Giovanni Pena is a student in the Electrical Tech Program at Harrison County Campus. The building behind him is a project that students are working on to give them a feel for wiring a whole house.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s Electrical Technology program has been named one of the nation’s best programs, according to Degree Choices. The program, located at the Harrison County Campus and the George County Center, offers students a comprehensive degree in just one year that includes knowledge-based and hands-on training.

Dr. Erin Riggins, vice president of MGCCC’s Harrison County Campus, expressed enthusiasm about the recognition. “This acknowledgment underscores our commitment to providing top-tier education. We’re dedicated to preparing students for success in a field that is not only in high demand but also financially rewarding.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a robust six percent growth in electrician jobs from 2022-2032, outpacing the average. Furthermore, the median income for electricians is $60,240 based on the Bureau’s 2023 survey.

Brent Bond, an MGCCC Electrical Technology instructor, highlighted the program’s hands-on approach. “Our students receive cutting-edge training that aligns with industry needs,” he said. “We take pride in nurturing skilled professionals who are ready to meet the challenges of the evolving electrical landscape.”

Degree Choices selected schools based on their relative financial value, emphasizing the return on student investment in tuition compared to starting salaries and earnings comparisons across colleges.

MGCCC continues to shine as a leader in education, focusing on student success. The Electrical Technology program is one of the college’s more than 50 excellent career and technical programs that are preparing students for dynamic, high-demand, well-paying careers.

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