, Ocean Springs; Payton L. Smith, Poplarville, Honors; Peachees P. Spencer, Scooba; Peyton A. Brazell, Lucedale, Honors; Philip M. Depumpo, Biloxi; Philip J. Wright, Saucier; Phillip C. McMillan, Biloxi; Phillip L. Thomas, Moss Point; Phillip A. Darnall, Pascagoula; Phong T. Nguyen, Ocean Springs; Preshia M. Cumbest, Moss Point; Punit D. Patel, Pascagoula; Quang K. Nguyen, Ocean Springs; Rachael A. Nelson, Gautier, Special Honors; Rachel L. Wester, Gautier, Honors; Rachell L. Monroe, Moss Point; Ralph H. Bearse, Mobile; Ramon A. Puga, Pascagoula; Randy A. Williams, Ocean Springs, Honors; Ravelyn S. Tucker, Moss Point; Raven S. Scott, Gautier; Raymond P. Webb, Moss Point; Reba D. Brown, Moss Point, Special Honors 4.0; Rebecca J. Patterson, Gautier, Honors; Rebecca Easterling, Moss Point; Rebecca C. Holden, Moss Point; Rebecca T. Webb, Ocean Springs, Special Honors 4.0; Rebecca M. Graham, Pascagoula, Special Honors; Regena D. Olsen, Gautier; Regina D. Posey, Ocean Springs; Renee H. Walden, Ocean Springs; Richard T. Comeaux, D’Iberville, Special Honors; Richard C. Coletta, Gautier; Richard C. Jones, Hurley; Richard Krumm, Ocean Springs, Honors; Ricky L. McBride, Moss Point; Riley K. Hereford, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Robert A. Duggan, Biloxi; Robert E. Jackson, Gautier, Honors; Robert J. Martin, Gibsonton; Robert M. Glenn, Moss Point; Robert L. Pittman, Moss Point; Robert E. Jones, Ocean Springs; Robert P. Schuman, Ocean Springs; Robin M. Slay, Lucedale; Robyn L. Thawley, Gautier, Honors; Rodney Gause, Wiggins; Roger M. Kudron Jr, Moss Point, Special Honors 4.0; Ronald L. Dobson, Gulfport, Honors; Ronald G. Parker, Vancleave; Ronnie A. Arant, Biloxi, Special Honors; Rowan T. Cupit, Moss Point, Honors; Russell A. Simmons, Lake Charles; Rusty A. Albaral, Ocean Springs; Ruth A. Themides, Honors; Ryan J. Culver, Gautier, Honors; Ryan A. Lammers, Ocean Springs; Sabrina R. Ryan, D’Iberville, Special Honors; Sam L. Pearson, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Samantha R. Byrd, Biloxi, Honors; Samantha K. Kubiak, Biloxi ; Samantha E. Wilson, Vancleave; Samuel L. Brown, Gautier; Samuel E. Fairley, Lucedale, Honors; Samuel T. Watson, Moss Point, Honors; Samuel C. Cochran, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Samuel E. Pinkney, Pascagoula; Samuel A. Guagliardo, Vancleave; Samuel A. Piche, Vancleave, Honors; Sandra M. Brown, Gautier; Sandra L. Hall, Kiln; Sangeetha P. Rawlins, Ocean Springs, Honors; Sara Y. Hoang, Biloxi, Special Honors 4.0; Sara M. Blahuta, D’Iberville; Sara A. Byrd, Lucedale; Sara M. Aberl, Moss Point; Sara K. Nguyen, Ocean Springs; Sarah L. Campbell, Ocean Springs; Sarah L. Rose, Ocean Springs, Honors; Sarah C. Davis, Pascagoula; Savannah R. Damazio, Moss Point, Honors; Savannah R. Lawler, Ocean Springs, Honors; Scott H. McCrimmon, Moss Point, Special Honors; Scott A. Davis, Vancleave; Scottie B. Duprey, Kiln; Seth J. Carter, Gautier; Shae A. Pugh, D’Iberville; Shane A. Overvold, Gautier; Shane G. Waldrop, Vancleave, Honors; Shanika N. Sims, Biloxi; Shannon L. Waters, Pascagoula; Shanta T. Brakefield, Gautier; Shantae M. Powe, Moss Point; Shanterrica K. Ezell, Gautier; Shayla M. Fenster, Vancleave, Honors; Sheena L. Joyner, Pass Christian, Honors; Shelby R. Jones, Ocean Springs; Sherqutha N. Horn, Gulfport; Sierra A. Nelson, Ocean Springs; Skye K. McCrimmon, Moss Point, Special Honors; Slater A. Street, Moss Point; Spencer L. Stacy, Columbus; Staci L. Balsan, Ocean Springs; Stefan R. Culberson, Gulfport; Stephanie A. Blocker, Escatawpa, Special Honors; Stephanie K. Cronier, Moss Point; Stephanie M. McGaugh, Ocean Springs; Stephanie P. McMichael, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Stephen M. Ludwig, D’Iberville, Special Honors 4.0; Stephen L. Rawls, Moss Point; Steven D. Denton, Moss Point; Steven C. Tyrone, Moss Point; Summer S. Davis, Lucedale, Honors; Summer M. Seymour, Ocean Springs; Sydney S. Johnson, Ocean Springs, Honors; Taina Goins, Moss Point; Tajauanna R. Jenkins, Ocean Springs, Honors; Tania A. Cardenas, Pascagoula; Tara Y. Hurd, Gautier, Honors; Tara Shumaker, Ocean Springs; Tarkilya G. Fountain, Gautier; Tarvis K. Brown, Pascagoula; Tasha M. Smith, Gulfport, Honors; Tasheena K. Powers, Biloxi, Special Honors; Taylor L. Terry, Gautier; Taylor W. Landry, Mobile; Taylor L. Prevost, Vancleave, Honors; Teagan K. Jung, Vancleave, Special Honors; Telly J. Armstrong, D’Iberville, Honors; Tera L. Webb, Vancleave; Tereasa L. Godwin, Gautier; Terence R. Davis, Moss Point; Terrance L. Turner, Moss Point; Terry M. Stockton, Saucier; Terry W. Crow, Vancleave, Honors; Thad J. Cox, Moss Point, Special Honors 4.0; Thanh V. Tran, Biloxi; Theodosha L. Gaines, Gautier; Thomas J. Dunaway, Biloxi; Thomas P. Wills, Biloxi; Thomas B. Davis, Hattiesburg; Thomas J. Champagne, Ocean Springs, Special Honors 4.0; Thomas J. Hay, Ocean Springs; Thomas E. Cox, Vancleave, Honors; Thomas W. Ross, Vancleave; Thuy Kaitlyn N. Nguyen, Biloxi; Tiffany R. Mendieta, Lucedale, Special Honors; Tiffany M. Baker, Ocean Springs; Tiffany E. Davis, Pascagoula, Special Honors; Timothea A. Dobson, Moss Point; Timothy D. Blecher, Marshfield; Timothy A. Simer, Ocean Springs; Tina L. Greenlee, Ocean Springs; Todd M. Marquardt, Lucedale, Special Honors 4.0; Todd D. McGehee, Ocean Springs; Tommie K. Hofstetter, Moss Point; Toni F. Himes, Moss Point, Special Honors; Tonia E. Bond, Vancleave; Tony K. Mack, Moss Point; Torri B. Thompson, Ocean Springs; Tracie R. Chesney, Moss Point; Tracy L. Copeland, Grand Bay; Tracy D. Jones, Vancleave; Travis A. Crabtree, Biloxi; Travis D. Freddie, Gulfport; Trenton D. Steele, De Kalb; Trevor Naramore, Moss Point ; Trey G. Gardner, Mobile, Honors; Truong J. Trieu, D’Iberville, Honors; Tuyet M. Nguyen, Ocean Springs, Honors; Twan N. Jennings, Gulfport; Twyla A. Johnson, Pascagoula; Tyler N. Williams, Gulfport, Honors; Tyler B. Cook, Lucedale; Tyler W. Buckley, McHenry; Tyler M. Cobb, Moss Point; Tyler J. Hussey, Ocean Springs; Tyler C. Mackie, Ocean Springs; Tyler A. Manser, Ocean Springs; Tyler S. Parker, Ocean Springs; Tyler S. Quave, Ocean Springs; Tyler M. Johnson, Pascagoula, Honors; Tyler T. Ishee, Wiggins, Special Honors; Tyquon J. Shanks, Gautier; Vance H. Bardwell, Gautier; Vanessa Martinez, Gautier; Vanetria J. Bilbo, Vancleave; Venicia M. Cato, Gautier; Vernisha V. Palmer, Moss Point; Veronica N. McInnis, D’Iberville; Victoria C. Jordan, Long Beach; Victoria L. Crump, Moss Point; Victoria A. Trouts, Pascagoula, Special Honors; Vincent T. Tran, Biloxi; Virginia E. Hancock, Lucedale; Vivian A. McLain, Biloxi, Honors; Vivian M. Gerrish, Moss Point; Walter J. Brown, Gautier; Wendell L. Thomas, Pascagoula, Honors; Whitney N. Johnson, Biloxi; Whitney A. Dowdy, Moss Point, Special Honors 4.0; William H. Shields, Mobile; William K. Guessford, Moss Point, Honors; William J. Tomes, Pascagoula; Willie E. Lee, Moss Point; Wilvanys Ramos-Casiano, Pascagoula; Winnie E. Shelton, Pascagoula; Zaccheus P. Odoms, Pascagoula, Honors; Zachariah J. Butterbaugh, Moss Point, Special Honors 4.0; Zachary R. Bouma, Bay St. Louis, Special Honors 4.0; Zachary N. Martin, Moss Point; Zebulon G. Goff, Vancleave; and Zenas L. Stanley, Pascagoula.

Graduates of the Jefferson Davis Campus are Aaron D. Dorcik, Biloxi; Aaron W. Godwin, Biloxi, Honors; Abby M. Powell, Saucier, Honors; Adam J. Nguyen, Biloxi; Adriana N. Landry, Gulfport; Adrienne S. Hubbard, Gulfport; Ainur U. Berg, Biloxi, Honors; Alan S. Harlan, Gulfport; Alcide C. Jeffries, Gulfport; Aleah L. Sturdivant, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Alex B. Brewer, Gulfport, Honors; Alex H. Smith, Gulfport; Alexander J. Grabert, D’Iberville; Alexander M. Newlan, Gulfport, Special Honors; Alexander L. Park, Gulfport, Special Honors; Alexis M. Battaglio, Perkinston ; Alicia M. Williams, Gulfport; Alicia E. Stevison, Long Beach, Honors; Alisha C. Reid, Biloxi; Alisha L. Walker, Long Beach; Alissa A. Cuevas, Saucier, Honors; Allison M. Crabtree, Ocean Springs; Allison E. Ladner, Perkinston, Honors; Almeda D. Agar, Ocean Springs; Alyssa C. Kriss, D’Iberville; Alyssa Kelly, Gulfport; Amaja M. Shaw, Pass Christian; Amanda R. Allard, Long Beach; Amanda L. Davis, Long Beach; Amanda E. Compton, Saucier; Amber M. Green, Biloxi; Amber Mcmillan, Gulfport; Amber L. Wall, Gulfport; Amber N. Jackson, Moss Point; Ambreia K. Skinner, Biloxi; Amy H. Bui, Gulfport; Amy E. Penton, Gulfport; Amy N. Fyle, Long Beach, Honors; Amy J. Shirley, Ocean Springs; Ana B. Dumont, Biloxi; Andre J. Wilson, Biloxi; Andrea N. Hunt, Saucier; Andrew C. Simons, Biloxi; Andrew E. Wilson, Gulfport, Special Honors; Angel C. Damers, Biloxi ; Angela Chan, Ocean Springs; Angela M. Clarke, Theodore; Anna M. Lee, Gulfport; Anna M. Pachel, Gulfport, Special Honors; Anna C. Carmichael, Ocean Springs; Annie L. Rogers, Saucier; Anthony D. Barker, Biloxi, Honors; Anthony E. Jefferson, Gulfport; Anthony M. Sprague, Lucedale; Antonio K. Campbell, Sarah; Archie L. Watkins Jr., Gulfport; Ariana C. Hansen, Gulfport; Ariel M. Overstreet, Pass Christian; Arielle C. Cox, Gulfport; Ashleigh Pitts, Biloxi, Special Honors; Ashleigh R. Bertram, Gulfport, Special Honors; Ashleigh N. Darby, Spring Hill; Ashley R. Poillion, Bay St.Louis; Ashley D. Miller-Flowers, Diamondhead, Honors; Ashley L. Dedeaux, Gulfport; Ashley V. Francis, Gulfport, Honors; Ashley R. Pruitt, Gulfport; Ashley Necaise, Kiln; Ashley N. Peeples, Pass Christian, Honors; Ashley N. Barton, Saucier; Ashley M. Cuevas, Saucier; Ashley A. Douglas, Vancleave; Ashley L. Chasez, Waveland, Special Honors 4.0; Ashly R. Wagnon, Gulfport, Honors; Ashlynn N. Pollard, Perkinston; Aushia S. Worthen, Gulfport; Austin E. Brown, Biloxi; Austin S. Handler, Ocean Springs; Autherine R. Saucier, Gulfport; Awsome T. Thomas, Biloxi; Barbara A. Morton, Biloxi; Barbara D. Molden, Escatawpa; Barret C. Biandis, Gulfport; Barry B. Deakle, Gulfport, Special Honors; Barry I. Swan, Gulfport; Bert G. Brasell, Gulfport; Bethania Rivera, Gulfport; Bethany J. Oakes, Gulfport; Betty J. Jones, Gulfport, Honors; Bianca D. Wade, Keesler AFB; Binesha M. Fairley, Gulfport; Blake E. Longstreth, Gulfport; Bobbie D. Thompson, Gulfport, Honors; Bobby J. Jones, Gulfport; Bosco J. Morales, Gulfport; Bradley A. Wellman, McHenry; Brandi N. Metevia, Long Beach; Brandon C. Mitchell, Bay Saint Louis; Brandon M. Harris, Biloxi; Brandon C. Kepler, Biloxi; Brandon L. Bond, Gulfport; Brandon A. Kendrick, Ocean Springs, Honors; Brandon M. Dearman, Saucier; Brandy M. Conner, Biloxi; Brandy L. Foley, Biloxi; Brandy R. Santos, Gulfport; Breann Lawrence, Biloxi; Breanne M. Williams, Gulfport; Brendan A. Brake, Gautier; Brenden J. Phillips, Gulfport; Brennan M. Kuehl, Gulfport, Special Honors 4.0; Brian Deveau, Biloxi, Special Honors; Brian A. Bazor, Gulfport, Honors; Brian Brandewie, Gulfport; Brian W. Pitts, Ocean Springs; Briana D. Savarese, Pass Christian, Honors; Brittani N. Austin, Biloxi; Brittani M. Barrientos, Biloxi, Honors; Brittani L. Loveday, Gulfport; Brittany D. Dunham, Biloxi; Brittany N. Quick, Gulfport; Brittany Solimando, Gulfport; Brittany N. White, Pass Christian; Brittany S. Graham, Saucier; Brittany N. Thorpe, cheyenne; Brooke C. Fleming, Biloxi, Honors; Bruce McClendon, Gulfport; Bryan S. Turgeon, Griffin; Bryant T. Friar, Biloxi; Caleb J. Gregoire, Gulfport; Calvin J. Lang, Pass Christian; Cam T. Le, Biloxi; Camara A. Reynolds, Gulfport; Cameron M. James, Biloxi, Honors; Cameron N. Gardner, Gulfport; Camille S. Frick, Gulfport, Honors; Candace M. Crump, Biloxi, Honors; Candace D. Stevison, Long Beach, Honors; Cardis L. Freeny, Biloxi; Carl A. Burrell, Gulfport, Special Honors; Carlo A. Tabernero, Gulfport; Carmelita M. Morris, Gulfport; Carol L. Brunson, Biloxi; Carol M. Brown, Ocean Springs, Honors; Caroline D. Ward, Biloxi; Carolyn L. Prendesgast, Waveland; Carter D. Griffith, Gulfport; Cassie R. Johnson, Long Beach; Catherine S. Brown, Saucier; Catina M. Williams, Gulfport; Cela A. Sibley, Gulfport, Honors; Chad A. Lenes, Gulfport; Chad J. Ladner, Long Beach; Chad M. Correia, Narragansett; Chance T. Roberts, Biloxi; Chance E. Cates, Pass Christian; Chandra A. McClendon, Gulfport; Chandra T. Smith, Gulfport; Charla R. Pecina, Gulfport, Special Honors; Charles E. Heard, Biloxi; Charlie L. Brown, Gulfport; Chelsea D. Dean, Gulfport; Chelsi A. Lizana, Pass Christian, Honors; Chico B. Tran, Biloxi; Christa Y. Williams Baxley, Gulfport; Christi A. Covey, Gulfport; Christian D. Ramirez, Gulfport; Christian E. Purvis, Saucier; Christina M. Harvey, Biloxi, Honors; Christina E. O’Connor, Biloxi; Christina V. Williams, Biloxi; Christina L. Camargo, D’Iberville, Special Honors; Christina M. Highsmith, Gulfport, Special Honors 4.0; Christina M. King, Long Beach; Christina M. Loew, Saucier; Christine M. Slade, Long beach; Christine M. Dunham, Lucedale; Christopher L. Barnes, Biloxi, Special Honors; Christopher R. Idland, Biloxi, Honors; Christopher M. Peterson, Biloxi; Christopher S. Powers, Biloxi; Christopher M. Drody, Gulfport; Christopher J. Lebovitz, Gulfport; Christopher A. Morningstar, Gulfport, Honors; Christopher J. Stewart, Gulfport; Christopher A. Tepper, Gulfport; Christopher G. Daum, McHenry, Special Honors 4.0; Christy E. Mills, Diamondhead; Cierra M. Formica, Biloxi; Clarence J. Kelly, Moss Point; Clarissa J. Gray, Biloxi, Honors; Clayton W. McGehee, Wilmer; Cobiasha U. Coleman, Biloxi; Colby J. Walters, Pascagoula; Colentae Q. Hartley, Biloxi; Colleen Hopgood, Waveland; Colleen J. McNulty, Wiggins, Honors; Colton R. Copeland, Gulfport; Consuelo M. Fowler, Gulfport; Cori A. Mead, Gulfport; Cori L. Jermyn, Ocean Springs; Cory T. Herrington, Perkinston; Cory S. McDill, Saucier, Honors; Courtenay B. Pierce, Long Beach; Courtney G. Hyter, Biloxi, Honors; Courtney E. Kirkham, Biloxi, Special Honors; Courtney N. Wetzel, D’Iberville, Honors; Courtney A. Farmer, Long Beach, Special Honors 4.0; Courtney M. Santa Cruz, Ocean Springs; Courtney L. Watts, Pass Christian, Special Honors; Courtney L. Severs, Vancleave, Honors; Craig A. Cuevas, Gulfport; Crystal L. Alba, Biloxi, Special Honors; Crystal L. Duncan, Gulfport; Crystal A. Smith, Gulfport; Crystal T. Tubbs, Gulfport, Honors; Crystal M. Starner, Keesler AFB; D. Patrice Simpkins, Ocean Springs; D’Artagnan L. McGee, Saucier; Dalton J. Kelley, Ocean Springs; Dana R. Perry, Gulfport; Danelle L. Malley, Kiln, Honors; Daniale N. Oden, Pass Christian, Honors; Danica D. McLaurin, Gulfport; Daniel H. King, Biloxi; Daniel D. Hill, Gulfport; Daniel A. Mazariegos, Gulfport, Special Honors; Daniel K. Menard, Gulfport; Danielle L. Malley, Kiln; Danielle S. Rodriguez, Vancleave; Danni I. Madonna, Biloxi; Danny M. Le, Ocean Springs; Darin L. Miller, Biloxi; Darius T. Murrah, Gulfport ; Darrell Hanible, Biloxi; David E. Willinger, D’Iberville; David S. Giancaspro, Gulfport, Honors; David Johnson, Gulfport; David R. Porter, Gulfport; David A. White, Gulfport, Special Honors; David G. Pushcar, Saucier, Honors; David P. Grapusa, Waveland; Davina D. Vernon, Pass Christian, Special Honors; Davion I. Flores, Gulfport; Dawn L. Radice, Ocean Springs, Honors; Dean W. Dixon, D’Iberville, Honors; DeAsia A. Rhynes, Gulfport; Deborah B. Horn, Gulfport, Honors; Debra S. Broadus, Biloxi; Dedra D. Clark, Biloxi; DeeDee M. Carpenter, Diamondhead, Special Honors; Dekota J. Hateley, Gulfport, Special Honors; Delia H. Bigras, Biloxi, Honors; Dell L. Ratliff, Biloxi; Delores D. Gara, Biloxi, Honors; Demi L. Love, Biloxi, Honors; Dennis K. Hilton, Gulfport, Honors; Derek R. Ladner, Pass Christian; Deshanta L. Tate, Gulfport; DeShyra J. Maxwell, Biloxi; Desiree L. Cook, Pass Christian; Devan R. Lane, Biloxi; Diana L. Smith, Gulfport; Diane R. Young, Biloxi, Special Honors; Dillan K. Ladner, Bay St. Louis; Donald Clark, Kiln, Special Honors; Donna F. Hamilton, Moss Point; Dorothy J. Rumfelt, Biloxi; Dorothy J. Davis, Gulfport; Douglas R. Ladner, Gulfport; Dustin A. Necaise, Pass Christian, Special Honors; Dylan A. Frame, Gulfport; Eber A. Fernandez, Gulfport; Ebony S. Billups, Gulfport; Ebony F. Pharr-Urbano, Gulfport; Edna D. Haynie, Pass Christian; Edward L. Scott, Gulfport; Edward J. Yarborough, Vancleave; Elizabeth E. Carambat, Bay St. Louis, Honors; Elizabeth J. Vercher, Biloxi, Special Honors 4.0; Elizabeth L. Voegtlin, Biloxi; Emily A. Morgan, Biloxi, Honors; Emily A. Murphy, Long Beach; Emily M. Wilson, Long Beach; Eric J. Miller, Biloxi, Honors; Eric E. Lambes, Gautier; Eric D. Mays, Gulfport; Eric S. Smith, Moss Point, Special Honors; Eric A. Shubert, Pass Christian, Special Honors; Erica L. Enlow, Gulfport; Erica N. Page, Pass Christian; Ernest L. Caldwell, Gulfport; Ethan B. Knight, Saucier; Eunice J. Rushing, Biloxi, Special Honors; Eunicekriza F. Iglesia, Gulfport, Honors; Fletcher K. Davis, Biloxi; Franklin H. Pham, Saucier; Gabriel M. Taylor, Gulfport, Special Honors; Gabriele A. Phillips, Saucier, Honors; Gannon M. Howell, Columbia; George Cates, Biloxi, Honors; Georgia G. Karlson, Gulfport; Georgia M. Nelson, Perkinston; Gerri Stokes, Long Beach, Special Honors 4.0; Gia M. Mariakis, Biloxi; Glenn P. Anglada, Gulfport; Gloria E. Conger, Biloxi; Grant M. Gallick, Biloxi; Greg H. Dedeaux, D’Iberville; Gregory M. Turner, Biloxi; Gregory Kaminski, Gulfport; Gregory D. Dixon, Ocean Springs; Hailey R. Ulrich, Biloxi, Honors; Haley M. Lovvorn, Biloxi, Special Honors; Haley E. Moon, Biloxi; Haley M. Bell, Gulfport, Special Honors; Haley M. Johnson, Long Beach, Special Honors 4.0; Hallee N. Killeen, Gulfport, Special Honors; Hanna E. Hendry, Gulfport; Hannah E. Waltman, Biloxi, Honors; Hannah L. Perez, Gulfport, Honors; Hannah E. Salisbury, Newport; Hannah M. Barhonovich, Ocean Springs; Hannah L. Dawson, Vancleave; Harrison E. Abshire, Gulfport; Harrison W. Couch, Gulfport; Harry O. Blanton, Biloxi; Harry E. Johnson, Gulfport; Hayden S. Gassman, Long Beach, Honors; Heath M. Necaise, Gulfport; Heather J. Oliver, Bay Saint Louis, Honors; Heather E. Phillips, Biloxi, Special Honors 4.0; Heather L. Savoie, Biloxi, Honors; Heather S. Koenenn, Gulfport; Heather K. Miotke, Gulfport; Heather G. Irvin, Long Beach, Honors; Heather M. Strang, Long Beach; Heather R. Parrish, Waveland; Hector Reyna, Vancleave; Hillary A. Bourque, Gulfport; Hilliary N. Simmons, Biloxi; Holly L. Bilbo, Picayune, Honors; Hope M. Saucier, Biloxi, Special Honors 4.0; Ira M. Walding, Moss Point, Special Honors 4.0; Iris A. Fairley, Gulfport; Iris S. Jackson, Gulfport; Isis A. Payton, Gulfport; Jacob F. Brou, Bay St. Louis; Jacob L. Hall, Biloxi; Jacqueline M. Johnson, Long Beach; Jacquelyne E. Pierce, Long Beach; Jaime B. Norwood, Gulfport, Honors; James M. Rabalais, Bay Saint Louis; James A. Pate, Bay St. Louis; James M. Fouts, Gulfport; James E. Holmes, Gulfport; James W. King, Gulfport, Special Honors; James Thayer, Newport News; James A. Stevens, Ocean Springs; Janell T. Boudreaux, Biloxi; Janette A. Lippert-Eraslan, Gulfport, Special Honors 4.0; Janine L. Harges, Biloxi; Janna A. Bullard, Gulfport, Honors; Jantelle E. Quigley, Gulfport, Honors; Jared M. Breal, Biloxi; Jared M. Wagner, Biloxi; Jared S. Simon, Gulfport; Jarrod C. Blanks, Biloxi; Jarvis D. Daniels, Gulfport; Jasmine K. Mathis, Gulfport; Jason S. Hickman, Biloxi; Jason I. King, Biloxi; Jason M. Waltemath, Biloxi, Honors; Jason Payne, Gulfport; Jason A. Heathcock, Pass Christian, Honors; Javodus T. Reese, Gulfport, Special Honors; Jayson S. Gordon, Long Beach; Jazmine L. Espino, Ocean Springs; Jeff Greene, Gulfport, Special Honors; Jeffrey D. Barrilleaux, Biloxi; Jeffrey W. Desrosier II, Biloxi; Jeffrey W. Fucci, Biloxi; Jeffrey M. Reed, Gulfport, Special Honors; Jeffrey P. Stalnaker, Long Beach; Jenna R. Juanico, Biloxi; Jenna E. Randolph, Gautier ; Jennifer A. Montoya, Belle Chasse; Jennifer M. Comeau, Biloxi; Jennifer l. Campbell, Gulfport; Jennifer E. Collier, Gulfport; Jennifer E. Goebel, Gulfport, Honors; Jennifer L. Gregory, Gulfport, Honors; Jennifer L. Mabie, Gulfport; Jennifer L. Larson, Long Beach; Jennifer R. Seymour, Ocean Springs, Honors; Jennifer F. Walroth, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Jennifer N. Ladner, Pass Christian, Honors; Jennifer A. DeVries, Saucier; Jennifer N. Koch, Saucier; Jeremiah Carr, Gulfport; Jeremiah C. Brown, Pass christian; Jeremy A. Pryor, Gulfport; Jeremy S. McCarroll, Wiggins; Jerry B. Carco, Biloxi; Jessica D. Boone, Gulfport; Jessica M. Holsinger, Gulfport, Honors; Jessica I. Parnell, Gulfport; Jessica L. White, Long Beach; Jessica R. White, Long Beach; Jessica M. Green, Saucier; Jessica R. Torres, Saucier; Jodian A. Mussington, Biloxi; Jody J. Conners, Biloxi; Joe Landrum, biloxi; Joel D. Bernacchi, Gulfport, Special Honors 4.0; John A. Johnson, Biloxi; John C. Dunning, Gulfport; John T. Milner, Gulfport; John E. Evans, Long Beach; John A. Sheets, Long Beach; John A. Glass, Lucedale; John J. Bartley, Ocean Springs, Honors; John P. Russell, Petal; John M. Haaseth, Picayune ; John L. Farr, D’Iberville, Special Honors 4.0; Johnathon N. Pechawer, Ocean Springs; Jonathan M. Quave, Biloxi; Jonathan H. Vesa, Biloxi; Jordan D. Roberts, Bay St. Louis; Jordan A. Mata, Biloxi, Honors; Jordan A. Anderson, D’Iberville; Jordan D. Boone, Gulfport; Jose D. Anguizola, Biloxi; Joseph Q. Bodenheimer, Biloxi; Joseph Bunch, Gulfport; Joseph B. Piernas, Pass Christian; Joshua J. Boudreaux, Biloxi; Joshua S. Lucas, Biloxi; Joshua R. Stovall, Biloxi; Joshua M. Stephens, Long Beach, Honors; Joshua L. Sullivan, Saucier; Joshua M. Laabs, Waveland; Joyce M. Spiers, Kiln, Honors; Julia K. Draper, Diamondhead; Julianna M. Massengill, Gulfport, Honors; Julie J. Black, Gulfport; Julie A. Rogers, Mobile; June L. Lee, Gulfport ; Justin J. Gomez, Gulfport; Justin M. Gurtner, Gulfport; Justin L. Hernandez, Gulfport; Justin C. Stewart, Perkinston; Kaela R. Necaise, Perkinston; Kahla A. Higgins, Bay Saint Louis; Kai A. Mitchell, Biloxi, Special Honors; Kaila M. Martin, Moss Point; Kailon D. Saucier, Gulfport; Kaitlyn N. Wilson, Gulfport; Kaitlynn D. Dumal, Long Beach; Kaleb J. Holliman, Diamondhead, Honors; Kaleb W. Pace, Gautier; Kalvin M. Douglas, gulfport; Kaouthar Mejdoubi, Gulfport, Special Honors; Kareemah K. Haynes, Pass Christian; Karen M. Cerami, Bay St. Louis; Karen M. Bilger, Gulfport; Karla E. Kinsey, Biloxi; Karleigh E. Kidd, Pass Christian; Kasey N. Woodson, Bay St. Louis; Kasey N. Richards, Ocean Springs; KaShia A. Flewellen, Gulfport, Special Honors; Kasondra Travis, Gulfport; Katelyn C. Jones, Gulfport; Katherine L. Morales, Biloxi, Honors; Katherine L. Feigel, Gulfport; Kathryn D. Speakman, Biloxi; Katie M. Mason, Biloxi; Katie K. Rhodes, Biloxi, Honors; Katie N. Varnado, Biloxi; Katie L. Broadhead, Kiln, Special Honors; Katie N. Foucault, Long Beach, Special Honors; Katie M. Cooke, Slidell; Katlyn M. Atchley, Biloxi; Katrina R. Lassiter, Gulfport; Katrina M. Ainsworth, Perkinston; Kayana M. Pittman, Gulfport; Kayla M. Lawless, Fairfield; Kayla B. O’Grady, Ocean Springs; Kayla R. LaFontaine, Waveland; Kayleigh J. Cruthirds, Ocean Springs; Keith P. Bartholomew, Waveland; Kelley L. Skaggs, Biloxi; Kelli N. Caldwell, Gulfport; Kelly McLeod, Diamondhead; Kelly G. Godfrey, Gulfport; Kelsey M. Nobach, Bay Saint Louis, Special Honors; Kelsey M. Capehart, Gulfport; Kelsey M. Rhodes, Gulfport, Special Honors; Ken V. Combs, Gulfport; Kendra B. Hultz, Biloxi; Kendra R. Watson, Gulfport; Kendrick J. Weathers, Gautier; Kenneth M. Womack, Biloxi, Honors; Kenneth M. Trahan, Saucier; Kenneth L. Barrett, Vancleave; Kenny M. Moran, Pass Christian; Kerstii B. Groce, Biloxi; Kevin R. Unterzuber, Gautier; Kevin E. Quarles, Gulfport, Special Honors; Kevin H. Tran, Gulfport, Honors; Kevlyn J. Trochesset, Diberville; Kiana S. Matthews, Pascagoula; Kianna L. Redmon, Biloxi, Honors; Kiayanna F. Bethea, Biloxi; Kimberly M. Anderson, Gautier, Honors; Kimberly L. Joiner, Gulfport; Kimberly D. Blackwell, Lucedale, Honors; Kimberly G. Smith, gulfport; Kristen M. Mabee, Ocean Springs, Honors; Kristin N. Blease, Biloxi; Kristine A. Mayfield, Biloxi; Kristopher R. Frederickson, McHenry; Kristy M. Harris, Gulfport; Kristy D. Johnson, Long Beach, Honors; Kristy Byall, Ocean Springs; Kyiko D. Bass, Gulfport; Kyrissa A. Malley, Kiln, Special Honors; La Tasha S. Nobles, Gulfport, Honors; Lacey K. Pol, Saucier, Honors; Lachrisha A. Pearson, Gulfport; LaCretia W. Chaney, Gautier; Lanie Turner, Biloxi, Honors; Latarsha V. McClain, D’Iberville, Special Honors; Latoria A. Mathis-Hebert, Biloxi, Honors; Latoria T. Glaude, Moss Point; Laura B. Burkley, Long Beach; Laura R. Frost, Long Beach , Special Honors; Lauren A. Kissel, Biloxi; Lauren A. Tavai, Biloxi; Lauren C. Holliman, Diamondhead, Honors; Laurie E. Napier, Saucier, Honors; Lawrence B. Corley, Gautier, Special Honors; Lea T. Moffatt, Gautier; Lea M. Renot, Long Beach, Honors; LeeAnn M. Martin, Ocean Springs; Leonard L. Bentz, Biloxi; Leslie M. Flynn, Biloxi; Leslie A. Winters, Gulfport; Letecia D. Haynes, Gulfport; Lincoln L. Mays, Gulfport, Honors; Linda D. Bock, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Lindsay L. Lichter, Biloxi; Lindsey J. Kiper, Biloxi; Lindsey M. Wilson, Biloxi; Linh K. Do, Biloxi; Lisa M. Deakle, Gulfport; Lisa R. Holliman, Gulfport; Lisa C. Burns, Slidell; Lissa A. D’Angelo, Gulfport; Logan M. Bounds, Gulfport; Logan M. Broussard, Gulfport; Logan J. Nault, Pass Christian; LoLa M. Peters, Gulfport; Londyn P. Williams, Vancleave; Lorena C. Soriano, Gulfport, Honors; Lori R. Davis, Gulfport; Luis G. Cortes, Gulfport; Luke D. Creel, D’Iberville, Honors; Luke R. Cumbest, Lucedale; Madeline K. Cotman, Gulfport; Madelyn A. Raziano, Biloxi; Maegan P. Whitehurst, Pass Christian; Mai-Lan C. Grace, Gulfport, Special Honors 4.0; Makeshia R. Watson, Gulfport; Malinda J. Rothrauff, Biloxi; Mallisa M. May, Gulfport, Honors; Malvina Payne, Gulfport; Manuel F. Franco, Saucier; Mara D. Brooks, Gulfport; Maranda C. Mclemore, Long Beach; Marie N. Leeks, Warrensburg; Marilyn B. Lewis, Biloxi; Marilyn P. Richard, Biloxi; Marion E. Ryan, Long Beach; Marisel Kigembe, Gulfport ; Marissa N. Espino, D’Iberville; Markeshia J. Squire, Greenwood , Honors; Marsha E. Fairley, Gautier; Marsha D. Brady, Saucier; Martha F. Bernard, Biloxi; Mary S. Lacour, Biloxi, Honors; Mary L. Powell, Biloxi; Mary L. Wesche, Gulfport; Mary E. Rimer, Kingsport; Maryjane E. Leblanc, Biloxi, Honors; Mathew W. Trinkaus, Biloxi, Honors; Matthew B. Bieber, Gulfport; Matthew J. Corbin, Gulfport; Matthew D. Spicer, Ocean Springs; Maxine T. Saucier, Gulfport; Mckinley F. Warth, Ocean Springs; Meagan L. Barnes, Gulfport; Meagan R. Rabun, Gulfport; Meagan E. Teeter, Gulfport; Meagan L. Tynes, McHenry; Medina A. Crane, Gulfport; Meghan O. Webster, Bay St. Louis, Honors; Meghan L. Dikes, Biloxi, Honors; Meghan M. Hager, Gulfport; Melanie R. Foley, Biloxi; Melanie A. Causey, Gulfport; Melinda M. Smith, Lucedale; Melissa A. Smith, Bay St. Louis, Honors; Melissa K. Beebe, Biloxi; Melissa K. DeJean, Pascagoula; Merissa M. Malicoat, Gulfport; Merry N. Dove, Gulfport; Michael W. Cousins, Biloxi; Michael R. Miller, Biloxi; Michael S. Moran, Biloxi; Michael T. Ouille, Biloxi, Special Honors; Michael H. Alderson, Grove City; Michael P. Fearn, Gulfport, Honors; Michael K. Kennedy, Gulfport; Michael A. Ross, Gulfport; Michael J. Allard, Long Beach, Honors; Michael M. Fortenberry, Long Beach; Michael J. Brumley, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Michael Edward B. Garcia, Long Beach; Micheal L. Dawson, Saucier; Michelle L. Chinn, Biloxi; Miles S. Barras, Biloxi; Mindy L. Mathias, Wiggins; Misty D. Ray, Saucier; Molly V. Haynes, Biloxi; Monica O. Waltman, Ocean Springs, Honors; Myranda N. Wooten, Long Beach, Special Honors; Nailah R. Bell, Gulfport, Honors; Nancy N. Nguyen, D’Iberville, Honors; Natalee N. Tapp, Biloxi; Natasha Hall, Bay Saint Louis; Natasha S. Holmes, Long Beach, Honors; Nathan W. Cook, Biloxi; Nathan J. Fountain, Biloxi; Nathan L. Berger, Gulfport, Honors; Nathan D. Salisbury, Gulfport; Nathan R. Cooley, Kiln, Honors; Nathaniel H. Sisson, Biloxi, Special Honors; Nathaniel K. Martin, Gulfport, Special Honors; Nathaniel O. Pardee, Gulfport; Nathonia L. Smith, Gulfport; Nicholas K. Burks, Gulfport, Honors; Nicholas A. Rice, Gulfport; Nichole J. Walkes, Gulfport; Nicole A. Durlak, Biloxi; Nicole A. Davis, Gulfport; Nikita D. Blanks, Biloxi; Nikita L. McInnis, Gulfport; Noelle V. Cooke, Diamondhead, Honors; Nolandria L. Rials, Gulfport, Honors; Nolvia A. Bacallao, Waveland; Nykeshia J. Swaw, Biloxi; Olivia A. Brown, Biloxi; Olivia N. Bradley, Gulfport; Olivia F. Campbell, Pass Christian; Paityn B. Smith, Biloxi, Honors; Pamela M. Lonidier, Pearlington; Patricia A. Sanders, Biloxi; Patricia M. Lickliter, Gulfport; Patricia A. Megehee-Hennington, Pass Christian; Patrick A. Cycyk, Biloxi; Patrick J. Dorman, Biloxi; Paul A. Smith, Bay St. Louis; Paul L. Howd, Biloxi; Paul B. Jamil, Biloxi; Paul D. Lindsey, Biloxi; Pennie G. Davis, Biloxi; Peter D. Nguyen, Biloxi; Philip S. Petty, Gulfport, Honors; Phillip T. Suarez, Biloxi ; Phuong T. Le, Biloxi; Piper Z. Leith, Long Beach; Porscha B. Williams, Gulfport; Priscilla A. Rocha, Ocean Springs; Quy V. Tran, D’Iberville; Rachel D. Perryman, Gautier; Rachel A. Purser, Gulfport, Special Honors; Rachel N. Darden, Long Beach; Rachel Joseph, Ocoee; Rachel L. Ladner, Pass Christian; Rachelle M. Maxey, Long Beach; Ralanda M. King, Saucier; Randi L. Falcon, Biloxi; Randy K. Gravette, Perkinston; Ray E. Simmons, Gulfport; Raymond D. Forman, Gulfport; Raymond A. Dubuisson, Long Beach; Reagan A. Williams, Gulfport, Special Honors; Rebeca R. Chasse, Saucier, Honors; Rebecca A. Biggs, Biloxi; Rebecca E. Schroeder, Gulfport, Honors; Rebecca F. Finch, Long Beach; Rebecca P. Clemens, Pass Christian; Rebecca L. Davis, Saucier; Rebekah N. Pino, Kiln; Reginald O. Walden, Vista; Reiva D. Felton, Gulfport; Richard H. Nguyen, Ocean Springs; Rickey L. Mallett, Gulfport, Honors; Rita E. Watson, Vancleave; Robert T. Murphy, Gulfport; Robert B. Webb, Gulfport; Robert J. West, Gulfport; Robert A. Kerns, Long Beach; Robert S. Smith, Ocean Springs; Robin N. Vance, Gulfport; Robinlis J. Necaise, Kiln ; Robyn K. Tripp, Biloxi; Ronald S. Endsley, Gulfport; Ronald G. Schertzer, Gulfport; Ronnesha R. Render, Gulfport; Ross K. Reich, Gulfport; Roy L. King, Gulfport; Russell A. Thomas, Long Beach; Ryan J. Kavanaugh, Gulfport, Honors; Ryan J. McMahon, Gulfport; Ryan A. Small, Long Beach; Sabrina M. Goldberg, Biloxi; Sabrina N. Nord, Gulfport; Sade L. Shabazz, Gulfport, Honors; Samantha L. Waid, Gulfport; Samantha D. Williams, Long Beach; Samuel J. Gaffney, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Sandra D. Devaughn, Gulfport; Sara E. Denham, Saucier; Sara-Lee A. Kidd, Biloxi, Honors; Sarabeth Allen, McHenry; Sarah C. Goodwin, D’Iberville; Sarah K. Orman, D’Iberville; Sarah A. Kahler, Gulfport; Sarah B. Rhodes, Gulfport; Sarah M. Gallardo, Gulfport ; Sarah A. Schroeder, Long Beach; Sarah M. Wicks, Long Beach; Sarah J. Fournier, Pass Christian, Honors; Saraya Y. Braun, Biloxi; Savoy R. Rody, Gulfport, Special Honors; Scott E. Smith, Biloxi; Scott A. Wiese, Gulfport; Sean C. Grizzle, Gulfport; Sean A. Jordan, Gulfport; Sean M. Peters, Long Beach; Sean S. Halat, Ocean Springs; Sean P. Bigler, Diamondhead ; Selina L. Lanier, Gulfport, Honors; Seth A. Mitchell, Diamondhead, Honors; Shaina J. Barnett, Gulfport, Honors; Shajuan N. Buckley, Gulfport; Shana M. Lovell, Gulfport; Shane P. Metcalf, Biloxi; Shane E. Walker, Gulfport; Shani N. Baker, Gulfport; Shannon R. Curran, Long Beach; Sheila L. Jermyn, Biloxi, Honors; Shelby N. Clute, Gulfport; Shelli E. Lawrence, Perkinston, Honors; Sheri A. Anderson, Gulfport; Sherika W. Aikens, Pearl; Sherman J. Taylor, Gulfport; ShiAne O’Neill, Saucier, Honors; Shundrieka S. Anders, Gulfport; Shyneece M. Barnett, Gulfport; Sidney H. Smith, Gulfport, Honors; Silver J. Rodriguez, Biloxi, Special Honors; Sinta M. Lacson, Gulfport; Sondra K. Brent, D’Iberville; Stacey M. Burge, Ocean Springs; Starlena M. Woodard, Biloxi; Starlette Walker, Biloxi; Steffen C. Mead, Gulfport; Stephanie A. Tillman, Bay St. Louis; Stephanie L. Crosswhite, Long Beach; Stephanie N. House, Long Beach; Stephen J. Broussard, Ocean Springs; Stepheney M. Ford, Long Beach , Honors; Steven W. Winters, Gulfport; Summer L. Tanner, Biloxi; Summer M. Ruiz-Jimenez, Long Beach, Special Honors; Suzanne E. Schulz, Kiln, Special Honors; Sybil M. Arrington, Sumrall; Sydney E. Aucoin, Biloxi; Sydney L. Olier, Gulfport; Tabitha N. Junkert, Biloxi, Special Honors; Tabitha C. Tovey, Gulfport; Takeia E. Craft, Gulfport; Tammy T. Nguyen, Biloxi, Special Honors 4.0; Tammy R. Johnson, Gulfport; Tanya E. Booth, Waveland; TaQuayla S. Lewis, Columbus; Tara D. Harrion, Biloxi; Tasha L. Purnell, Gautier; Taylor R. Gilbert, D’Iberville; Taylor J. Johnson, Diamondhead; Taylor P. Richardson, Diamondhead, Honors; Taylor J. Dennison, Gulfport; Taylor N. Doyle, Ocean Springs; Taylor L. Bryan, Saucier; Tedd R. Dixon, D’Iberville, Special Honors; Teri J. Smith, Biloxi; Terneshia C. Harry, Gulfport; Terrell A. Bang, Pass Christian; Therron K. Ducharme, Biloxi, Honors; Thomas W. Bonner, Biloxi; Thomas R. Knoll, Gulfport; Thomas A. Passons, Gulfport; Thomas R. Patrick, Gulfport, Honors; Thuy-Phuong T. Le, Biloxi, Special Honors 4.0; Tiffaney S. Ross, Gulfport; Tiffany E. Daggs, Biloxi; Tiffany L. Perez, Long Beach; Timothy J. Miller, D’lberville; Timothy R. Lassiter, Gulfport; Tina L. Myles, Biloxi; Tina G. Egersdorf, Biloxi; Tina M. Evans, Biloxi; Tina L. Anderson, Gulfport; Tivoli A. Jackson, Gulfport; Toby S. Theriot, Biloxi, Honors; Todd W. Holland, Biloxi; Tony J. Nevels, Biloxi; Tony M. Moaton, Gulfport; Torie M. Marske, Bay St. Louis; Toshua M. Anguizola, Biloxi, Honors; Tracee A. Staley, Biloxi; Tracey A. Carroll, Biloxi; Tracy O. Remington, Ruckersville; Trevor A. Corso, Biloxi, Honors; Trudiann Breakenridge, Biloxi, Honors; Trulie A. Gollott, Biloxi; Turwonnda M. Sherrod, D’Iberville; Twyla B. Lamar, Biloxi; Ty D. Necaise, Kiln; Tyesha S. Gholar, Biloxi; Tykeria R. Morrisette, Biloxi; Tyler D. Paro, Biloxi; Tyler A. Williams, Ocean Springs; Tyra L. Harrien, Gulfport; Vanessa D. Magee, Gulfport; Velkys M. McAnelly, Langley AFB, Honors; Veronica Allen, Gulfport; Vivian R. Niolet, Gulfport; Wade C. Howk, Gulfport, Honors; Wendy J. Taylor, Gulfport; Whitney J. Snider, Gulfport, Honors; William J. Hill, Biloxi; William E. Noernberg, Biloxi, Honors; William W. Shipton, Biloxi; William R. Ainsworth, Gulfport; William A. Atchison, Gulfport; William M. Wayne, Long Beach; Xavier Z. Manning, Gulfport; Yolanda L. James, Biloxi; Yolanda Smith, Gulfport; Zachary T. Hotchkiss, Biloxi; Zemily M. Day, Gulfport; Zennie R. Moulton, Long Beach; Zeta A. McBroom, Gulfport, Honors; and Zikesha R. Brown, Gulfport.

Naval Construction Battalion Center graduates are Brynna R. Kos, Melrose; Cassandra R. Locke, Gulfport; Christopher C. Barker, Fort Belvoir; Christopher M. Smith, Groton; Damien H. Baisden, Columbus; Edward J. Shelton, Gulfport; and Robert L. Nelson, Gulfport.

Graduates of the Perkinston Campus are Abishia Slaton, Hattiesburg; Adam E. Westmoreland, Saucier, Special Honors; Adrian M. Dobbs, Wiggins; Adrienne M. Mccain, Franklinton, Honors; Ahmad R. Arrington, Wiggins; AimeeRuth E. Causey-Rogers, Saucier; Akendal M. Woodard, Wiggins; Alberto A. Planas, West Palm Beach, Special Honors 4.0; Alexis T. Flores, Gautier; Alice T. Dortch, Wiggins, Special Honors; Alishan A. Gibson, Saucier; Alison P. Linch, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Alixandrea P. Huneycutt, Vancleave, Honors; Allison J. Sexton, Gulfport; Allyson M. Gamard, Pass Christian; Alyssa M. Stuart, Perkinston; Alyssa C. Paige, Saucier; Alyssa N. Miller, Vancleave; Amanda D. Ladner, Long Beach; Amber N. Russell, Hattiesburg; Amber K. Peters, Wiggins, Honors; Ammie R. Lee, Saucier; Amy A. Boyd, Biloxi; Amy L. Kiser, Perkinston; Ana-Claire Graham, Brooklyn; Andrea N. Holliman, Diamondhead, Honors; Andrew T. Lucius, Lucedale; Andrian Bostic, Wiggins; Angela M. Malley, Diamondhead; Angela T. Bolton, Hattiesburg; Angelica S. Asbury, Gautier; Anna E. Long, Hattiesburg; Ariel N. Fore, Gulfport; Ariel N. Davis, Lucedale; Ashleigh M. Schubert, Lumberton, Honors; Ashley S. Gainer, Gautier; Ashley P. Breal, Ocean Springs; Ashley B. Vincent, Perkinston; Ashley M. Dean, Vancleave, Special Honors; Ashley D. Farmer, Wiggins; Ashton T. Williams, Perkinston; Austin L. Rogers, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Bailey Hoffman, Biloxi, Special Honors; Barron Miller, Crystal Springs; Becca S. Anderson, McLain; Bethany J. Alexander, Poplarville, Special Honors; Beverly J. Woods, Lumberton; Blair D. Mathis, Biloxi; Bobby N. Vo, Pass Christian, Special Honors; Bradley J. Mills, Mobile; Bradley D. White, Purvis; Brandi L. Leake, Kiln; Brandi N. Sigur, Ocean Springs; Brandin Knight, Pearl; Brandon E. Lane, Daphne; Brandon L. Gill, Saucier, Special Honors 4.0; Brandon C. Byrd, Wiggins; Bria Pitts, Carriere; Brian A. Malley, Saucier; Briana P. Cooley, Lucedale; Briana N. Cordoba, Iuka; Brianna L. Medina, Ocean Springs; Brice A. Thomas, Bay St. Louis; Brigitte C. Mallett, Vancleave, Honors; Britney L. Butler, Lumberton, Special Honors; Brittany E. Jones, Madisonville; Brittany N. Dearman, Perkinston; Brittany A. Morgan, Saucier; Brittany N. Williams, Vancleave, Honors; Brittney R. Holley, Perkinston; Brittony B. Baumunk, Saucier, Special Honors 4.0; Brooke O. Rosetti, Perkinston, Special Honors; Bryce W. Jackson, Moss Point; Caid J. Louviere, Biloxi, Special Honors; Caitlin J. Dalrymple, Perkinston; Caleb L. Crawley, Wiggins, Special Honors; Caley N. Grimstead, Biloxi, Honors; Candice S. Calloway, Hattiesburg; Carl Lorenzo, Long Beach; Carlos E. Rojas, Waveland, Special Honors; Catelyn E. Williams, Ocean Springs, Honors; Catherine A. Fillingame, McHenry; Charda’ T. Boone, Pascagoula; Charles A. Smith, Picayune; Charles G. Evans, Wiggins, Honors; Chasatie Coulter, Wiggins, Special Honors; Chase B. Weathersby, Wiggins; Chellsa R. Moody, Gulfport; Chelsea A. Sullivan, Hattiesburg, Special Honors 4.0; Chelsea S. Garriga, Kiln; Chelsea N. Martin, Long Beach; Chelsea K. Marshall, Wiggins; Chevarres D. Smith, Gulfport; Cheyenne C. Green, Perkinston; Christa A. Owen, Wiggins, Special Honors 4.0; Christian L. Wise, Gautier, Honors; Christian A. Graham, Long Beach, Honors; Christopher B. Hilbun, Lucedale; Christopher E. Marshall, Moss Point; Christopher A. McSparrin, Perkinston; Chrystal L. Whaley, Brooklyn, Honors; Ciara L. Williams, Pascagoula, Special Honors; Cilinda N. Brown, Kokomo; Clifford L. Bryant, Eight Mile; Clifton R. McKissick, Lucedale; Cobie Z. Taylor, Columbia; Cody J. Logan, Bay St. Louis; Cody P. Vaughn, Lucedale, Honors; Cody L. Dedeaux, Lumberton; Colby A. Chandler, Petal; Conner J. Entriken, Pass Christian, Honors; Constance D. Watson, Ocean Springs, Honors; Corban J. Ainsworth, Wiggins, Honors; Cory N. Kitchens, Heidelberg; Courtney D. Pullom, Pascagoula, Honors; Courtney A. Beesley, Wiggins; Crystal C. Duncan, McHenry; Dalton S. Sears, Ocean Springs; Dalvin R. Wilson, Wiggins; Daniel J. Bush, Gautier; Daniel De Los Santos, Lancaster; Danielle L. Bounds, Byram, Special Honors 4.0; Danielle E. Hunt, Perkinston, Special Honors; Darius D. Stallworth, Moss Point; Darrell F. Breland, Lumberton; Darren M. Hall, Lumberton; David R. Brown, Perkinston, Special Honors; Dayshaun M. Smith, Wiggins; Dede W. Davidson, Lucedale, Special Honors; Denarius D. Odell, Jackson; Deonte P. Buckner, Pearl, Special Honors; Desmond D. Taylor, Picayune; Destiny L. Patterson-Shaw, Perkinston; Diandra L. Douglas, Perkinston; Dillon D. Drake, Brandon, Honors; Dillon A. Fell, Pascagoula; Dionne S. Johnson, Wiggins; Dominique A. McArthur, Gulfport, Honors; Donald L. Thomas, Hattiesburg; Dontarria S. Hull, Gulfport; Dustin Z. Roberts, Gulfport; Edward D. Carranza, Gulfport, Special Honors; Edward C. Galloway, Lucedale; Elishea Cunningham, Moss Point; Elizabeth D. Griffin, Biloxi; Elizabeth D. Sharon, Gulfport, Honors; Emily M. Price, Perkinston, Honors; Emily H. Ealy, Wiggins; Ethan R. Fayard, Perkinston; Eva M. Keeton, Vancleave, Special Honors; Evan M. Peters, Ocean Springs, Honors; Felicia E. Martin, Gulfport, Honors; Garrett T. Stansbury, Ocean Springs; Gideon N. Brimingham, Gulfport; Hailey G. Gardner, Lucedale, Honors; Haley L. Jones, Hattiesburg; Halle S. Moye, Lucedale, Honors; Harvey Hubbard, Poplarville; Hayden R. Clegg, Vancleave; Heather L. McRae, Lucedale; Heather L. Hunt, Perkinston; Hellanisa R. Young, Wiggins; Hunter B. Holcomb, Purvis; Ian M. Magandy, Long Beach, Special Honors; Isaiah E. Brunet, Gautier; Jackie Kappel, Biloxi; Jacob E. Monk, Biloxi, Special Honors; Jacob A. Lachner, McHenry; Jacqueline A. Waller, Saucier; Jamaar A. Cole, Foxworth; Jamarri D. Johnson, Shuqualak; James C. Booth, Gulfport; James M. Reece, Gulfport; James E. Levens, Long Beach, Special Honors; James F. O’Neil, Perkinston; Jamie M. Johnson, Vancleave; Jamie D. Smith, Wiggins; Jamon E. Butler, Hattiesburg; Januari L. Naquin, Gulfport; Jared S. Makamson, Long Beach; Jarrad D. White, Madison; Jasmin Ford, Pearl; Jasmine S. Wells, Wiggins; Jasmyn R. Crear, Wiggins, Honors; Jason M. Barnett, Gulfport; Jason D. Smith, Mobile; Jatarris D. Willis, Wiggins; Jeffrey E. Touchstone, Perkinston, Honors; Jennifer R. Stapel, Gulfport, Special Honors; Jennifer L. Rutherford, Long Beach; Jennifer C. Tinnin, Long Beach, Honors; Jerelle M. Frazier, Ocean Springs; Jeremiah O. Beard, Lucedale; Jeremy Cutrer, Kentwood; Jereny M. Nava, Ocean Springs; Jerrod A. Lynn, Biloxi; Jessica D. Fowler, Gulfport; Jessica L. Peters, Wiggins; Jessica S. Shockley, Wiggins, Honors; Jillian J. Gray-Clark, Coden, Honors; Jimmy T. Nguyen, Long Beach, Special Honors; Jocelyn M. Ellis, Moon Township; John C. Eure, Biloxi; John A. Robinson, Biloxi, Special Honors; John N. Baskin, Perkinston, Honors; John G. Miley, Tupelo; John L. Goss, Wiggins; Johnathan R. Goliday, Madison; Johnny G. Kirkland, Perkinston, Honors; Jonathon L. Boyle, , Special Honors; Jose C. Quan, , Special Honors 4.0; Joseph R. Womble, Moss Point; Joseph A. Lewis, Ocean Springs; Joseph T. Nunez, Wiggins; Joseph D. Woodard, Wiggins; Joshua G. Oliver, Gulfport; Joshua L. Britton, Mobile; Joshua L. Jones, Perkinston; Joshua T. Mckinley, Vancleave; Jovante R. Minix, Greenville; Judy E. Stalling, Gulfport; Juleah N. Baxton, Gulfport; Justin l. Ireland, Biloxi; Justin E. White, Lucedale; Justin Coleman, Nashville; Justin M. Peresich, Ocean Springs; Justin K. Rigney, Perkinstin; Kadeem C. McGowan, Gulfport; Kadejah M. Todd, Hattiesburg; Kaitlyn F. Mccaughan, Gulfport; Kaitlyn M. Clark, Lucedale; Kalyn J. Burge, Lucedale, Special Honors; Kalynn K. Smith, Hattiesburg, Honors; Kamae A. Wilkinson, Gulfport; Kamryn M. Theriot, Plaquemine, Honors; Kara E. Morrison, Saucier, Honors; Kara L. Taylor, Wiggins, Honors; Kari A. Bailen, Gulfport, Honors; Katelyn E. Swackhamer, Perkinston; Kayla R. Hunt, Wiggins; Kaylan M. Lee, Perkinston, Special Honors 4.0; Keaira Herron, Jayess; Keirra M. Jordan, Gulfport; Keisha D. Fredericks, Pass Christian; Keith A. Ludgood, Lucedale, Honors; Keiwanna M. Holloman, Moss Point; Kenneth T. Payne, Cedar Lake; Kenneth R. Warren, Pass Christian; Kenny Lopez, Wiggins; Keonna D. Taylor, Wiggins; Keundrea P. Gray, Wiggins, Special Honors; Kevin J. Phillips, Greenwood, Honors; Kody C. Beech, Wiggins, Special Honors; Koneshia L. Lewis, Ocean Springs, Honors; Krista L. O’Neal, Saucier; Kristi R. Gibson, Wiggins; Kristy M. Kaletsch, Long Beach; Kyle O. Bennett, D’Iberville; Lacey A. Harris, Gulfport, Honors; Lacey R. McDonald, Perkinston; Lafayette D. Jackson, Columbia; Lakindra D. Williams, Mobile; LaTonya A. Johnson, Hattiesburg; Lauren A. Pope, Biloxi; Lavonda L. Buie, Roxie; Lawrence A. Jones, Laurel; Leanna S. Gottberg, Gulfport; Lindsay J. Reitz, Lucedale; Lindsey E. Simmons, Gulfport; Lindsey J. Anderson, Ocean Springs, Honors; Lisa N. Ritzer, McHenry; Lloyd G. Dedeaux, Wiggins, Honors; Loretta L. Taylor, Wiggins; Lowen A. Collins, Wiggins, Honors; Luca D. Scuderi, Gulfport; Madeline P. Groue, Ocean Springs, Honors; Malena F. Mccloud, Gulfport; Margaret D. Hervert, Mobile; Mariah G. Lewis, Philadelphia; Mark A. Myers, Wiggins; Martinas O. Rankin, Mendenhall, Honors; Mary M. Acklin, McHenry, Honors; Matthew G. Barlow, Gautier; Matthew B. Hecker, Ocean Springs; Matthew L. Phillips, Perkinston, Special Honors 4.0; Matthew A. Marcukaitis, Saucier; Matthew S. Trigg, Waynesboro; Maurice T. Swain, West Point; Mccall E. Andrews, D’Iberville; Mckensie A. Chancellor, Waynesboro, Special Honors; Meagan A. Corley, Gulfport, Honors; Meddol R. Francis, Biloxi; Megan D. Thompson, Brooklyn, Honors; Melinda A. Singley, Gulfport; Melissa A. Wright, Gulfport, Special Honors 4.0; Michael W. Mosby, Lucedale; Michelle G. Rester, Perkinston, Honors; Michelle L. Collins, Saucier, Honors; Miranda L. Simmons, Wiggins; Mirna M. Machado, Tegucigalpa, Special Honors; Mitchell K. Cecatiello, Pascagoula, Honors; Monica P. McLaurin, Biloxi; Morgan B. Cauthen, Pearl, Special Honors; Morgan D. Martin, Wiggins; Morgan L. Strickland, Wiggins, Honors; Nakesha P. Robinson, Wiggins; Nathaniel L. Sharp, Gulfport; Nelson Q. Brooks, Pascagoula; Nicholas A. Breland, Perkinston; Nicole M. Fisher, Saucier; Orlando V. Givens, Biloxi; Paris N. Jackson, Wiggins, Honors; Patrick A. Aucoin, Biloxi; Patrick M. McMahon, D’Iberville; Peter J. Mersdorf, Lucedale, Honors; Phalen A. Booker, Waveland, Special Honors; Preston F. Carpenter, Wiggins; Prochorus D. Lewis, Tylertown; Quarves D. Thigpen, Biloxi; Ralph R. Harris, Pass Christian, Honors; Randel T. Rachel, Brandon; Rashad Perkins, Starkville; Rashaud N. Moore, Powder Springs; Raven M. Carlton, Perkinston; Reagan Davison, Gulfport, Honors; Reagan A. Prentiss, Leakesville; Rebecca L. Saussaye, Gulfport; Rebecca M. Crosby, Moss Point, Special Honors; Renee M. Lebourgeois, Bay St. Louis; Richard H. Clark, Long Beach, Honors; Richard A. Pribanic, Lucedale, Honors; Richard J. Lo Piccolo, New Orleans; Robert C. Sikorski, Perkinston; Robert S. Brown, Saucier; Robin E. Mitchell, Saucier; Roderick L. Massey, Moss Point; Rodger M. Stanton, Gautier; Rodriquez A. Williams, Bassfield; Roger C. Woods, Jackson; Royd D. Heuss, Wiggins; Ryan M. Welch, Macon; Ryne W. Long, Moss Point; Samantha G. Ulit-Yuhudah, Gautier, Honors; Saquanda S. Johnson, D’Iberville; Sarah E. Dutton, Biloxi, Special Honors 4.0; Sarah M. Slade, Brooklyn; Sarah E. Graham, Perkinston, Honors; Sarah Rogers, Wiggins; Savanna R. Smith, Wiggins; Sean M. Pierce, Gulfport; Serena E. Bouzemann, Moss Point, Honors; Shaela S. Reid, Biloxi; Shakerra M. McGilberry, Biloxi; Shalante R. Evans, Wiggins; Shameeka S. Nobles, Columbia; Shanna P. McDaniel, Perkinston; Shannon S. Richardson, Gulfport, Honors; Shelby N. McLeod, Biloxi; Stance B. Byrd, Lucedale, Honors; Stefanie R. Wells, Biloxi; Stephanie B. Williams, Lumberton, Honors; Stephanie L. Gieger, Mandeville; Steven A. Price, Bassfield; Summer M. Pierce, Vancleave; Takeysha R. Fairley, Wiggins; Tamara L. McDonald, Gulfport; Tamara D. Underwood, Gulfport; Tara E. Farmer, Wiggins; Tashara S. Thompson, Hattiesburg, Honors; Tatiana M. Tritle, Lucedale, Honors; Taylor D. Wood, Biloxi, Honors; TeAnna T. Culberson, Purvis; Tessa G. Williamson, Perkinston; Thaddius T. Kelly, Wiggins; Thaunica L. Perryman, Wiggins; Theresa D. Coulter, Wiggins; Thomas A. Horn, Ocean Springs, Special Honors; Thomas D. Mclure, Perkinston; Thomas M. O’Neal, Perkinston, Honors; Tia D. Wedgeworth, Lumberton; Tiffany M. Smith, Moss Point; Tiffany D. Stewart, Moss Point; Tina M. Bourgeois, Pass Christian; Tommie K. Kyle, Lucedale; Tony J. Bridges, Collins; Tonya L. McDowell, Long Beach, Honors; Tori S. Jellison, Wiggins; Travis M. Deloach, Hattiesburg; Travous Wilson, Jackson; Trevon T. Ratliff, Prentiss; Trevor Strong, Bay St. Louis, Special Honors 4.0; Trevor L. Norris, Gulfport; Trevor R. Mallette, Poplarville; Trimiya M. King, Wiggins; Tristan K. Reynolds, Petal; Tyler J. McCann, Leakesville; Tyler D. Mergenschroer, Lucedale; Tyler S. Youngblood, Ocean Springs; Tyler G. Dalton, Saucier; Tyler N. Johnson, Saucier, Special Honors 4.0; Tyrone A. Williams, Diamondhead; Tyshara L. Mobley, Biloxi, Special Honors 4.0; Valeria D. Enriquez, Gulfport; Vanessa J. Stiglets, Gulfport; Vick A. Gauthreaux, Pass Christian; Victoria C. Fisher, Moss Point, Honors; Victoria M. Rose, Wiggins, Honors; William B. Wright, Biloxi; Willie J. Palmer, Wiggins; Winston Q. Dunn, Gulfport, Honors; Winston D. Wilson, Ocean Springs; Yasmine L. Bolton, Lumberton; and Zachary S. Tranum, Madison, Honors.

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