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Have you contacted your faculty adviser for an appointment? You must meet with your adviser to enroll in classes.


No, I have not met my faculty adviser to receive my registration PIN.

Contact your faculty adviser

  1. Visit Web Services. The log-in information for Web Services is the same as for Canvas and student email.
  2. Find your faculty adviser’s name and contact information under the PERSONAL INFORMATION tab in Web Services.

Your faculty adviser will help you review your progress toward meeting graduation requirements and advise you on classes to take in the next semester.

You will also receive your registration PIN that is needed to complete the enrollment process.

If you can’t reach your faculty adviser, please visit an Enrollment Services Center.

Yes, I have met my faculty adviser and received my registration PIN.

Use the College Schedule Planner feature in Web Services to select and register for classes.

Visit Web Services. The log-in information for Web Services is the same as for Canvas and student email.

Once in Web Services, select the STUDENT tab, then the REGISTRATION link, then click on the SCHEDULE PLANNER link.

  1. Select SPRING 2019 term.
  2. Select the campus where you wish to attend classes.
  3. Add the courses you wish to take.
  4. Add breaks to block off times when you do not want to take classes.
  5. Generate all possible schedules.
    NOTE: If there are classes you don’t want to consider taking online, click on the OPTIONS for each class and unselect online and/or times you don’t want.
  6. Select VIEW to see each schedule generated.
  7. Click on the LOCK symbol for each class you want to select.
  8. Send your completed schedule to the SHOPPING CART.
  9. Click on the SHOPPING CART to send your schedule to REGISTRATION.
  10. Enter your REGISTRATION PIN to complete the enrollment process.(Registration PIN provided by faculty adviser.)

To secure your classes after enrolling, visit Business Services or confirm your financial aid is in place.

LAST DAY to register for full-term spring classes is January 11, 2019!

Classes start January 14