Homeschool Preview Event attendees enjoyed a day of informational sessions and tours of the Perkinston Campus.Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College welcomed over 111 individuals to its Homeschool Preview Event held at the Perkinston Campus on May 15. The event served as a platform to showcase the myriad of opportunities available at the college and offered valuable insights into various academic and extracurricular offerings.

Attendees were provided with comprehensive information covering a range of topics including ACT preparation, scholarship and financial aid opportunities, career and technical programs, dual credit, dual enrollment, and Collegiate Academy information. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to explore the campus through guided tours.

Dr. Brad Bailey, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Strategy & Communication at MGCCC, expressed enthusiasm about the event, stating, “We are excited to be able to showcase the wonderful opportunities that MGCCC has to offer to homeschool families. MGCCC funnels information daily to public and private high schools through their counselors, career coaches, and administrators. We want to provide the same flow of information to our homeschool students through our incredible recruiting team.”

Dr. Bailey emphasized the institution’s commitment to serving the homeschool community, citing the event as the beginning of an intentional and ongoing effort. “MGCCC wants to be the higher education institution of choice for homeschool families in the Gulf Coast region,” he affirmed. “We have such a wide variety of things to offer these students, from excellent scholarships to leadership opportunities, outstanding career and technical programs for those interested in getting started in a career field quickly, and strong academic programs that offer the best opportunities for transfer to universities and four-year colleges with excellent scholarships.”

The event also facilitated engaging informational and Q&A sessions, providing valuable guidance to both students and parents on navigating the admission and registration processes at MGCCC.

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