Helping female student register for classes at a laptop

It’s time to Register for Classes at MGCCC!

You must meet with with your Faculty Advisor and receive your PIN before you can register for classes.

Contact your Faculty Advisor

Visit MyGulfCoast

See the Academic Profile widget to find your advisor.

If you can’t reach your Faculty Advisor

Advising Coordinators

Contact the advising coordinator for your school and campus if you cannot reach your advisor.

Yes, I have met my faculty adviser and received my registration PIN

How to use the College Scheduler feature in MyGulfCoast to select and register for classes

Visit, or try the MGCCC MyGulfCoast app available in the Android and
Apple app stores. (The log-in information for MyGulfCoast is the same as Canvas and student email.)

  1. Select Academic Profile under Widgets and then click View Degree Works.
  2. Click PLANS in Degree Works.
  3. Select the Active and Locked PLAN from the Plan List if you have multiple plans.
    (If you do not have a PLAN created from your advisor but have been advised on classes to take, you can proceed to Step #7)
  4. View the semester you are registering for.
  5. If there are any Choice (orange bar) courses, select Edit This Requirement from Ellipsis.
  6. Select your choice or add a course under choice requirement and save
    (Orange bar courses will not show in Schedule Planner if not selected).
  7. Under LINKS, click Schedule Planner.
  8. Select the term of your choice
    (cannot view courses until registration opens for that semester).
  9. Select the campus you want to attend.
  10. Click Instructional Format to choose what instructional format you prefer.
  11. Select Add Course.
  12. Select the Degree Works tab to add your courses from your Degree Works PLAN.
    (If there are no courses under your Degree Works tab, select By Subject tab and begin adding courses discussed prior with your advisor. If you have your CRN provided to you, you may use the Add by CRN tab)
  13. Add breaks to block off times when you do not want to take classes.
  14. Generate all possible schedules. Note: If there are classes you don’t want to consider taking online, click Options for each class and unselect online and/or times you don’t want.
  15. Select View to see each schedule generated.
  16. Send your completed schedule to the Shopping Cart by clicking the blue Send to Shopping Cart button.
  17. Once your completed schedule is in your Shopping Cart, click the blue Register button.
  18. Enter your Registration PIN when prompted and select Register.
  19. You will receive a notification once your registration has been complete.


To secure your classes after enrolling, Make a Payment or enroll in a Payment Plan.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit your most convenient Enrollment Services or contact your faculty advisor.