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In a bold leap towards her dream of becoming a professional animator, Kyla Ramos, a proud alumna of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, is making waves this month as she begins her journey toward a bachelor’s degree at the illustrious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia.

Known as the “Harvard” of art schools, SCAD is renowned for offering an extensive number of degree programs and specializations in the arts, making it a perfect incubator for nurturing creative talents and propelling them into dynamic careers.

Kyla’s artistic aspirations took root during the first quarantine, providing her with ample time to shape her college plans. “I fell in love with SCAD’s programs and the school overall,” she remarked, reflecting on the pivotal moment during her senior year in high school.

Having been inspired by another student’s successful transfer from MGCCC to SCAD, Kyla embarked on her academic journey at MGCCC’s Harrison County Campus, where she found an ideal environment that catered to her personal and creative needs.

“The sense of community at the Harrison County Campus is comfortable for introverted people,” she said. “I loved how I could work on anything anywhere on campus. Help was always offered, solutions always created for anything I had trouble with.”

The MGCCC community played a significant role in Kyla’s growth as an artist. Reflecting on her time at the college, she emphasized the invaluable support and technical tools she received, crediting MGCCC as a vital contributor to her artistic development.

2-D arts instructor Cecily Cummings, expressed her admiration for Kyla. “Kyla is a dedicated, hardworking artist, and I’m so glad I was able to have her in my courses before she takes her next big step.,” she said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes at SCAD and in the world of animation.”

With an overwhelming amount of support from her class and instructors, Ramos is poised to embrace this new chapter at SCAD with excitement and determination. “SCAD has been a dream since the moment I realized what I wanted,” she said. “To say I’m excited is an understatement. It’s a completely new journey that I hope will change me for the better.”

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