Student strolls leisurely through sunlit campus.

The various committees of the QEP process have been and continue to be the vitally important driving force in the successful completion of the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan. Students, faculty, staff, administration and business/industry partners have worked together to reach the Implementation Phase. In that phase, led by QEP Director Dr. Brad Bailey, the QEP topic will be successfully executed.

Topic Selection Committee

Dr. Jonathan Woodward, Harrison County
Dr. Suzi Brown, Harrison County

Aren Watts, Perkinston
Madison Kuhn, Jackson County
Casey Clemons, Harrison County

Dr. Jordan Sanderson, Jackson County
Dr. Madelon Gruich, Harrison County
Karla Smith, Harrison County
Patrick Wilcher, Perkinston

Staff & Administrators
Anika Morgan, Harrison County
Libby Richmond, Harrison County
Lisa Dickens, George County
Dr. Amanda Kale, Institutional Research
Dr. Jason Beverly, Perkinston
John Shows, District Office

Topic Development Committee

Dr. Jonathan Woodward, Harrison County
QEP Lead
Dr. Brad Bailey, Jackson County
Dr. Suzi Brown, Harrison County

Tea Burdine, Jackson County
Rebecca Davis, Jackson County

John Poelma, Jackson County
Lisa Hudgins, Jackson County
Dr. Jordan Sanderson, Jackson County
Pam Jones, Harrison County
Brian Donegan, Harrison County
Dr. Madelon Gruich, Harrison County
Angela Butler, Perkinston
Dr. Gaye Winter, Perkinston
Jameka Thigpen, West Harrison

Staff & Administrators
Shelly Ford, District Office
William Overstreet, George County
Dr. Jason Beverly, Perkinston
Millie Bordelon, West Harrison
Dr. Adam Swanson, Institutional Research

Chamber of Commerce
Hannah Burnett
Tracy Yanez

Implementation Committee

Facilitation Subcommittee

Bobby Ghosal (Chair),
Dean of Teaching & Learning, Perkinston

John Shows,
Associate Vice President of Community Campus & Career Technical Education, Community Campus

Brock Clark,
Dean of Career Technical & Workforce Development, Community Campus

Jeremy Daughtry,
Assistant Dean of Teaching & Learning, Harrison County

Brian Donegan,
Career Program Chair, Harrison County

Zackary Moulds,
Administrative Dean, George County

Terri Sasser,
Assistant Dean of Teaching & Learning/Career Program Chair, Jackson County

Budget Subcommittee

Ebby Dedeaux (Chair),
Assistant Comptroller, District Office

Rebecca Layton,
Dean of Business Services, Perkinston

Employee Development Subcommittee

Carin Platt (Chair),
Social Sciences/Improvement of Study Instructor, Jackson County

Kim Sellers, Health,
Physical Education & Recreation Instructor, Jackson County

Candace Poulos,
Social Studies/Improvement of Study Instructor, Harrison County

Robin Lyons,
Language Arts Department Chair/Instructor, Perkinston

Valerie Cleckler,
Social Studies/Improvement of Study Instructor, George County

Jameka Thigpen,
Work Ready Trainer, West Harrison

Irvette Dove,
WIOA Youth Instructor, Community Campus

Assessment Subcommittee

Adam Swanson (Chair),
Associate Vice President, Institutional Research & Effectiveness, District Office

Lisa Rhodes,
Dean of Teaching & Learning, Jackson County

Erin Riggins,
Dean of Teaching & Learning, Harrison County

Millie Hyatt-Bordelon,
Work Ready Director, West Harrison

Angela Butler,
Career Program Chair, Perkinston

Resource Subcommittee

Vanessa Ritchie (Chair),
Assistant Dean of LRC, Perkinston

Shugana Williams,
Librarian, Perkinston

Ed Hicks,
Automotive Technology Instructor, Harrison County

Jefferson Reid,
Welding Instructor, Perkinston

Eric Shoemaker,
IT Technician Technology Instructor, Perkinston

Bryce Alexander,
Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology Student, Jackson County

Kyle Nelson,
Welding Technology Student, George County

Jacob Ryan,
Welding Technology Student, Perkinston

Hugh Brennan,
Commercial Residential Construction Technology Student, Perkinston

Graycyn Worsham,
Instrumentation & Controls Technology Student, Jackson County

Lindsey Mergenschroer,
Cosmetology Student, George County

Marketing Subcommittee

Christen Duhé (Chair),
Associate Vice President of Institutional Relations, District Office

Jason Beverly,
Dean of Student Services, Harrison County

Kathy McAdams,
Public Information Coordinator, District Office

Kim Jones,
Communications & Marketing Specialist, District Office

Steven Hebert,
Chief Creative Officer, District Office

Michael Graham,
Webmaster, District Office

Crystal Woodhouse,
Residence Hall Supervisor, Perkinston

Morgan Rich,
Public Relations & Marketing Student, Jackson County

Members at Large

Brad Bailey,
Chair of QEP Implementation Committee, QEP Director,
Public Speaking Instructor/Fine Arts Department Chair, Jackson County

Jordan Sanderson,
Language Arts Instructor/Department Chair, Jackson County

Delana Harris,
Dean of Enrollment, District Office

Casey Covacevich,
Administrative Assistant, West Harrison

Organizational Chart


Dr. Carla Stout
QEP Director

Dr. Brad Bailey
QEP Co-chair

Dr. Jonathan Woodward
QEP Chair

Dr. Suzana Brown
QEP Co-chair

Dr. Jordan Sanderson
QEP Co-chair