Tytiana Buckley making a shot on the court

Tytiana’s journey at MGCCC began with a standout freshman year, where she displayed a remarkable all-around game. Averaging 8.0 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 1.1 assists, Tytiana quickly became a force to be reckoned with on the court. Her ability to score in double digits, including a season-high 19 points in a commanding victory over East Central, showcased her scoring prowess.

But her basketball journey didn’t start at MGCCC. In high school, Tytiana was a key player in leading Meridian to the Class 6A state championship, cementing her status as a top-tier athlete. Her outstanding performance earned her a spot on the Capital Sports Group All-State Honorable Mention Team, setting the stage for her continued success at the collegiate level.

Fast forward to her sophomore year, and Tytiana Buckley has taken her game to new heights. With a remarkable 13.8 points per game average over 22 games played, she’s been a consistent scoring force for the Bulldogs. Not content with just points, Tytiana has embraced the role of a leader alongside her fellow sophomores, propelling the team to the No. 1 slot this season.

Tytiana’s stats this year speak volumes about her impact on the court. Averaging an impressive 8.5 rebounds per game, she has demonstrated her prowess not just as a scorer but as a versatile player. Her three-point shooting skills are a deadly asset, boasting a 37.2 percent accuracy that keeps opponents on their toes. And when it comes to free throws, Tytiana maintains a solid 62.3 percent average.

Offensively, she’s not just a threat – she’s a playmaker with 45 assists, showcasing her court vision and unselfish play. Defensively, Tytiana adds another layer to her game with 23 steals, disrupting opponents and turning defense into offense.

While the numbers showcase Tytiana’s on-court brilliance, her leadership and teamwork are equally invaluable. Alongside the three other sophomores, she’s been instrumental in driving the team’s success, proving that basketball is not just about individual performances but about the synergy of a united team.

As Tytiana continues to shine on the court, her journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes. Keep an eye on this rising star, for Tytiana Buckley is not just a player; she’s a force to be reckoned with.