b'painting and rolling, machineMTA 1233 - Flux Cored Arccheck sheets.In addition, instruction cleaning, masking, and de-masking. Weldingon using the Constructional and (4,3,2)Erection Guide book and the Dimensional Control Construction Credit(s): 3Guidance (DCCG) is provided.MTA 1183 - Introduction to Joiner and Sheet MetalThis course is designed to give the(4,2,4) student experience using the FCAW process.(3,2,2)MTA 1263 - Journeyman Credit(s): 3 Essentials for Welders This course provides the basic skillsMTA 1244 - Introduction to needed in order to perform as an entryShipfittingCredit(s): 3 level Joiner Apprentice.The course begins with the use of basic tools,This course will familiarize the interpreting tape measures, powerCredit(s): 4Apprentice with information and tools, ship navigation and introductionknowledge about weld cost, to blueprints.(3,2,2)This course is designed to providedefinitions, and terms, welding joint students an introduction to shipfitting,design, filler metal selection, welding which includes classroom training,symbols, visual inspections, and weld MTA 1194 - Rigger Shop Iwelding certification, and hands-on defects.In addition, this course will application.This course covers safetyprovide the student with the Credit(s): 4equipment, protective clothing, andunderstanding of work orders and procedures applicable to the cuttingphysical progression.This course Rigger Shop I introduces riggingand welding of metals.Also coveredprovides welding Apprentices with communications, basic principles ofwill be proper procedures to clean andclassroom and workshop training for cranes, crane safety, basic rigging,prepare base metals, joint design andbehaviors and methods to enhance rigging equipment and riggingwelding tasks.Oxy fuel is covered intheir capabilities to become first class practices.(4,3,2)the process of burning and washing. welders.(3,2,2) Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) MTA 1214 - Rigger Shop IIand flux cored arc welding (FCAW) techniques along with applicableMTA 1272 - Marine codes will also be covered.FillerPipefitting Elective I Credit(s): 4metals and weld testing is also included.(4,3,2) Rigger Shop II introducesCredit(s): 2 intermediate rigging, wire rope, boom assembly and disassembly, and basicMTA 1254 - JourneymanThis course provides the trainee with principles of cranes.(4,3,2)Essentials for Shipfittersan overview of pipefitting, pipefitter responsibilities, and career opportunities. The course also covers MTA 1223 - BlueprintCredit(s): 4basic principles of safety, pipefitting Reading for Shipfitterlayout and pipefitting The first half of this course willinstallation.(2,1,2) provide instruction in flame cutting Credit(s): 3methods including layout and cutting bevels, chamfers, and circles; as wellMTA 1283 - Layout II This course is an introduction to theas methods used to cut or split fundamentals of blueprints, reading,common structural components suchCredit(s): 3 interpreting, and understandingas beams and bars. Also covered is blueprints.The students will developplasma arc cutting methods and safeAn intermediate class for the hands-on an understanding of the differentpractice of equipment and work areafundamentals of layout, cutting, types, sizes, and parts of variouspreparation. The second half of thisforming, and fabrication of sheet drawings as they relate to thecourse focuses on accuracy controlmetal.(3,2,2) shipfitting craft.(3,2,2)and provides instruction in basic level surveying, reference control lines, andMTA 1293 - Layout III recording and interpreting data on 330'