b'Credit(s): 1procedures, and service information. diagnosis of automatic transmissions Prerequisites: ATT 1714, ATT 1811 and transaxles.Includes instruction This is a course designed to provide(5,2,6)and practice of testing, inspecting, and knowledge of classroom and labrepairing/replacing of these devices. policies and procedures.SafetyATT 2214 - Light Duty Diesel(4,2,4) practices and procedures associatedEngine Performance with the automotive program andATT 2334 - Steering and automotive industry. (1,1,0)Suspension Systems Credit(s): 4 ATT 2112 - Introduction to This course covers terminology,Credit(s): 4 Light Duty Dieseltheory and operation of air induction Technology, Tools, andand boost technologies, exhaust, andThis is a course designed to provide Safetyemission controls used in light-dutyadvanced skills and knowledge related diesel engines.Topics includeto the inspection and repair of steering Credit(s): 2component identification, operation,and suspension systems of diagnosis and repair of air deliveryautomobiles.This course includes This course introduces basicsystems including turbochargers,instruction and practice in the knowledge and skills the student mustdiesel particulate filters and otherdiagnosis of steering system problems have to succeed in the Dieselexhaust catalysts.Upon completion,and the repair/replacement of Equipment Technology field.Topicsstudents should be able to demonstratesteering/suspension components. include an overview of diesel poweredskills necessary to research service(4,2,4) vehicles, diesel technology safetyinformation, and inspect, test, and skills, basic tools and equipment,repair induction, boost, and after- ATT 2434 - Engine reference materials, measuringtreatment components. PrerequisitePerformance II instruments, shop operation,Courses: ATT 1811, ATT mechanical fasteners, welding safety,1424 (4,2,2) Credit(s): 4 and basic welding skills.Classroom and lab experiences on safety,ATT 2224 - Light Duty Diesel This is a course designed to provide precision measuring, and basic shopElectricaladvanced skills and knowledge related practices are highly emphasized.to the ignition system, fuel, air (2,1,2) Prerequisite Courses: ATTCredit(s): 4induction, exhaust systems, and 1811 emission systems.It includes This course covers the theory andinstruction, diagnosis, and correction ATT 2125 - Light Duty Dieseloperation of electric-drive dieselof problems associated with in these Engine Repairvehicles. Topics include maintenance,areas. (4,2,4) diagnosis, repair and safety Credit(s): 5procedures for electrically propelledATT 2444 - Engine diesel vehicles. Upon completion,Performance III This course covers the theory,students should be able to perform construction, inspection, diagnosis,diagnostics, maintenance and repairs on electric and hybrid diesel vehicles.Credit(s): 4 and repair of internal combustion engines and related systems to lightPrerequisite Courses: ATT 1811, ATT 1123, ATT 1134(4,2,4) This is a course designed to provide duty diesel. Topics includeadvanced skills and knowledge related fundamental operating principles ofto the ignition system, fuel, air engines and diagnosis, inspection,induction, exhaust systems, and adjustment, and repair of automotiveATT 2324 - Automatic emission systems.It includes engines using appropriate serviceTransmissions/Transaxlesinstruction, diagnosis, and correction information. Upon completion,of problems associated with in these students should be able to performCredit(s): 4areas. (4,2,4) basic diagnosis, measurement and repair of light duty diesel enginesThis is a course designed to provide using appropriate tools, equipment,skills and knowledge related to the 273'