b"installation, servicing, andcompression, and hydronic heatingCredit(s): 8 maintaining systems. (4,2,4)systems. (3,2,2) Topics covered include transformer, ACT 2414 - Heating,ACT 2624 - Heat Load andelectric codes, pole climbing and RUS Ventilation, AirAir Propertiesspecifications. (8,4,8) Conditioning, & Agriculture (AGR) Refrigeration ICredit(s): 4Credit(s): 4Introduction to heat load calculationsAGR 1112 - Survey of for residential and light commercialAgriculture This course includes residential air- heating, ventilation, air conditioning, conditioning including indoor airand refrigeration systems.Includes air distribution, duct sizing, selectionCredit(s): 2 quality. This course includes modules on basic maintenance, air qualityof grills and registers, types of fans, air velocity, and fan performance. An introductory course covering the equipment, troubleshooting cooling,general functions, organization, and and troubleshooting gas heating.Introduces air testing instruments and computer usage. (4,2,4)operation of the agricultural industry (4,2,4)in both national and international settings.(2,2,0) ACT 2424 - Heating,ACT 2913 - Special Project Ventilation, & Airin Heating, Ventilation, AirAGR 1214 - Animal Science Conditioning IIConditioning, & Refrigeration TechnologyCredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3Fundamental principles and practical A continuation of Heating,application of livestock, dairy, and Ventilation, and Air Conditioning IA course designed to provide thepoultry science.Origin, history, with modules related to introductionstudent with practical application ofcharacteristics, market classes, and to hydronic systems, troubleshootingskills and knowledge gained ingrades of the major breeds of heat pumps, and troubleshootingtechnical courses.The instructorlivestock and poultry.(4,3,2) accessories. (4,2,4)works closely with the students to ensure that the selection of a projectAGR 1313 - Plant Science ACT 2433 - Refrigerant,will enhance the student's learning experience. (3,2,2) Retrofit, and RegulationsCredit(s): 3Utility Lineman (ULT)Scientific principles as the basis for Credit(s): 3 practice in producing, handling,This course includes regulations andULT 1118 - Electric Linemanprocessing, marketing, and utilizing agronomic and horticultural crops.standards for new retrofit andI (3,3,1) government regulations.This course includes EPA regulations, local, andCredit(s): 8 state codes. (3,2,2)AGR 2413 - FarmThis course covers basic electricity,Management ACT 2513 - Heating SystemsOSHA standards, CPR instruction, and basic computer technology.Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3(8,4,8) Decision making in the organization Various types of residential andULT 1128 - Electric Linemanand operation of the farm business. commercial heating systems.ThisIIBasic principles of farm management, course includes gas, oil, electric,including records, finance, taxation and budgeting.(3,3,0) 270"