How to Obtain Disability Accommodations at MGCCC

Accommodations for students attending Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College include a range of services, equipment and modifications, designed to allow you to do your best. Accommodations vary according to the disability.

In order to receive accommodations in time for your classes, we recommend taking these steps at least three weeks prior to registration. However, if you are already enrolled, please contact the appropriate Student Support Personnel as soon as possible.

Remember: It is your responsibility to inform the college of your needs and to request accommodations from the appropriate personnel. Failure to notify the college means that you will not have accommodations for your classes.

  1. Contact Student Support Services

    Your first step is to identify yourself as a student with a disability. Complete the “Disability Accommodations Request Form” and submit it to Student Support Services Personnel on the campus or center nearest you.

    Disability Accommodations Request Form

  2. Gather Documentation

    Your next step is to obtain documentation of your disability and provide this information to the Student Support Services personnel.

    Because reasonable accommodations are based on the current impact of a disorder or impairment, it is necessary that all documentation and testing should be no more than three years old. The Student Support Services personnel will consider your requests based on documentation submitted.

  3. Schedule an Appointment

    Once you have documentation, make an appointment with the appropriate Student Support Services Personnel to discuss your particular needs.

    Once your documentation has been received and the appropriate paperwork completed, your requests will be reviewed.

  4. Once You’re Approved

    1. Once the accommodation, in the form of auxiliary aids and services, is formally approved, the Coordinator of Student Support Services will send a letter to the student’s instructor(s) listing the approved accommodation(s) for that particular student via the college email system.
    2. Copies of approved accommodations will be given to you.
    3. The student is encouraged to make an initial contact with the instructor at the first of class and set up a time to discuss the accommodations.
    4. Accommodations are valid beginning on the date of the letter.
    5. During the term, if you realize that an accommodation is not working or that you need additional support, please bring that to the attention of the appropriate personnel as soon as possible.
    6. Feel free to discuss with your instructors any questions or concerns about your accommodations. It is recommended that you take a copy of your accommodations to your instructors for verification.
    7. Student Support Services will make arrangements for electronic textbooks, readers and scribes, software, sign language interpreters, electronic recording devices, adaptive listening devices, etc., as necessary.
    8. Instructors will coordinate all in-classroom accommodations, such as note takers and testing accommodations.