b'Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3BOT 1853 - Microsoft Excel II This course is designed to develop anThis course is an introduction to understanding of analyzing, recording,medical language relating to the classifying, and summarizingvarious body systems includingCredit(s): 3 financial information of a solehuman anatomy and physiology, proprietorship with insight intodiseases/pathology, physicalThis course is a continuation of interpreting and reporting theconditions, procedures, clinicalMicrosoft Excel I and focuses on resulting effects upon the business.specialties, and abbreviations.advanced functions and applications (3,3,0)Emphasis is placed on correct spellingof the software. Prerequisite:BOT and pronunciation. (3,2,2)1823 (3,2,2) BOT 1443 - Advanced BOT 1623 - MedicalBOT 2233 - Human Resource Business Accounting Terminology IIManagement Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 This course is a continuation of Business Accounting with emphasisThis course is a continuation ofThis course provides a general in advanced accounting topics. Medical Terminology I (BOT 1613),overview of the concepts and Prerequisite: BOT 1433 (3,3,0)which includes medical languageapplications of the many parts of relating to the various body systemsHuman Resources (HR). Students will including human anatomy andlearn how the interdependence of the BOT 1493 - Social Mediamajor topics in HR are created and Managementphysiology, diseases/pathology,implemented through the use of real physical conditions, procedures, clinical specialties, and abbreviations.world HR issues, community projects, Credit(s): 3Emphasis is placed on correct spellingand case studies. (3,3,0) and pronunciation. Prerequisite: BOT This course teaches students how to1613 or by consent of the instructor.BOT 2333 - Microsoft develop and maintain a social media(3,2,2)Access presence in a personal and professional capacity. Students willBOT 1713 - Mechanics ofCredit(s): 3 engage in community and internet-based projects with special emphasisCommunication on blogs, wikis, social networkingThis course applies database concepts sites, photo-sharing sites, instantCredit(s): 3for designing and manipulating data messaging, video-sharing sites,files and formatting output as complex podcasts, widgets, virtual worlds, andThis course is designed to develop thedocuments and reports using more. (3,3,0)basic English competencies necessaryMicrosoft Access. (3,2,2) for success in the business world. A BOT 1513 - Machinestudy of the parts of speech, sentenceBOT 2423 - Income Tax Transcriptionstructure, sentence types,Accounting capitalization, punctuation, and spelling is emphasized. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3BOT 1823 - MicrosoftThis course introduces tax accounting This course is designed to teach transcription of a wide variety ofExcel Iincluding federal income tax laws and business communications fromreport preparation. Prerequisite: BOT machine dictation. (3,2,2)Credit(s): 31433 or ACC 2213 . (3,2,2)BOT 1613 - MedicalThis course focuses on applicationBOT 2433 - QuickBooks Terminology IMicrosoft Excel as an aid to management decision making. Prerequisite:BOT 1313 (3,2,2) 278'