b"Credit(s): 3DNP 2223 -under varying road and climate Dietary/Nutritionalconditions. (4,1,6-10) Practical application of skills and Practicum II knowledge gained in other draftingDTV 1124 - Commercial courses. The instructor works closelyTruck Driving II with the student to ensure that theCredit(s): 3 selection of a project will enhance the student's learning experienceThis course is designed forCredit(s): 4 Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.Dietary/Nutritional majors as a pre-(3,0,6)professional field experience toContinuation of Commercial Truck broaden the student's publicDriving I with additional instruction Dietary Nutritionalknowledge and expand the dietary andon safety, rules and regulations, nutritional principles and experiencedriving practices, air brakes, Practicum (DNP)necessary to apply the theory andhazardous materials, and emergencies. content learned throughout theIncludes instruction and practice in coursework. It is expected that fieldperforming vehicle inspections, DNP 2113 -experience II will continue to affordcoupling and uncoupling, Dietary/Nutritionalstudents the opportunity to interactmaneuvering, backing, and driving a Practicum Iand collaborate with nutritionaltractor-trailer truck under varying professionals and organizations withroad and climate conditions. (4,1,6-Credit(s): 3similar missions. Integral to closing10) the loop on the learning process is the This course is designed foropportunity for students to reflect onEconomics (ECO) Dietary/Nutritional majors as a pre- the field experience. Students will professional field experience tocollaborate on the different broaden the student's publicinfrastructures and approaches theyECO 2113 - Principles of knowledge and expand the dietary andobserved at each field location.Macroeconomics nutritional principles and experienceConsent of the Dietary/Nutritional necessary to apply the theory andNavigator program director required.Credit(s): 3 content learned throughout theEight hours clinic per week. coursework. It is expected that thePre/corequisites: Admission into aThe study of a nation's economy to field experience will afford studentsPHT/Navigator Concentration. PHTinclude the following topics: supply the opportunity to interact andcourses must be taken in curriculumand demand, production possibilities, collaborate with nutritionaldisplay.(3,0,8) monetary and fiscal policies, factors professionals and organizations with of production, GDP/business cycles similar missions. Integral to closingand economic growth, circular flow of the loop on the learning process is theCommercial Truckmarket economies. (3,3,0) opportunity for students to reflect on Driving (DTV) the field experience. Students willECO 2123 - Principles of collaborate on the different infrastructures and approaches theyDTV 1114 - CommercialMicroeconomics observed at each field location.Truck Driving I Consent of the Dietary/NutritionalCredit(s): 3 Navigator program director required. Eight hours clinic per week.Credit(s): 4The study of firms, industries and Pre/corequisites: Admission into aconsumers to include the following PHT/Navigator Concentration. PHTFundamental instruction on safety,topics: supply and demand, elasticity courses must be taken in curriculumrules and regulations, drivingof demand and supply, consumer display.(3,0,8) practices, air brakes, hazardouschoice theory, production and costmaterials, and emergencies. Includestheory and market structures. (3,3,0) instruction and practice in performing vehicle inspections, coupling and uncoupling, maneuvering, backing,Electronics (EET) and driving a tractor-trailer truck 294"