Odean Gordon

His decision to join MGCCC as a staff member stems from a deep connection forged during his student years. He shares, “My decision to work here was because of the influences I received as a former student which created a strong connection to MGCCC. By choosing to work here, I am seeking to give back, contribute to the community, and continue the legacy of support and guidance that I had received.”

Being a first-generation college student hasn’t deterred him; instead, it has fueled his determination. In addition to his full-time role as a Student Support representative, Odean is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work from Jackson State University. His commitment extends beyond academia, as he generously volunteers his time at various organizations, including the Raven’s Nest Food Pantry @ALEC, where he plays a crucial role in supporting those in need.

Odean wears many hats outside of his professional and academic pursuits. He serves as an assistant administrator with the Abundant Life Evangelistic Church Media Team, a board member of the Perkinson Campus Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry, and a member of the Krewe of Throw Me Something Mister. His diverse involvements reflect his dedication to making a positive impact on both the college community and the community at large.

A veteran of the Mississippi Air National Guard, he attributes much of his success and personal growth to the mentorship he has received. He expresses his gratitude, saying, “I wouldn’t be able to complete all the things I have or continue to do without the mentorship of individuals like Dr. Jason Beverly, Dr. Carmen Walters, and Bishop Jason Johnson. They have provided guidance, support, inspiration, and valuable knowledge that has helped shape my personal and professional growth.”

As an immigrant, he draws strength from the actions and words of his mentors, which have instilled confidence and motivation in him to pursue his goals. Their guidance has not only facilitated his journey but has also imparted valuable life lessons that continue to shape Odean’s remarkable story of resilience, service, and success.