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Following the Board of Trustees’ approval of Essential Skills as the QEP topic in early 2018, the College President and MGCCC’s Executive Council appointed a QEP Development Committee that included faculty, staff, a community stakeholder, and a student representing the various components of the MGCCC District.


The QEP Development Committee met during spring semester 2018 to review the literature and identify best practices related to essential skills for employment. The Development Committee used Strategic Plan 2020 , planning documents, and research to guide the discussion and outcomes for students.

The purpose of the QEP is to propagate a culture of essential skills improvement among career students, employees, and stakeholders by aligning academic and support services with best practices and resources that empower students to take ownership of their essential skills needs related to attendance / punctuality, listening, and speaking.

In summer 2018, the QEP Development Committee cultivated and refined actions for implementation and assessment. The QEP Development team identified three QEP Commitments that provide a framework to facilitate the implementation and assessment of the QEP. The term QEP “commitment” is used in lieu of “goal” or “institutional outcome” because that terminology aligns with Strategic Plan 2020 and better describes the disposition of the institution toward the QEP – a commitment to be kept rather than a goal to be reached.


The QEP Development Committee collaborated with all Career instructors to embed the three essential skills (three SLOs) in each semester of every Career program. This approach facilitates implementation over four semesters in each program. One of the three essential skills, Attendance/ Punctuality, will be addressed and encouraged in every course in the Career programs and the university parallel courses that Career students take during their final semester of the stackable credentials. In addition, specific classes were identified during each semester to introduce and develop two of the essential skills: Listening and Speaking. Defined areas of focus within Listening and Speaking were developed for each of the four semesters of stackable credentials. This allowed consistent implementation and assessment among all Career programs.

SLO #2 and #3 - Listening and Speaking


Dr. Carla Stout
QEP Director

Dr. Brad Bailey
QEP Co-chair

Dr. Jonathan Woodward
QEP Chair

Dr. Suzana Brown
QEP Co-chair

Dr. Jordan Sanderson
QEP Co-chair