b'Credit(s): 3ART 2913 - Special Studioof braking systems problems and the repair of brake systems. (3,1,4) This course is directed toward anCredit(s): 3 introduction to different aspects andATT 1313 - Manual Drive materials of ceramic design.Independent study in an area ofTrains/Transaxles Instruction covers forming andspecial interest. Course designed for shaping by hand and by mechanicalthe exceptional student. Instructor means, various kiln operations,Credit(s): 3 approval dependent on discipline. Can understanding the nature of clay andonly take twice.Prerequisite: Six glazes and an appreciation ofThis is a course designed to provide semester hours of work in relatedadvanced skills and knowledge related functional and non functional forms.studio. (3,0,6)to the maintenance and repair of manual transmissions, transaxles, and ART 2623 - Ceramics IIAutomotive Technologydrive train components.It includes (ATT)instruction in the diagnosis of drive train problems, and the repair and Credit(s): 3maintenance of transmissions, ATT 1123 - Basictransaxles, clutches, CV joints, Continuation of skills introduced inElectrical/Electronicdifferentials, and other components. Ceramics I. Emphasis on individual(3,1,4) problem solving. Prerequisite: ART 2613 or permission of the instructor.Credit(s): 3 ATT 1424 - Engine (3,0,6) This course is designed to providePerformance I advanced skills and knowledge related ART 2633 - Sculpture Ito all components of the vehicle Credit(s): 4 electrical system, including lights, Credit(s): 3battery, and charging components.This is a course designed to provide (3,1,4)basic skills and knowledge related to Study of 3-D media and methodsthe engine mechanicals, ignition exploring substractive and additiveATT 1134 - Advancedsystem, fuel, air induction, exhaust sculpture process. (3,0,6) Electrical/Electronicsystems, and emission systems.It includes instruction, diagnosis, and ART 2713 - Art History Icorrection of problems associated Credit(s): 4 within these areas. (4,2,4) Credit(s): 3This is a course designed to provide advanced skills and knowledge relatedATT 1714 - Engine Repair Survey course of historicalto the components of the vehicle background of art forms fromelectrical system including gauges,Credit(s): 4 Prehistoric to Renaissance. Emphasisdriver information systems, horn, is on painting, architecture, andwiper/washer systems, andThis is a course designed to provide sculpture as related to history. (3,3,0)accessories. (4,2,4)advanced skills and knowledge related to the repair and rebuilding of ART 2723 - Art History IIATT 1213 - Brakesautomotive engines. It includes instruction and practice in the Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3diagnosis and repair of engine components including valve trains, Survey courses of historicalThis is a course designed to provideblocks, pistons and connecting rods, background of art forms fromadvanced skills and knowledge relatedcrankshafts, and oil pumps. (4,2,4) Renaissance to present with specialto the repair and maintenance of brake emphasis on contemporarysystems on automobiles.It includesATT 1811 - Introduction, expression. (3,3,0)instruction and practice in diagnosisSafety, and Employability Skills 272'